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Not only is the World Poker Tour set to host a $5,000 event at the Venetian in Las Vegas later this week, three intriguing heads-up challenges are days away from kicking off.


Heads Up Poker Table Game

Going head-to-head in Texas Hold’em is not the same as playing against multiple opponents

Set up a time for your tournament or cash game with details like stakes, number of players per table, etc. Once that’s completed, forward an invitation with poker club name and password to friends. Players can then join the club at the appointed time and get ready to play cards. How to Set Up a Private Poker Game at 888poker. In Heads Up poker, the button acts first preflop and last postflop. This is quite different from the 6max or full ring tables where small blind will always be first to act postflop, followed by the big blind. In HU, the player on the button (BTN) will play more hands compared to the button on 6max and full ring games.

One of the most challenging forms of poker in the world is, without a doubt, heads-up No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Besides a little luck, it demands players to have a set of skills that are different from those seen when playing a table full of opponents. Typically, the best poker players in the world are experts in heads-up play. Knowing how to play heads-up become more important for those players who are looking into winning a tournament and there are several strategies that can be implemented.

Typically speaking, the most aggressive player is most likely the one who wins more times. Keeping intense pressure on your opponent and putting them to test constantly is always a good strategy. This basically means that you will be open raising most of your buttons and turning into an aggressive player, taking action on a wider range of hands. For instance, a good rule of thumb would be to raise whenever you get a face card or Ace and with any pocket pair. With middle pairs and up, don’t be afraid to go beyond with a three-bet if your opponent raises.

There is another popular concept called ‘Any Ace’ in which players are encouraged to raise any hand where they get any ace during heads-up play. The reason for this strategy is that, statistically, most hands will end up in a battle between two random cards. Holding an ace can give you a 52% chance to win against another random non-paired hand.

Another circumstance to consider is the position that you can use it to your advantage. When you have the small blind, it is a good idea to put pressure on the opponent. This opens the opportunity for you to collect more pots during pre-flop action and even control pots after the flop. This strategy is more widespread, so, while other players are in position, they might raise, too. It is never a good idea to let them push you; choosing your battles is important.

The Venom is back with $7,000,000 GTD starting July 24th.

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It’s a part of their game that even the most accomplished players can struggle with, we take on a huge field, get to the biggest pay jump of the tournament and then get crushed one on one.

So we have come up with some easy tips to make your heads up game watertight…

Heads up against Maniacs

In general, if you are playing against someone heads up who is playing too loose, you are going to want to work in some well-timed re-steals and look to make moves with little equity, like leading turn cards after calling C-bets or simply check raising them with no hand as a bluff against what will be a nearly 100% C betting frequency. This will make you less exploited by overfolding. You will also want to just get to showdown often Vs these types of opponents.

Heads Up Holdem Table Game

Another way to counter these Aggro players is to just turn into a calling station, grab a piece of the board and hold on for a wild ride as these players are going to put you to the test.

On the other side of that coin is sometimes you will get to heads up play against a very tight opponent, who may have just had a few coolers go there way on the final table, but not be a very aggressive player…

Heads up against Nits

Against this type of player, we are going to look to be doing most of the bluffing and C-Bet a high percentage as our opponents will not hit the board often at all, so if they are not working in some timely check raises we are going to win the pots uncontested often and be able to shut down our bluffs when called.

Try to play bigger pots in position

We are going to want to do a lot of stabbing at boards when checked to and play in position a lot, we want to be doing this as a mixture of bluffs and for value, this way we will keep our opponents guessing, calling us with worse hands in certain situations and folding better hands out other times. Free slots sign up.

Play Small Ball Poker out of Position

Out of position, we should be looking to play small ball, meaning we will look to keep the pots small, even when we flop a decent holding, looking to get to showdown and allowing our opponents to bluff keeps in worse hands and keeps the pot small when we are beaten.

How to play short stacked Heads Up Poker?

Well, this has been almost solved to an unexploitable level by applying a nash game theory equilibrium. So, in theory, we can just use these charts to decide whether to push or fold, however, these charts work better when we are sub 10bbs for simple push fold decisions. We are not going to want to push all in with 20bbs heads up with AA, KK, QQ against our opponent, there is just too much EV to win if played other ways. So I would recommend knowing these charts for sub 10bb all in play, but to be honest I am not the type of player that wants to shove call off 18bb effective all-ins with JTs, in too many situations we are going to be an underdog.

Stay Balanced

The key to playing poker effectively is to be balanced, it’s important we do this even when we get really short stacked, we are going to want to find a blend of a limping with strong hands as well as limping with our weaker holdings, this way we will be unexploitable as sometimes we are trapping to call a shove and other times we are looking to seek value from the bottom of our range for the minimum investment on the button.

Put in a Grind

Heads Up Poker Cash Game

There is nothing better for your game than experience, so start playing! There are many game types out there that will help you improve on your heads up game, I would recommend playing some short-handed games such as Pokerstars Spin & Go’s or Heads Up sit & go’s… these will give you a decent idea of the principles needed to beat your opponents when it comes to your deep runs in tournaments.

Heads Up Poker Arcade Game For Sale

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