How To Bet On Nfl Draft

Betting on the 2021 NFL Draft is as easy as betting on any other sporting event via the international sportsbooks. Bettors can prepare for the Draft just like their favorite teams do, and even bet on who will be where.

Apr 07, 2020 NFL Draft Betting Tips Before you get too locked into where to bet on the 2020 NFL Draft, spend a little time on how to bet on the draft. The actual process is very simple; choose a site, deposit cash, find the wager you like, and place a bet. But doing so successfully isn’t always so cut and dry. Betting On The NFL Draft With A Mobile Device Using your phone to place a bet is much easier than it seems to be. When it comes to placing our NFL Draft bets on online sportsbooks, all you have to do is click on the site and it will direct you straight to the mobile version of the sportsbook.

On the sports betting side, bettors need to be aware that betting on the NFL draft might not possibly be changing their lives but there is still action to be had. These draft picks are the ones that determine if your team moves forward for the next few years or if they fade back. From the first round to the seventh, every pick is crucial and jobs are on the line with these major decisions. Likewise, bettors can find various NFL Draft prop bets and some of these payouts very well.

This page is going to explain for many of you the things you have to do and what to watch out for when betting on the NFL Draft. Though many of the wagers will be circled bets (or bets that come with a lower maximum bet amount than usual), it shouldn't stop NFL bettors from having fun. From betting on who will go number 1 overall to comparing the draft position of players, the options are endless at many online NFL sportsbooks. Join in on the fun after reading this page about how to bet on the 2021 NFL Draft.

Is It Legal To Bet On The NFL Draft?

  1. How to bet on first WR drafted One of the most common NFL Draft prop wagers are those that involve betting on which player will be the first drafted at each position. To find these wagers in an online sportsbook, click the NFL tab to navigate toward the 2020 Draft section.
  2. NFL draft prop betting involves wagers on just about anything to do with the NFL draft and ranges from who will be the first running back drafted, to whether the No. 1 overall pick hugs his mom or dad first, to how many players from the Big 12 will be drafted in the first round.
  3. In terms of NFL Draft Betting Odds, it goes without saying, but bettors around the world can't wait for them to pop up. Betting on the NFL Draft is incredibly fun and something you can enjoy with fellow pigskin enthusiasts, especially if there's a loaded class and things are kind of up in the air at the top. Normally, fans have a good idea of.

In most cases, you will find that local sportsbooks all over the country have rules and regulations that they have to follow. These rules do prevent fans and bettors from going into local sportsbooks and placing a bet on the NFL Draft. This is unfortunate for most residents who watch everything that has to do with the draft. Now even though local sportsbooks do not let bettors place wagers on the draft, bettors are able to use their online sportsbook to place wagers on this exciting sporting event. This is one of the many positives when it comes to having an online sportsbook account, for when events like these occur and local sportsbooks are prohibited, online sportsbooks are legally free to let fans and bettor to place bets.

How To Bet On Nfl Draft Round 2

The 2021 NFL Draft Order

The NFL Draft order is set based upon the team's records when finishing the season. Hence, the team that finished with the worst record on the year will get the number one overall pick and so forth. If there is a tie for the worst record, they will go based on the tiebreaker which is based on the strength of the schedule by the teams. The 2021 NFL Draft order is set with the Jacksonville Jaguars leading the charge in a potential score of Trevor Lawrence.

11Jacksonville Jaguars
12NY Jets
13Miami Dolphins (from Houston)
14Atlanta Falcons
15Cincinnati Bengals
16Philadelphia Eagles
17Detroit Lions
18Carolina Panthers
19Denver Broncos
110Dallas Cowboys
111NY Giants
112San Francisco 49ers
113LA Chargers
114Minnesota Vikings
115New England Patriots
116Arizona Cardinals
117Las Vegas Raiders
118Miami Dolphins
119Washington Football Team
120Chicago Bears
121Indianapolis Colts
122Tennessee Titans
123NY Jets (from Seattle)
124Pittsburgh Steelers
125Jacksonville Jaguars (from LA Rams)
126Cleveland Browns
127Baltimore Ravens
128New Orleans Saints
129Tampa Bay Buccaneers
130Buffalo Bills
130Green Bay Packers
132Kansas City Chiefs

Projected First Rounders

  • #1 Trevor Lawrence - Clemson
  • #4 Justin Fields - Ohio St.
  • #6 Zach Wilson - BYU
  • #12 Trey Lance - North Dakota St.
  • #25 Mac Jones - Alabama

Projected In First Three Rounds

  • #21 Travis Etienne - Clemson
  • #44 Najee Harris - Alabama
  • #69 Kenneth Gainwell - Memphis

Projected First Rounders

  • #5 Ja'Marr Chase - LSU
  • #8 DeVonta Smith - Alabama
  • #9 Jaylen Waddle - Alabama
  • #17 Rondale Moore - Purdue
  • #24 Rashod Bateman - Minnesota

Projected Second Rounders

  • #57 Justyn Ross - Clemson
  • #58 Amon-Ra St. Brown - USC
  • #62 Tylan Wallace - Oklahoma St.

Projected Third Rounders

  • #65 Terrace Marshall Jr. - LSU
  • #66 Dazz Newsome - North Carolina
  • #67 Chris Olave - Ohio St.
  • #78 Tamorrion Terry - Florida St.
  • #89 Ihmir Smith-Marsette - Iowa
  • #90 Tutu Atwell - Louisville
  • #95 Seth Williams - Auburn

2020 NFL Mock Drafts

Before the draft begins, there are plenty of NFL analysts, media members, and sites that project how the NFL draft will play out. Not all of them are accurate; however, over time, bettors can find a certain analyst that they agree with and use their information for betting purposes. Some of the most common NFL mock drafts are displayed all over the internet and this is a compilation of the best and most popular NFL mocks.

Pick (Team)CBS SportsNFLUSA TodayWalter FootballNBC SportsSports Illustrated
1 (Bengals)Joe BurrowJoe BurrowJoe BurrowJoe BurrowJoe BurrowJoe Burrow
2 (Redskins)Chase YoungTua TagovailoaChase YoungChase YoungChase YoungChase Young
3 (Lions)Jeff OkudahChase YoungJeff OkudahTua Tagovailoa (to Dolphins)Jeff OkudahJeff Okudah
4 (Giants)Isaiah SimmonsJustin Herbert (to Dolphins)Isaiah SimmonsTristan WirfsTristan WirfsJustin Herbert (to Chargers)
5 (Dolphins)Tua TagovailoaTristan Wirfs (to Giants)Tua TagovailoaJustin HerbertJustin HerbertTua Tagovailoa
6 (Chargers)Justin HerbetJordan LoveJustin HerbetIsaiah Simmons (to Lions)Tua TagovailoaTristan Wirfs (to Giants)
7 (Panthers)Derrick BrownJeff OkundahDerrick BrownDerrick BrownIsaiah SimmonsIsaiah Simmons
8 (Cardinals)Jedrick Wills Jr. Henry Ruggs (to Broncos)Jedrick Wills Jr.Jeff OkudahDerrick BrownJedrick Wills Jr.
9 (Jaguars)Tristan WirfsIsaiah SimmonsJordan LoveJavon KinlawJavon KinlawAndrew Thomas (to Buccaneers)
10 (Browns)Mekhi BectonK’Lavon ChaissonMekhi BectonJedrick Wills Jr.Mekhi BectonDerrick Brown

How To Bet On The NFL Draft

Online sportsbooks will have multiple options for betting on the NFL Draft. With online sportsbooks being the only option, bettors who have an account with these online betting sites will find various prop bets, comparison bets, exact result bets, and more. Odds will be updated all the time on these sites and with so many picks and different things such as trades that can happen during the draft, bettors have to use online sportsbooks to cash in.

Betting On The First Pick Of The NFL Draft

This may be one of the easier bets that can be placed on NFL Draft Day. The first pick of the draft and the Bengals already know exactly what they need. Most of the time a quarterback goes number one no matter what the team need is. In this case, with Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow there. This a no brainer and most bettors will have to drop a lot on this bet (-10000) being the fact that the Bengals are very much likely to draft Burrow.

Betting On NFL Prospects

When it comes to betting on draft picks, sometimes its best to place a bet on the team's need, not what player is best available. At some point later on in the draft that may change but most teams are filling holes that hurt them last year and they want to fix moving forward. Bettors will be able to bet on whether a certain player will be drafted before another player, and usually, they are the same position. This may come as the standard moneyline bet or as a spread with one of the players being favored to be drafted 'X' spots before the other player.

Betting NFL Team's Draft Picks

Betting on who a team can pick is very simple but does take a little research for bettors to make sure they earn a lot of money. Odds will be in favor of who many believe a team will choose but with so many options, some surprises could help a bettor win big. As players may have odds upward of +2000 to be selected at a certain location, betting the exact pick of the NFL Draft will pay out majorly.

Betting On Highest Drafted Positional Player

This could be one of the more difficult bets for a sports bettor to make. You are basically placing bets on who the highest drafted player will be at a specific position. These could be based on the talent that the player has but also on how that player looks to a certain team. A team could choose a player based off of not only talent but on how their meeting with the team went as well. These bets could pay out tremendously as these prop bets could be very unpredictable at times.

How To Bet On Nfl Draft

Betting On Which Power Five School Will Have More Players Drafted

Joe fortune free spins games. The ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and Pac-12, otherwise known as the Power Five conferences, produce way more talent than any other conferences out there. Bettors can find odds at (* NFL online sportsbooks *) for which power five conference will have the most players drafted. This is another hard bet to make, but if you are a follower of both the NFL and College football, it would be smart to test your luck as there is tons of talent coming out of those conferences.

Betting On A Player To Be Drafted In A Specific Round

Betting on a player to be drafted in a specific round is an easy bet to make depending on the player and could also turn a decently sized payout. When it comes to the NFL Draft, there are players that are a lock to get drafted in a certain round and there are players that could always slip down to late in the draft. If you are going to bet on this prop, it would be safe to bet on a player who is proven and almost a sure thing to go in that round. If you want to test your luck and bet on a player that could potentially slip in the draft or be taken earlier than expected, you could be looking at a nice return.

Betting On The Total Number Of Players Drafted At A Position

The number of players at a certain position that are drafted in the same round might not sound too difficult to bet on, but it is harder than you think. This prop bet really depends on the team needs of the teams that are drafting in the round as well as what position they have already drafted. It could also depend on how many players at that position have declared for the draft. Sports bettors who are going to bet on this could be happy with their outcome if they make the right decision.

Betting On The Total Number Of Positional Players Drafted In A Specific Round

This bet could go hand in hand with betting on the number of players drafted at a certain position. It really just depends on how much talent there is at a position. If there is an overabundance of players at one position, teams could opt to wait until one of the later rounds to pick a player from that position. On the other hand, if there isn’t much talent at the position, teams could rush to take those players in the earlier rounds. Sports bettors who are interested in this prop could definitely make a nice impact on their wallets if you make the right choice.

Betting On The Outcome Of The First Three Picks

Betting on the first three draft picks in the correct order is one of the more popular bets and could be easy to make for sports bettors who follow both the NFL and College Football. Some years, at least the first pick is set in stone and other years it could be amongst two or even three players as to who is going to be picked first. Other years it could depend on what the teams needs are for the teams that are picking first, second and third. There are a large number of options for bettors to choose from when making your decision.

NFL Combine Props.

The NFL combine is huge to the NFL Draft and what the team decides to do with their pick. This is basically an interview for players to these NFL teams and placing a bet on these players' performances could be huge as well. With the 40s having to be run and ball drills have to be completed, placing bets on these are available on online sportsbooks. You still will have vertical jumps and bench press performances that you can bet on as well. Different prop bets will be up when it comes to these combine results. These and generally only posted for a short period of time, so staying on top of the NFL betting sportsbook is important when betting on the NFL Combine.

Using your phone to place a bet is much easier than it seems to be. When it comes to placing our NFL Draft bets on online sportsbooks, all you have to do is click on the site and it will direct you straight to the mobile version of the sportsbook. This means that you do not need extra space to download another app on your phone. So it is ok to go out with your friends and watch the draft because all you need is your phone and your online sportsbook account will be open for you at any time. Money can be made on your phone just like it can on your laptop.

When Is The NFL Draft?

The 2021 NFL Draft is slated to take place on April 21st from Cleveland, Ohio and end on May 1st. However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, things could change as they did last year. If the pandemic continues to grow by then, the Draft could be done in a virtual format as it was in 2020.

How Did The Covid-19 Outbreak Affect The Draft Process?

The entire Draft process was directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as it had canceled the original plans. All in-person draft workouts, pro-days, team visits and interviews were all scratched. As for the draft itself, it was supposed to take place in Las Vegas but that was scrapped and was moved to a virtual format. If COVID-19 is still as strong as it was during that time for the 2021 draft process, many can expect the process to go virtual again.

Pennsylvania is included in the states that have the rules and regulations against betting on sporting events outside of the actual football games in the NFL. These rules are tough but have to be followed. If you want to bet on the draft there is hope, however. You can place your bet on any online sportsbook. This makes betting on the NFL Draft legal and it won't be a problem for you to place your bets on as long as you have an online betting site account.

This going to be tough as it will be hard to place live bets on the NFL Draft. Now there will be plenty of prop bets and other kinds of bets available leading into the draft. Placing bets on who teams will draft during the draft will only be available if the online betting site offers it. As teams may have released information about their selections and the potential for people to beat the books to the punch, live betting on the NFL Draft is difficult to find.

Trades do happen in the NFL Draft. Sometimes these trades may not be just to trade up or down a draft but also they may bet trading for a player that’s on a roster already. These things happen quickly being the fact that teams only have 10 minutes to make a pick in the first round and then drops lower as the rounds go. Because of this, there may be odds up on the online sportsbooks but very rare to find because how quick a trade may happen. Prop bets on the NFL Draft sometimes do allow for betting on trades before the draft begins though.

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When the football season ends, a lot of bettors are left wondering what to do with themselves. Football is their main way of betting and without it, they are lost. After the Super Bowl there is just one thing even tangentially related to football happening and that is the NFL Draft.

Good news, you can bet on it. The draft is an important part of the NFL schedule as it fills holes and brings us the future stars of the league. Betting on it can be a lot of fun as there are so many players and watching it can be boring without a little money on the line.

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about betting on the NFL Draft. From what the odds might look like, to where to bet it.

Where To Bet the NFL Draft:

One sportsbook that everyone can bet at and I would recommend is BetOnline. They have really stepped up their game lately with a lot of great prop bets and the NFL draft is no exception.

America: Bovada has you covered for all of your NFL needs including the NFL draft. They really take the NFL Draft seriously as most American sportsbooks do and will have a wide variety of NFL draft props as well. For example over/under on positions as well as players. You can also bet on props such as who will hug the #1 pick first (or if no-one will hug them) and other silly but amusing things like that.

Canada: You can find NFL Draft odds at Bodog. Based on being primarily an American sportsbook, they offer the same sort of variety of props that Bovada do.

Everywhere Else:Bet365 posts odds on the NFL Draft every season. For non-American books it can be tough to find good NFL draft prop bets but I feel they do the best job out of all the sportsbooks. However you can all bet at BetOnline as well.

What is NFL Draft Betting?

Bet365 (Click To See)
888 (Free Bets)
Intertops (Various / Free Bets)

How To Bet On Nfl Draft Picks

The NFL Draft is a yearly event where teams select the best college players. Draft picks are set from worst team to best team in the interest of parity.

The top college players will then be given odds on the range they might be picked in. For instance, in the 2018 NFL Draft you could bet:

Baker Mayfield Over 6.5
Baker Mayfield Under 6.5

How To Bet On The Nfl Draft

If he was picked between 1st and 6th, that would be under. If he was picked 7th or after, that would be over.

For the record, Bakey Mayfield was drafted number one overall that season so he was a firm under.

There will also be props such as:

– Total Number of SEC Players drafted in the first round
– Total quarterbacks drafted in first round
– Running backs drafted in the first round
– Defensive players selected in first 10 picks

There will be fun prop bets for the NFL Draft too such as whether the #1 draft pick will cry, who they will hug etc. You can bet what quarterback will be drafted first, what linebacker will be drafted first and so on.

You can even bet on who will be 2nd, or the position of certain players.

There’s a great variety of prop bets available for the NFL Draft to make it interesting.

Common NFL Draft Questions:

What is the most popular position to draft #1 overall?

From 1998 to 2018, there have been 15 players selected number one overall that played quarterback. That is not only the most by any position, that is not even close. Prior to this it was more evenly distributed, but it has become a quarterback league over the past twenty plus years and will seemingly remain so.

How To Bet the NFL Draft:

Bovada/Bodog: From the “Football” page, look for “NFL Specials” and the Draft odds will be listed there.

Bet365: Right on the left side of the page click “American Football” and you will find the proper NFL Draft odds within.

NFL Draft Betting Strategy:

Of course, the strategies change from year to year as the player pool changes, but one bet that has paid well over the past few seasons is going under on the amount of running backs taken in the first round. Over the past few seasons, the running game has become more of a “by committee” type of thing and the number of top college running backs to not pan out in the NFL is high. Teams are putting less emphasis on this and getting their running backs later.

Also focus on those prop bets. A lot of sportsbooks come up with prop bets primarily due to “fun” and to go viral more than anything else. However there can be value in there as they haven’t put that much thought into them.

NFL Betting Guide / Where To Bet NFL

Where To Bet NFL Futures

How To Bet On Nfl Draft Projections

Where To Bet Football Leagues:

How To Gamble On Nfl Draft