How To Win On Slot Machines In Gas Stations

You know those video slot machines in all of the local gas stations and convenience stores? The ones that are usually in the back, under signs that say 'We do not pay cash-don't even ask' or something similar? Those machines can and do profit the establishments that have them upwards of three or four thousand dollars weekly, and guess what, folks? Go to for more information.We've been in business for 16 years specializing in Gambling Devices.Products in this vide. Yet the same thing happens the following day: I move a few uncompleted items to tomorrow’s list, what can you win in gas station slot machines for instance. As an example Bitstarz is typically a 20 dollar online casino, is excellent evidence of this slow but sure shift towards allowing online gambling in. Slot machine set to payback 90%, 10 million times at. The overall payout to you in the end. Should be at least $9 million.A slot machine that hasn’t hit in a long time. Is “due” to hit. All slot machines authorized for use in Missouri utilize a computerized Random Number. Combinations regardless of whether a player. In other words, the so-called 'Pow'r Up' machines at some local gas stations 'are kind of like slot machines,' according to Milwaukee County Circuit Judge John DiMotto. The company behind the.

How To Win On Slot Machines In Gas Stations

Everybody wants to know how to win on slot machines. If only there was a secret formula or cheat code that could allow you to win slots every time, your bank account would swell and your dreams would come true.

Alas, no such secret formula exists. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to win slots more often.

I’ve been playing slot machines since as long as I can remember. In the past decade or so, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about them. I’m going to share real, practical, and actionable steps on how to win at slots.

I’m not promising you’ll win a progressive jackpot and retire to live the high life.

All I’m offering is hard-won insights and some useful information which can help you avoid common mistakes and maximize your chances of winning.

A Word About Slot Cheat Codes

Before we go deeper into slot machine secrets and winning tips, I need to tell you what this article is not about.

I am what you’d call a natural skeptic. I don’t believe in things like lady luck and good fortune, I believe in probability and verifiable facts. That’s why I don’t put any stock—none whatsoever—in slot cheat machine codes and systems designed to help you win every time.

I recently read a short e-book called How to Win Gas Station Slot Machines Every Time. I was curious to see what the author had to offer. It turns out, it was full of clichés and empty platitudes.

  • Waiting until someone had played for a while because the slot machine would be due.
  • Finding specific games and tapping the buttons in specific sequences to unlock hidden features.
  • Outright cheating by using mobile phone apps to read machine patterns and tricking the machine into paying out.

I chuckled to myself as I scanned the pages, knowing deep down that the author was a huckster and that nobody who used these slot machine cheats would gain anything.

Let me spell it out for you once, and once only: The companies which make slot machines, like Microgaming, are very rich indeed. They didn’t get that way by building games you can exploit.

In the next section, I’m going to teach you how slot machines really work. Understanding this vital information is the only way to win at slots more often.

How Slot Machines Work

There are still a few slot machines in Vegas and other casinos around the world which operate mechanically. But, these days, the majority of them are electronic. Trying to interfere with them physically won’t give you any advantage whatsoever.

Computer chips and algorithms known as “random number generators” (or RNGs) power modern video slots.

Without getting into complex technical details, these are algorithms which generate millions, and even billions, of numbers per second. When you hit the spin button, one of these numbers is selected, and if it’s associated with a payout, you win.

That’s pretty simple, right? There’s nothing overly complicated about it from a player’s perspective. Yet, if you think about it, you’ll realize that it means you can’t manipulate slot machines.

Setting aside philosophical arguments about whether true randomness really exists or not, you’re at the mercy of the algorithm. It could take a million spins before it pays out the jackpot, or it could happen three times in a row. It’s all based on the RNG.

Random number generators control both land-based and online slot machines. Gaming commissions check them to make sure they are random and fair. For online slot games, organizations like eCogra test the games while, in Vegas, it’s the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

If you understand the concept of random number generators, you understand the gist of slot machines. Let’s now move onto how to win on slot machines.

How to Win on Slot Machines — Tips and Tricks

I’ve created some general rules of thumb for playing slot machines. These aren’t 100% foolproof, but they do tend to be true. You should jot them down or remember them when you’re playing. You could think of this as slots wisdom won over many years of spinning the reels of fortune.

The Bigger the Jackpot, the Lower the Payback Rate

Every slot machine has what’s called an “RTP.” This is a percentage which tells you how much money the slot returns to players.

For example, if a slot machine has an RTP of 97%, which is high, then it will pay back $97 out of every $100 which players feed into it.

It’s important to remember that RTP is a theoretical number which explains the payback rate over the long run. It does not mean you will win back $97 out of every $100 that you play. It means that the machine returns this amount to all who play that slot. This includes all of the small wins as well as the jackpots.

Well, in my experience, slots with bigger jackpots, and particularly progressive jackpot slots, have a lower payback rate. I’ve seen jackpot slots with an RTP of 91%. That’s low compared to a game like Jack Hammer II by NetEnt which has an RTP of 97.07%.

Sometimes, you’re better off playing high RTP slots, even if they have a smaller jackpot. The chances of winning a progressive jackpot are slim, so you have to be realistic about the possibilities.

Yes, you could strike it lucky, but for every multimillion-dollar winner, thousands of players lost. If you want to win at casino slots, you’re better off with high RTP slots for this reason, you get more back in the long game.


One of the highest RTP slot machines is Mega Joker by NetEnt. It has an RTP of 99%. It’s a classic slot, and many people play it religiously because of the high payback percentage.

Don’t Forget the Bonus Features

Almost every slots player I know is blinded by huge jackpots. There’s a reason why casinos plaster the largest progressive jackpots all over banners across the web. They attract slots players like moths to a flame!

I’m not. The odds of winning the jackpot on any slot are low. Instead, I focus on lucrative bonus features. Some of the biggest wins I have ever had came from slot machine bonus rounds.


Here are a few which I feel are particularly worth looking out for. If a slot machine has one or more of these features, I give it serious consideration.

Free Spins

  • Free spins are one of the best slot machine bonus rounds. When you enter them, you’ll automatically bet at the value you were betting in the base game. If I haven’t triggered the free spins feature after 20 spins, I usually increase my bet size in anticipation. It has to trigger eventually, and I want to reap the rewards to the maximum extent when it does.


  • Multipliers can be part of the base game, or they can be part of bonus features. For example, a free spins feature can have a multiplier. I always look for slots with multipliers of up to 3x or higher. I then play with larger bets than I usually would. One big win with a 3x multiplier can be as good as a jackpot.

Cascading Reels

  • This is probably my favorite feature in slot machines. When you create a win, the symbols disappear, and new ones take their place. If you win once more, the same happens again. Some slot machines mix cascading reels and multipliers together. Sometimes, the multiplier gets bigger every time you create a new cascade. An example of such a slot is Gonzo’s Quest.

There are lots of other great slot bonus features. Bonus wheels, picking games, and progressive jackpot bonus rounds also offer a chance to win big. The point is, you should always study the paytable of a slot machine, play it for free, and try to figure out its bonus rounds.

You’re much more likely to experience a big win in a free spins round with triple multipliers than you are to win a jackpot outright.

Of course, if you can find a slot machine offering lots of great features and a big jackpot, that’s the golden ticket. I’d always double-check the RTP on such a game, though. Usually, the greater the risk to the casino, the lower the RTP is.

The Cleopatra Video slots game is based on the traditional slots machine that is found in regular casinos. The major difference between the regular slots and this game is that instead of three reels, the game comes with five reels. Also, the game is created in such a manner that the company has enabled a touch feature which adds to the interactivity of the players with the game. The game has 20 pay lines for playe. Free play cleopatra slots.

How To Win On Slot Machines In Gas Stations

Manage Your Bankroll by Leveraging Slot Volatility

Want to know the first game I play every time I log into the casino? It’s almost always Starburst.

Why so? Because Starburst is a high volatility slot. I rarely, if ever, experience long dry spells on this game. The wins are frequent, even if they aren’t life-changing. And I find that Starburst often helps me boost my balance. Once it’s suitably boosted, I move across to a higher volatility slot for a shot at bigger wins.

You can read an in-depth article on slot machine variance and volatility here. I’ve created a short and easy version for you below:

  • Low volatility slot machines pay little wins frequently.
  • Medium volatility slots pay mid-range amounts semi-frequently.
  • High volatility slots pay bigger wins less frequently.

For example, I never play high volatility slot machines when using free spins bonuses which offer only 10 or 20 spins. Experience tells me that on a high volatility game, I could easily experience 10 or 20 spins without a single win. I know that when the win does come, it will be explosive. But those slots aren’t best suited for this kind of bonus.

To leverage slots volatility, play low volatility slots when you’re down on your luck and only have a small bankroll.

They can also be extremely useful when trying to meet wagering or rollover requirements on a bonus offer. However, when you have a suitable amount of house money, switch over to higher volatility games with bigger potential wins.

How To Win On Slot Machines In Gas Stations Today

Please remember that this is not a foolproof plan. Sometimes, the RNG just doesn’t spit out the right number, and no wins occur. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, and you’ve got to accept that before you start playing a slot machine or expecting to win on slot machines.


I promised you logical, sensible tips for winning slot machines, and I hope you feel that I’ve delivered. All of what I’ve written above is fact-based, and none of it requires you to believe in hocus-pocus or to resort to cheating.

Winning slot machines is all about reducing the house advantage, knowing how to give yourself the best shot at the biggest payouts, and avoiding the common mistakes that too many players make.

That’s all I can offer you, and no matter what they say, it’s all anybody else can offer you, too.

Now that you know how to win more often, check out some of the best slot machines online.

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Introduction to North Carolina Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2020

North Carolina slot machine casino gambling consists of two tribal casinos in the Great Smoky Mountains in the western tip of the state.

Tribal-state gaming compacts in North Carolina have established theoretical minimum and maximum payout for their video gaming machines while return statistics are not publicly available.

This post continues my weekly State-By-State Slot Machine Casino Gambling Series, an online resource dedicated to guiding slot machine casino gambler to success. Now in its third year, each weekly post reviews slots gambling in a single U.S. state, territory, or federal district.

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Relevant Legal Statutes on Gambling in North Carolina*

The minimum legal gambling age in North Carolina depends upon the gambling activity:

  • Land-Based Casinos: 21
  • Poker Rooms: 21
  • Bingo: 18
  • Lottery: 18
  • Pari-Mutuel Wagering: Not available

Video poker machines were once widespread in the state, but 2000’s state regulations limited video poker machines to three per site and banned the installation of new video gaming machines.

In 2007, after nearly a half dozen attempts, the state legislature fully banned commercially-owned video poker machines and video gaming machines.

North Carolina has a single federally-recognized American Indian tribe, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The tribe has built two casinos on its Qualla Boundary lands located in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The type of casino action found at these Indian casinos includes “skill or dexterity” based video slot machines. These tribal casinos offer a variety of table games.

Although owned by the tribe, operation of both casinos is by Harrah’s which, itself, is a brand for Caesars Entertainment. The tribe owns and operates a high-stakes bingo hall.

*The purpose of this section is to inform the public of state gambling laws and how the laws might apply to various forms of gaming. It is not legal advice.

Slot Machine Private Ownership in North Carolina

It is legal to own a slot machine privately in the state of North Carolina if it is 25 years old or older.

Gaming Control Board in North Carolina

Because North Carolina has no commercial casinos or other types of commercial gaming, the state does not have a gaming commission or control board.

Casinos in North Carolina

There are two American Indian tribal casinos in North Carolina. These two casinos are in the Great Smoky Mountains in the western part of the state.

The largest casino in North Carolina is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort with 3,280 gaming machines.

The second-largest, and only other casino in North Carolina, is Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel with 1,000 gaming machines.

Commercial Casinos in North Carolina

There are no commercial casinos in North Carolina.

Tribal Casinos in North Carolina

The two tribal casinos in North Carolina are:

  1. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in Whittier found 50 miles west of Asheville.
  2. Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel in Murphy found 109 miles southwest of Asheville.

Other Gambling Establishments

As an alternative to enjoying North Carolina slot machine casino gambling, consider exploring casino options in a nearby state. Bordering North Carolina is:

  • North: Virginia Slots
  • East: The Atlantic Ocean
  • South: Georgia Slots and South Carolina Slots
  • West: Tennessee Slots

Each of the links above will take you to my blog for that neighboring U.S. state to North Carolina.

Our North Carolina Slots Facebook Group

Are you interested in sharing and learning with other slots enthusiasts in North Carolina? If so, join our new North Carolina slots community on Facebook. All you’ll need is a Facebook profile to join this closed Facebook Group freely.

There, you’ll be able to privately share your slots experiences as well as chat with players about slots gambling in North Carolina. Join us!

Payout Returns in North Carolina

The theoretical minimum and maximum payouts set by the tribal-state gaming compact is 83% and 98%.

The tribal casinos in North Carolina, per the same compact, are not required to provide publicly available return statistics.

Summary of North Carolina Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2020

North Carolina slot machine casino gambling consists of two tribal casinos in the western tip of the state. While owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Caesars Entertainment operates both tribal casinos.

Further, both tribal casinos have theoretical payout limits of 83% and 98% but do not offer return statistics. Finally, North Carolina’s slot machines must be video games of skill or dexterity.

Annual Progress in North Carolina Slot Machine Casino Gambling

In the last year, there has been no change in the slots gaming industry in North Carolina, excepting disruptions due to our ongoing national crisis.

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