How To Understand Football Betting Lines

How to bet College Football Las Vegas 1st Half Odds

How To Read Betting Lines Football

Football is by far the most popular sport to bet and being able to wager on 1st Half odds gives you more opportunities to win. If you’re looking to get more involved, then you better check out the College Football Las Vegas 1st Half Odds.

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We analyze the main advantages that football has to offer those wishing to bet on the sport, such as the number of betting sure odds Football opportunities and the vast amount of statistical data available. We also look at a couple of significant disadvantages, such as the fact that finding value is becoming increasingly difficult.

Similar to the College Football Las Vegas Odds, the 1st Half Odds focus are based on point-spread wagers.

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Unless the game is listed at pick ‘em, every matchup will have a favorite and an underdog. Every contest starts with the Date and Time before listing the Rotation of the matchup. Some sportsbooks may use a different rotation for the first-half, but it’s likely just an extra digit associated to the rotation for the full game.

How To Understand Football Betting Lines

Unlike full game wagers, College Football Las Vegas 1st Half Odds are only for the first 30 minutes of a game. Game wagers, money-line bets and over-under (total) selections are decided on the full 60 minutes and any additional overtime action if the contest happens to see an extra session.

After the final 30 minutes end, your wager is final and most sportsbooks will grade and payout quickly after the outcome has been made official. Betting on the 1st Half Odds isn’t for everybody but our numbers from multiple books certainly make for a great resource.

College Football 1st Half Over-Under Odds

Over-Under or Totals are also offered on our College Football First Half Odds page. Bettors can wager on the two teams to go ‘over’ or ‘under’ the posted total and the odds are set for the first 30 minutes of the matchup. If you’re hoping for plenty of points early, then an ‘over’ wager is a solid choice and if you believe both teams will play a defensive style and run clock, then an ‘under’ ticket could be the way to go.

How to understand football betting lines espn

How to read College Football 1st Half Odds

Understanding how the oddsmakers set College Football Odds could be a little overwhelming at times and maybe confusing. However, there are a couple things to understand when looking at the Game Odds and 1st Half Odds. Normally, you would think that the lines would be trimmed in half for the first 30 minutes and then the full 60 minutes.

That’s not the case.

Game Line: Vanderbilt at Purdue (-7)
1st Half Line: Vanderbilt at Purdue (-4)

In this example, Purdue needs to win by eight points or more to cover the entire game, but has to be leading by five points or more to cash 1st Half bets. Obviously, those numbers don't line up for half the time of the game as bookmakers have made Purdue a four-point favorite in the 1st Half instead of a 3.5-point favorite.

As expected, Purdue led Vanderbilt, 14-10 at halftime, thus pushing on the four-point number. That meant that all tickets were refunded on each side of 1st Half bets since Purdue has to lead by five points or more to cover, while Vanderbilt backers either needed the Commodores to lead at halftime or trail by three or less to win.

Most bettors lean to the favorites, especially at home, so the oddsmakers add an extra point for that theory. If you happen to see a favorite lay less than half of the full number, it could make you run to the counter and back the ‘chalk’ but some sharp bettors will tell you it’s a trap set by the guys behind the counter.

The Over-Under and Total lines for the College Football 1st Half aren't too far off from the entire game Total.

Game Total: 55.5
1st Half Total: 27.5

Sticking with Purdue and Vanderbilt hooking up, the total of this particular contest closed at 55.5 for the game. However, the 1st Half Total is 27.5, which means an 'over' ticket needs at least 28 points or more to be scored prior to halftime, while 27 points or fewer equates to a winning 'under' ticket.

Understanding Football Betting Lines

This game turned out to be a low-scoring contest in the first half with 24 combined points posted in the 1st Half. However, the two teams reached the end zone a total of six times after halftime, scoring 42 points and cashing the 'over' for the entire game.

How To Understand Football Betting Lines

Remember, since they are separate bets you can bet 'under' in the 1st Half and 'over' for the game and win both potentially. In some cases, like in the example posted above, teams are more prone to start slowly in the opening half and score more points after halftime, so keep that in mind when making 1st Half wagers.