Hollywood Horse Racing And Sports Betting

Betting on International Racing

Betting is available on race meetings (televised or non-televised in South Africa) in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, North and South America and Zimbabwe.

For these meetings the following conditions shall apply:

Horse racing betting sites

An open bet is a bet offered by Hollywood on one or more events in which no fixed odds are agreed at the time the bet is placed and the winnings and therefore the payout is determined after the outcome of the event on which such bet was struck becomes known, with reference to dividends generated by the international totalisator.

Hollywood sportsbook is a licensed betting operator. Hollywoodbets supports responsible gambling. No persons under the age of 18 years are permitted to gamble. Winners know when to stop.national gambling toll-free counselling line 0800 006 008. Register with Hollywood Races and enjoy the freedom of betting on horse racing around the world! Hollywoodbets has betting on Horse Racing, Sports, and much more! South Africa Online Horse Racing. HOLLYWOOD SPORTSBOOK: LUCKY NUMBERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These are the Terms and Conditions for all Lucky Number bets offered by any of the companies in the Hollywood Sportsbook Group of Companies, as well as other bookmaking operations managed. Select Betting and Horse Racing; Select the Country; Select the Venue eg: Fairview and Race eg: Race 1 which you would like to strike a bet from; Click on the bet type you would like eg: Fixed Win, Open Place, Etc then the Horse eg: justash; Once you have picked your selections and selected your bet type, click on the Add to Betslip (The green button), you will get a message every time you. Our sports betting site features a large variety of events and markets to bet on, with expert betting support both online and in-store. We offer local and international horse racing betting, an extensive sports offering from soccer to rugby as well as our fantastic Lucky Numbers offering.

All bets shall be to a R1 unit. Where dividends are declared to a different unit, then the dividend shall be adjusted to pay to a R1 unit.

Bet Types

Win bets are won when the runner you picked finishes first.
Place bets are won when the runner picked finishes in one of the up to four top places. The number of places for which the bet is paid goes by the Totalisator. Usually, there are three places being paid. However, depending on the country and number of runners, even only two or up to four places might be paid. All place bets are lost past the fourth place, even if the Totalisator pays further places. (In the USA this is called a show)
Exacta bets are won when the two runners picked finish first and second in the exact order specified. Should one of the picked runners become a non-runner, the stakes shall be refunded. Should less than two runners cross the finishing line for a given race, all exacta bets shall be lost unless the Totalisator is providing Exacta odds.
Trifecta bets are won when the three runners picked finish first, second, and third in the exact order specified. Should one of the picked runners become a non-runner, the stakes shall be refunded. Should less than three runners cross the finishing line for a given race, the according Totalisator rules shall apply for payout.
Quartet bets are won when the four runners picked finish first, second, third, and fourth in the exact order specified. Should one of the picked runners become a non-runner, the stakes shall be refunded. Should less than four runners cross the finishing line for a given race, the according Totalisator rules shall apply for payout.
Swinger bets are won when the two runners picked finish in one of the top three places regardless of their order of arrival. Should one of the picked runners become a non-runner, the stakes shall be refunded. Should less than three horses cross the finishing line for a given race, all Swinger bets shall be lost unless the Totalisator is providing Swinger odds.

Place Accumulator bets are won when the horses picked finish in the top three places in each of the seven races that comprise the place accumulator.

Pick 6 bets are won when the horses picked win each of the six races that comprise the pick 6.

Bets on coupled runners are bets made on a certain stable as a whole. Should two or more runners of one stable (e.g. same owner) start in a given race, the odds provided by the Totalisator shall refer to all runners from such stable combined.
In France and Italy, runners are coupled exclusively for win bets. Should one of the coupled runners become a non-runner, for races in these countries the stakes on this runner shall be refunded.

In American horse racing, coupled runners regulations are also applied to other betting types. Should one of the coupled runners become a non-runner, for races in the USA the stakes shall be distributed over the remaining coupled runners of the same stable. The stakes shall be refunded only if all horses from the stable on which you have bet become non-runners. As clarification, open bets will not be offered on more than one of the coupled horses in the USA i.e. where horses 1 and 1A are carded to run, then betting will only be available on horse 1 for all bet types.

Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 2.14 in the full Terms & Conditions, maximum winning limits will apply to international racing:

Winning limits shall apply to all bet types as per the table below. The maximum winnings in respect of any single customer, syndicate of customers or any group of people acting in conjunction with each other as may be determined by Hollywood in its sole discretion, will be limited to a R100 000 race limit.

Totalisator rules, pools and dividends on international racing shall be taken from the totalisator in the country of origin.

Payout limits per ticket (Rand)

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3




All official event dates are posted here as they are announced. Please check back often as we add more events! ALL ITEMS ON CALENDAR LISTED IN PACIFIC TIME. BCSlots Weekend July 8-11 Flintstone, Maryland Tickets for this exciting weekend of events will be on sale soon! Click the link for more information and to sign up for notifications. To view all events, please click here! Event registration. All official event. Bc slots on facebook






















Place Acc.




Pick 6




Course 1

Australia, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Macau, Mauritius, Singapore, UAE, USA, UK

Course 2

Canada, Germany, Italy, Kenya, New Zealand, Sweden, Turkey, Zimbabwe

Course 3

India, South America

If a number of bets containing the same selections are placed by more than one customer, and Hollywood has reason to believe that these bets originated from or were placed on behalf of the same customer, syndicate of customers or any group of people acting in conjunction with each other as may be determined by Hollywood in its sole discretion, Hollywood reserves the right to limit the total winnings payable in respect thereof to the Limit as set above.

Hollywood, FL, is essentially Ground Zero for gambling and casino gaming in the Sunshine State. Within easy driving distance from Hollywood’s city center, there are eight casinos, including two major gambling destinations: the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood and the Gulfstream Park Casino. In addition to these two likely Hollywood sportsbooks, other smaller gambling outposts in the area (including The Casino at Dania Beach, Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park, the Seminole Classic Casino, the Big Easy Casino, Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, and Calder Casino) may also get their own sportsbook services up and running.

That said, once the FL legislature formally legalizes sports betting in the state, it’s a good bet that the first casinos in and near Hollywood to have their own sportsbooks will be the Hard Rock and Gulfstream Park, as these are South Florida’s premier gambling destinations, bar none.

NFL Betting In Hollywood, Florida

Betting on NFL games and more importantly, the Super Bowl is at the top of the list for a lot of bettors. The reason for this is because so much money is on the line and they will be able to place any kind of bet. Super Bowl is one of the best games every year so betting on the game and other events around it is the top option that many players should think about. Online sportsbooks are the best place for NFL betting in Hollywood as they offer the best odds and betting options along with great bonuses too. Mobile betting and live betting stick out as big-time betting features that are on these online sportsbooks and players should look into these before big NFL games like the Super Bowl start.

Hollywood Residents Bet Super Bowl 55 Now

Bovada’s sportsbook is one of the most well known and highly regarded in the world, and it’s a worldwide brand at this point. Bovada is one of the biggest online sportsbooks, and the Super Bowl is one of their biggest days of the year, so it’s no surprise that they’re going all out. The #whatsyawager promotion provides a ton of options in terms of wagering to anyone using the website. These wagers are available to anyone using it, and are a collection of the best requested parlays and props that the sportsbook has put odds on. In addition, you can find all the normal Super Bowl LV wagers on Bovada, from player props to game props to straight bets, and even live betting.

BetOnline Super Bowl 55 Betting Odds

BetOnline’s claim to fame for Super Bowl bettors is that it’s one of the best sportsbooks in terms of pure odds. It doesn’t have a fancy website, it doesn’t have a ton of gimmicks, it just gives you great odds for wagering on Super Bowl LV. BetOnline is a good sportsbook, and it’s reliable and dependable for anyone who wants to bet on SBLV. Wagerers will have access to live and mobile betting, a solid bet builder tool, and a selection of some of the best available odds on the Super Bowl. Make sure to check them out.

Bet In Hollywood Florida Now

MyBookie provides a ton of options for Super Bowl LV betting, and this is because they are one of the best sportsbooks when it comes to volume of wagers and type of wagers. You can bet on nearly anything at MyBookie, to a degree unmatched by other sportsbooks. MyBookie allows you to wager on, for example, whether or not a coach will be caught on camera with his nose out of his facemask, or whether or not Tom Brady will be seen yelling at the refs or his team. They’re probably the best sportsbook for anyone just looking to spice up their Super Bowl Sunday.

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Mobile Sportsbooks In Hollywood, Florida

Bettors in Hollywood, Florida are able to legally place wagers on mobile sportsbooks even without legal sports betting in the state. Players can use licensed offshore sportsbooks to bet on the next NFL game from the comfort of the house. These sportsbooks do not operate under United States laws which allows you to bet on the odds despite the Florida laws. Mobile versions of sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie not only gives you access to many different bet lines but also eligibility for bonuses and promotions that you would not be able to receive at a live casino.

Live Betting In Hollywood, Florida

Live betting comes in handy when planning to bet on the NFL in Hollywood, FL. Live betting provides an interactive and exciting sports betting experience for all bettors. The feature allows you to place wagers on different odd that are posted continuously throughout the course of the game. With the offshore sportsbooks, oddsmakers will create new bet lines and update the site during stoppages in game action. Anyone 18 years old and older can enjoy the opportunity to win multiple cash prizes on a single game with live betting in Hollywood.

Best Sportsbooks In Hollywood, Florida

Eventually, the best sportsbooks in Hollywood, Florida (or very near to Hollywood, in this case), will be the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood (actually located in Hallandale Beach/Fort Lauderdale on the map) and Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino (which is also technically located in Hallandale Beach). However, given that these casinos are under five miles from Hollywood proper, they are effectively Hollywood casinos. Even more importantly, these are the two South Florida casinos that will most likely have sports betting available to the public as soon as Florida law allows the activity to go live.

Once the Hard Rock and Gulfstream Park become the first Hollywood sportsbooks, you can expect immediate polish and refinement from their offerings. Since the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood is a Hard Rock property, its management and ownership groups already have tremendous experience handling sportsbooks and setting odds and lines, which should immediately translate into the best sportsbook package in the state (particularly as it will be partnered with its sister location, the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, in establishing its sportsbook and betting lounge amenities).

The Gulfstream Park sportsbook should also hit the ground running, just like the Thoroughbreds at its world-famous racetrack. With immense, long-standing experience handling horse racing wagers, the Gulfstream sportsbook should be one of the finest sportsbooks anywhere in the state, as Gulfstream management is no stranger to posting and adjusting high-dollar, big-payout odds and lines on the ponies. Additionally, there’s a great chance that the forthcoming Gulfstream Park sportsbook will increase local awareness of horse racing in general.

Hollywood Sportsbook Age Limit

The Hollywood sportsbook age limit will be 21 years old once sports betting in the state officially gets off the ground (which is the general age limit for non-lottery gambling in Florida). Users of legal offshore FL sportsbooks, however, only have to be 18 or older to place their bets, though many state residents prefer to wait until they’re 21.

Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Hollywood?

Sports betting is currently not legal in Hollywood, at least in actual practice on state land. Before Hollywood sportsbooks can go live, the state legislature will have to write and pass a law (or series of laws) laying out the regulatory and taxation structures for sports betting.

However, it’s just a matter of time before the FL government starts licensing casino destinations for sports betting in Florida, with most industry insiders looking at live Hollywood sportsbooks (and other sportsbooks in FL) opening their doors within the next few years. (Remember, the NFL is the most lucrative sports league for sportsbooks and the states that tax them, meaning that it’s in all parties’ interests to get these books up and running in time for football season.)

Still, if you live in Florida and wish to wager on the NFL now, you don’t have to wait for Hollywood sportsbooks to open their doors to the public. Instead, you can simply sign up at a legal offshore sportsbook over the Internet. Sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and other top books have all been serving FL residents for decades, and they each have fair odds, low vigs (house takes), and comprehensive betting boards. Even better, membership is free, the services are 100% legal, and payouts are always guaranteed.

Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Sportsbook

  • Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood
  • Address: 1 Seminole Way
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
  • Phone: 866-502-7529

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood is the sister location to the Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa, which is one of the largest, most popular casinos in the world. While the Hollywood location is smaller and less-trafficked, it’s still the biggest gambling destination in South Florida, and it sees over a million patrons each and every year. As such, once the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood sportsbook goes live, you can expect high marks across the board, with comfortable seating, comprehensive odds boards featuring daily sports action from around the world, and even free drinks and playing bonuses for eager customers.

The Seminole Hard Rock sportsbook isn’t the only attraction at the hotel-casino, either. With 140,000 square feet of gaming space, over 2000 slot machines, 100 table games (including blackjack, poker, baccarat, and more), and five high-end restaurants including Council Oak Steaks and Seafood and the site’s namesake Hard Rock Café, there is plenty of action and relaxation available to all.

The Seminole Hard Rock even features a 5-acre swimming pool pavilion with a huge, lagoon-style swimming area, waterfalls, cabanas (modeled after traditional Seminole chickees), hot tubs, and pool-side drink services. In fact, once the Hard Rock sportsbook is up and running, you should be able to use your Internet-connected mobile device to wager on your favorite events from the comfort of your palm-shaded deck chair. And naturally, the surrounding area is full of first-class shopping and nightclub entertainment venues for all ages.

Gulfstream Park Sportsbook

  • Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino
  • Address: 901 S Federal Hwy
    Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
  • Phone: 954-454-7000

Gulfstream Park is home to the Pegasus Cup, the richest Thoroughbred horse racing event in the world with a purse approaching $20 million. Of course, it’s also home to other elite Grade I Stakes races, and it has a fully-fledged casino on-site to boot. A stellar Gulfstream Park sportsbook review will – once the venue starts accepting bets – bring even more first-rate entertainment to the area, and it will hopefully boost Gulfstream’s horse racing audience at the same time.

Betting Horse Online Racing

At the Gulfstream Park Casino, patrons have access to a robust selection of table and card games as well as nearly 800 slot machines, a live poker room, and numerous perks and giveaways to regular customers and club members. Once the Gulfstream sportsbook betting lounge opens, of course, you can expect the same level of commitment – and the same bonuses and perks – to be made available to sports bettors, with free drinks, loads of big-screen TVs, tableside massages, and more.

While Gulfstream Park doesn’t have any on-site hotel locations of its own, the surrounding Hollywood/Hallandale Beach/Fort Lauderdale area has several five-star hotels and a slew of budget-friendly options, as well as loads of restaurants and shopping centers for everyone in your group. Sports betting – whenever it hits next year – is going to make Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino the home to one of the best Hollywood sportsbooks, and you can expect long lines when the facility’s betting lounge opens its doors to the public.

Horse Racing Betting Terms

With already having great deals going on here at the Gulfstream Casino, promotions only make things better for the players. Great promotions only keep and bring players to the Gulfstream showing its appreciation for those who join. These different promotions are leading into other months carrying on different ways to win various prizes the more that people play. Also having some promotion on specific days is great for those players that come in on those specific days.