Horse Racing Odds Payout Chart

In horse racing, the odds are fluid. So if you bet a horse in the morning to win.

  • Horse racing betting with all UK and Irish racing over the next 24 hours, plus latest news, market movers, stats and bookie offers. Ante-post odds in Cheltenham Festival Betting and Grand National Odds. View all our tipsters' selections in Cheltenham Tips.
  • Horse racing betting odds not only provide a picture of how bettors view a particular horse race but can be the basis for effective betting strategies as well. For example, if a horse you believe is the most likely to win the Kentucky Derby is sent off an overlay at 6-1 odds, that’s excellent betting value.

Best Parlay Odds

It’s always important to get good odds and prices no matter what type of bettor you are. But let’s keep things in perspective when talking parlay odds. Getting better payout odds on your 15 team parlay is like getting your powerball ticket at 25% off. Sure, you were a little smarter in both scenarios, but Warren Buffett isn’t about to send you an invitation to be an intern.

The majority of smart parlay bettors will bet small combinations. A two, three and sometimes four team parlay is usually preferred. There are three main reasons for this, followed by our list of sportsbooks with the best parlay odds.

(No. 1) You lose the ability to line shop. If one of your betting sites is offering a great line on game A and the other has a juicy line in game B, the only thing you can do is straight bet each of them. The more legs in your parlay, the more likely you will have poor odds since you must fill the parlay with odds from a single sportsbook.

(No. 2) This should really be 1a because it’s also about getting, or not getting, the best line. If the Patriots line finally moves down to -2.5 but the Colts line has not yet moved as you’d hoped, you have to place the parlay now or risk losing the favorable Pats line. If you are betting a small parlay, you stand a better chance of getting the lines in range of what you want. Free slots to play now. Parlay payouts need to make up for these disadvantages in order to be successful. That’s why parlay bettors must use our payout chart or the chart from their individual sportsbook before betting.

(No. 3) One advantage parlay betting does have is you can forecast how one game will play out and fill two legs of a two team parlay with the spread and total, making it a correlated parlay. Correlated parlays can work to the bettor’s advantage. The most common correlated parlay is betting the underdog and the under or the favorite and the over. But beware, the more additional legs that are added to the parlay the less the advantage with the correlation.

For these reasons Predictem has focused on the most popular three parlays. If you are primarily a parlay bettor, don’t blindly join the sportsbooks that straight bettors recommend. Not all books have good parlay odds.

Parlay Odds Payout Chart


Horse Racing Odds And Payout Chart

Sportsbook2-team parlay3-team parlay4-team parlay15 Team Parlay
WagerWeb 2.64/15.95/112.28/116331/1


You may also hear these bets referred to as “Accumulators”. An accumulator is the same exact thing as a parlay. This is the terminology used across the pond in Europe. You may also hear the word “Parlay Card”. This term derives from the old days, back when you would grab a pre-printed card at your favorite sportsbook, circle your bets and then give it to the ticket writer at the sportsbook. Local bookies also used to operate this way as well. Lastly, you may also hear these wagers referred to as combo bets or multi bets.

How Are Horse Racing Odds Calculated

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Horse Racing Odds Payout Chart
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