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Mecca Bingo is one of the biggest and best bingo hall operators in the Country. The colourful graphics, easy to use website and 24 hour a day online games make it a must visit for all bingo and game lovers. Robin Hood Bingo Bonus - Feb 2021 This month Robin Hood Bingo have a great welcome offer for all new players. Simply deposit £10 to claim a whopping 400% bingo bonus up to £100+ 50 Spins, on. New players only. Valid until further notice. Min deposit £10 for 400% Bingo Bonus BB up to £100 + 50 Free Spins FS on Selected game (FS.

Bingo Blingo is a fast-pace social Bingo game that is fun for everyone!

You can play it on Facebook or iOS or Android.

How Do You Daub Numbers Called?

When a number on your Bingo card is called, daub that square by clicking on the number. Click on the square again to undo your daub.

How Do I Call “BINGO”

Hood Bingo

When you think you have a Bingo, click on the green 'BINGO!' button on the card to call it.

If you click on 'Bingo!' without actually having a Bingo, you I'll get a 'Bad Bingo' and lose all rewards earned on that card.

What Can I Do With Coins?

Coins allow you to purchase Achievements, Smileys and Power-Ups.

What Can I Do With Tickets?

Tickets grant you the ability to purchase Bingo Cards. The more tickets you have, the more Bingo cards you can buy each round and the greater your chances of a BINGO!

How Do You Get Winning Patterns?

There are four ways to get a Bingo:

  • Horizontal:
  • Vertical:
  • Diagonal:
  • Corners:

Bingo Blingo also has a special pattern rooms and blackout rooms. Please refer to the Special Rooms section of the FAQs for more information.

What Are The Blackout And Special Pattern Rooms?

Bingo Blingo has blackout rooms and special pattern rooms.

In blackout rooms, the only way to get a bingo is to daub all the numbers on the card!

In special pattern rooms, the pattern to get Bingo is marked on that card. Daub all the numbers on that pattern to get a Bingo!

What Is The Disco Room?

Good Bingo Prizes For Adults

The Disco room is a very unique room. During the weekdays, it’s a normal Bingo room, but on Saturday, it’s a flashback to the 70’s, with extra payouts and unique achievements!

Where Can I See My Achievements?

Achievements can be viewed from your Profile, which is accessible through the upper left corner of the menu. Click the Profile button to see your achievements, Power-Ups and smileys among other things.

What Is A Blingo?

A Blingo is a set of achievements. Earn all the achievements in a room to get the Blingo and win the prize.

Can I Purchase Achievements?

Yes! You can purchase achievements by going to your Profile and clicking on the achievement you would like to purchase with Coins.

What Is The Megabingo Card?

Megabingo Cards are mega sized blackout Bingo cards! Every round you play (except for Tournament and special Blackout rooms), the numbers you daub go into a Megabingo Card. Fill all the numbers in the Megabingo Card to complete it. Fill 12 Megabingo Cards to earn the Megabingo Blingo prize!

What Is The Puppies And Kittens Room?

To win a Bingo in the Puppies and Kittens room, daub squares until the pet crosses over the flashing path, then press Bingo!

How Do I Ignore Someone In The Chat Room?

Currently, you are only able to turn off the chat as a whole and not mute individual players. Offensive word filters are in the process of being implemented.

How Does 'My Team' Feature Work?

Your Team is comprised of your “active” friends - friends who are playing during the week. The more teammates you have, the more daily bonus Tickets you will receive. The more bingos your Team earns during the week, the more prizes you will earn in the Weekly Bonus bar.

How Do I Collect The Individual Weekly Bonuses?

To collect your Bonuses, simply click on the reward located on your Weekly Bonus bar.

What Are Power-Ups?

Power-Ups increase yours odds of winning in Bingo Blingo; others help to give you extra bonuses. For more details on specific Power-Ups, please see the FAQ: What Power-ups are available and what do they do? Poker chip wallpaper.

How Do You Use The Power-Up Bar?

Daub squares with to fill the Power-Up bar. Daub squares with to fill the power up bar twice as fast.

When the Power-Up bar is filled, click on it to activate a random Power-Up.

What Power-Ups Are Available And What Do They Do?

Single Daub: One random, uncalled number on each Bingo card is marked for you. Squares marked by the Single Daub Power-up will have a solid circle.

Double Daub: Two random, uncalled numbers on each Bingo card is marked for you. Squares marked by the Double Daub Power-up will have a solid circle.

Column Daub: One random, uncalled number on each Bingo card from your column of choice will be marked for you. Squares marked by the Column Daub Power-up will have a solid circle.

Gift Box: One mystery Gift Box is added to each Bingo Card. If that number is called, daub the square marked with the mystery Gift Box to collect the gift.

Coin Reward: One bag of bonus Coins is added to one random, uncalled number on each Bingo card. If that number is called, daub the square marked with the bag of Coins and collect the Coins.

Instant Win: One random, uncalled number on each Bingo card turns into an instant win. If that number is called, daub the square to get Bingo! This Power-Up is available only once per round.

Double Payout: The reward for Bingos in that round are doubled. This Power-Up is available only once per round.

Good Bingo Jokes

Double XP: You will receive double XP on every number daubed for the rest of the round. This Power-Up is available only once per round.

How Many Power-Ups Do I Have Left?

Your Power-Ups inventory can be found by clicking on the + button on the top right corner of your screen.

Can I Purchase Individual Power-Ups?

No, currently all Power-Ups are purchased in packs of various sizes.

Can I Purchase An Additional Round?

Yes! You may purchase one additional round for $0.99.

How Does The Daily Tournament Work?

Every day, you can play up to 5 free rounds of Bingo in the Daily Tournament. Everyone who plays earns a prize!

How Do I Clear My Cache?

Clearing the browser cache is often the quickest and easiest way to clear up some issues you may be experiencing with the game. Here is how to clear the cache on some of the most popular browsers:

INTERNET EXPLORER: Click TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS. To the right of Browsing History click DELETE.

To the right of Temporary Internet Files, click DELETE FILES. Then click YES (It may take a couple of minutes). When complete, click CLOSE, click OK.

GOOGLE CHROME: Click the 'wrench', click OPTIONS, then UNDER the HOOD, click CLEAR BROWSING DATA. The only box that needs to be checked is EMPTY THE CACHE, click CLEAR BROWSING DATA. (It may take a couple minutes). When complete, click CLOSE.

Mac users on SAFARI: From the Safari menu, click Reset Safari, then select only EMPTY THE CACHE and REMOVE ALL COOKIES, then click RESET.

FIREFOX: From the TOOLS menu click CLEAR RECENT HISTORY>from the TIME RANGE TO CLEAR drop down menu select the time range or select EVERYTHING. Click the down arrow next to DETAILS to choose which elements to clear and then click CLEAR NOW.

How Do I Update My Browser?

Browser programs are frequently updated to add functionality and address problems. If you are using an older version, you may not be seeing websites the way they are meant to be displayed, and there could also be security issues.

To check what version you currently have on your computer, open the browser program, go to the toolbar up top, click on 'Help,' and then click on 'About [the name of the program.]' The easiest way to update your web browser software is to download the update over the Internet. You can download the update for free by going to the browser’s website and clicking on a link that usually says something like 'download now.'

How Do I Update The Flash Player?

Bingo Blingo requires the most recent version of Adobe Flash to run properly. Flash will usually pop up a message whenever a newer version is available; however, if you miss it, please visit this link for the most up-to-date version: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

I Had A Problem While Making A Purchase. Who Do I Contact?

You can contact the Facebook Credits Help Center by going to the following link: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact/?id=191099177590108

Robin Hood has a fun theme featuring Robin Hood. The cartoon has been the base of this site since its launch. The site has been around since 2018. However, it is keeping up with time in a good way. This incredible site is a part of the United Bingo Network.

Hood Bingo

You will find Robin greeting you directly with the top offers of the casino. It is straightforward and attractive to look at.

Why do People look for a Robin Hood Sister Site?

An avid casino player might look for a sister site of Robin Hood Bingo for various reasons. The design and the language is a common factor. The one that it adheres to might not be suitable for everyone. In case you feel uncomfortable while playing the game or do not trust the site then it might be time to look for an alternative. Even when a player derives less fun from a gambling site, they start looking for a sister site.

Even though an online gambling site has a wide array of games, there can be a possibility that you do not find the games that you are looking for. However, an alternative site might provide you with the games you like.

Another very common reason is a user shift to some other site is the tempting welcome bonus given by the other gambling sites. Any casino site that wants to attract new customers will offer a welcome bonus. A majority of the welcome bonuses are lucrative. As a matter of fact, at times these are so tempting that any loyal player will find it difficult to stick to the first provider. If the bonus is considerably lower at the first provider, it serves as an added disadvantage.

A player might also feel that he has played everything that he had to at Robin Hood and would want to try out something provided by the other casinos. However, this might be a complicated undertaking as it might become difficult to find a casino that offers different games that Robin Hood.

Good Bingo Numbers

The Pros of Robin Hood

  • One of the primary advantages of this gambling site is that it offers more than 150 games to play;
  • It uses HTML5 technology for its games. This means that it is available for playing on all devices. You will not even have to download the app. All you have to do is go to the site and log in to start gambling;
  • There is a wide range of bonus. You also get the welcome bonus as a new player;
  • The games are of high quality and will you an incredible experience;

What Should You Look for in the Sister Site of Robin Hood?

The first thing that you need to look for in sister sites its reliability and reputation. The gambling site has to be of high quality. When you choose a Robin Hood sister site, you will have to check the license that it has, the license is the guarantee that it is suitable for the gamblers. If a casino doesn’t have it then the site might not be genuine. Hence, you might be at risk when you make the deposit.

Things you need to look out for in a sister site is also dependent on why you are looking for a sister site at all. Usually, it is the welcome bonus which makes a customer looking for some other provider. However, if you an avid casino player, you should know that you should not attach too much importance to the bonus offer. Find out about the turnover condition. Usually, a bonus isn’t reasonable in a realistic situation. Also, it is subject to the payout limitation. You need to consider the bonus just an extension of the fun you are having at the casino. You shouldn’t be tempted to make a more deposit.

Another important thing that you need to consider is the game choices offered. At times, it might be difficult to find a provider that offers different titles. Hence, before you choose a sister site, you have to check the titles they offer. Do not forget to check the software provider. Some of the noteworthy names of software providers are PlayTech, Microgaming, and NetEnt.

Tip Top Bingo as the Sister Site of Robin Hood Bingo

This is a refreshing and fun site. It has everything that you would love. The site has the best games and you will enjoy a lot while you win prizes. The article Trada Casino is also very readable. Here, you can have a hassle-free playing session.

The site offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions. Apart from bingo, there are other casino games to choose from. With this site, it is easy to play on your tablet or smartphone.

Sugar Bingo as the Sister Site of Robin Hood Bingo

Become a part of Sugar Bingo to win some tempting goodies. The site is one of the best ones in the UK. It offers amazing rewards and bonuses. As soon as you join, you will be given a head-start at the site. If you are interested in Slot Boss, then read the linked guide.

There are many bingo rooms and you are going to have an amazing experience. There are over 200 online slots to choose from. You can access these games from the palm of your hand as it offers mobile play.

Ted Bingo as the Sister Site of Robin Hood Bingo

With this site, you can uncover a world of mystery and espionage. The missions are top secret and you unveil, you get to win big bonuses. There are some good promotions and bonuses. There are some fun titles to choose from starting from slots to bingos. Ted Bingo also offers the option of playing on your mobile phone. We also have a nice article for you on the topic of Tipico Sister Sites.

Good Bingo Names

Which is the Best Option?

Sugar Bingo is the best choice among the three sites mentioned above. You will find the best online games and have the sweetest experience. You get treats and goodies. The best part about this site is the wide range of games that it offers. You will never be going to feel bored if you log into this gambling website.

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