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Online bingo: 6 p.m., By Lima American Legion Post 96, 711 South Shore Drive, Lima. LIMA — The Lima American Legion Post 96 will host charity bingo online. Games begin at 6. From online games and casinos to Bingo halls, many are opting to enjoy this game for its entertainment value. Additionally, many party hosts are choosing to throw a Bingo home game into their list of scheduled events with great results. Party goers from all walks of life can enjoy this classic game whether playing for fun or money. This game of chance just got a major upgrade. Participants receive a Zoom link and a pin number to access the game via their smart devices. Once pin numbers are entered, each person receives an interactive Bingo card. Each time a ball is drawn, a corresponding animation will appear on your screen. How to Host a Bingo Party Step 1. Discuss with your friends, coworkers and family members your idea to host a bingo party. Once you talk about it. Choose a night that many of your friends and family members can attend the bingo party. New Updated Video Here: We have increased the caller from two to three hours.- We have increa.

Working as a Chat Host for Bananas for Bingo

For years, lots of people have been using online bingo as a way to earn a little money while simultaneously unwinding. Although games of chance aren’t the most reliable way to earn money, they’re fun and as long as you pay careful attention to the amount of money you invest into the gaming site, they’re low risk. From time to time I’ve managed to turn a $5 investment into $20 or $30.

Online Bingo Jobs as a Host

Free Online Bingo

I recently learned there was another way I could turn online bingo into a money-making opportunity. One site, Bananas for Bingo, is looking for people who are willing to work at home and help out with their chat services. (See more online chat jobs, I've got a big list that I update often.)

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How It Works

The Bananas for Bingo website has really grown and realized that they really need live customer support, that’s what I provide. I make myself available to answer their questions.


You don’t need to have any special skills or qualifications for online chat jobs at Bananas for Bingo. The organization simply wants people who are willing to dedicate a few hours a week and who love to talk to people. In addition to having great people skills, Bananas for Bingo would also prefer it if you have some experience playing online bingo and can handle basic IT problems. The one thing that the company owners have discovered is that people who love playing online bingo are the best chat hosts.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how well I was going to like handling chat work, but the pay was very appealing. I make 6.5 quid an hour which converts to in American dollars.

Types of Problems that Need Solving

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about handling all kinds of technical problems. I was surprised when most of the questions I received revolved around minor questions about how a particular type of game worked, or regarding a promotion Bananas for Bingo had started to run. They were easy to answer and I had a great time chatting with the site members.

Host A Virtual Bingo Party

My Recommendations

I know that working as a chat host for Bananas for Bingo won’t be for everyone. The very reason that some people make the decision to work at home is that they don’t want to deal with people, but if you’re a people person and are interested in starting to earn an income from your home, Bananas for Bingo is a great place to start.

The company stated on their site, that they want serious applicants only:

“If you thought that being a chat host would be an way to just lean back, playing and following bingo, your hobby anyway, and munch popcorn while making easy money … then think again. As a host, you are basically a first-line contact for customers (players), who will want and expect your careful support.
This job is serious customer service rather than just fun and games. But, doing it from home, it could be just the job you’ve been waiting for.”


Free Online Bingo For Pc

Learn More About Being a Chat Host for Bananas for Bingo.

Hosting Online Bingo

Bingo is becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment in all its varieties. From online games and casinos to Bingo halls, many are opting to enjoy this game for its entertainment value. Additionally, many party hosts are choosing to throw a Bingo home game into their list of scheduled events with great results. Party goers from all walks of life can enjoy this classic game whether playing for fun or money. Whether it's a Bingo home game on a weekly schedule or planning for a special event, every host can start their own home Bingo game for fun and excitement.
If you're planning on doing a weekly home Bingo game then you'll want to begin with careful planning. You'll need equipment, seating arrangements for all of your guests, adequate spacing so attendees will be comfortable and a professional Bingo machine. By choosing a machine of professional quality you'll ensure that the game runs smoothly and without any hitches.
Don't be surprised if word spreads about your Bingo party and you find more people want to participate. Bingo has proven it's here to stay as the game has been enjoyed since the early 20's; with the roots of the game dating back to Italy in the 16th century! With a history like that, it's no wonder so many people love to pay this lottery styled game. Make certain to check with local state laws and ordinances before playing for money, however. As Bingo is a form of gambling, you'll want to ensure you are abiding by the laws of your state.
Sometimes people meet while playing Bingo in a hall or for a charitable event and then decide that they would rather play in a close, familiar setting. By starting your own Bingo parties and home games, you can play on a schedule that you and your friends prefer, rather than on one decided upon by a Bingo hall. Regardless of how often you have a Bingo party one thing remains certain; you won't have a successful game unless you take the time to carefully prepare and plan for it, including buying live bingo equipment if needed.
Those planning the perfect bingo party will find that a machine is preferable to using a box or other form. A Bingo machine brings a sense of realism and professionalism to your party and ensure that those who are playing for money are using the most reliable methods. There are a number of styles available such as a table top electric blower, portable Bingo blowers, pop up Bingo machines, wood, metal and plastic machines with wire cages and automatic bingo callers.
Consider the layout of the room in which you will host the home Bingo game or party when deciding upon the best machine for your needs. If you aren't planning on holding games on a regular basis and want to host a Bingo party for a charitable event, you may find that a church or other nonprofit organization that regularly holds Bingo games may lend you their equipment. As Bingo machines come in a wide array of prices, you'll want to make certain you choose a machine that is budget friendly as well as one that fits with your space requirements.
There are many variations on Bingo and you'll need to determine beforehand what type of game you will host as well as the rules. Ensure that everyone is well familiar with the rules of the game before play begins. One of the advantages to a home Bingo game is that you can easily adapt the theme for a variety of games. If you aren't playing for money and just for fun, you won't need to concern yourself with local ordinances and can create themes such as holiday, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays or more. Those hosting special themed events can even create their own cards with suitable designs from their home computers.
Remember, the key to having a great Bingo party is in providing a fun, relaxing yet exciting atmosphere. If you aren't playing for money then consider having attendees bring prizes and gifts that complement the theme. Ensure that you don't spend so much time planning for Bingo that you neglect the other elements of the party; such as food, drinks, music and other games as well.
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