Good Poker Names For Online

Almost all online poker sites do not allow you to change your screen name – ever. That means you’d better give some serious thought to your choice right now because you’re going to have to live with it throughout your whole poker career.

Names like, ‘relaxmax’, ‘WhyDaddyDrinks’, ‘ifartinmysleep’, ‘2stuk2givafuk’, ‘CheckCallPray’, ‘TrustFundGone’ and ‘LimpinAintEasy’. Although, to be honest, most of these are more likely to elicit a chuckle rather than tilt. Another effective way to tilt people is to misspell your chosen name. Jennifer Leigh is another to have carried her old nickname over into poker, ‘Jennicide’ being her online alias from the bulletin boards of her youth. 1973 Main Event winner Walter ‘Puggy’ Pearson had a childhood accident to blame for his canine nickname, although Puggy is somewhat better than the ‘Puggy-Wuggy’ some used for him.

For example, many Liverpool F.C. fans in 2010 decided that variations on ‘TorresLFC’ were a good idea. They must be regretting that now almost as much as poor old ‘TorresCFC’ is. If you’re a sports fan choose something that stands the test of time. Similarly, don’t use a currently popular band or video game or other possibly short-lived fad. Don’t use the current year or your current age – because next year they both mean absolutely nothing.

The best approach is to ask yourself what you want from a screen name. Let’s assess the possibilities one by one, bearing in mind that there can be plenty of overlap between them.

  • Not necessarily good but with at least a grasp of the basics and usually not terrible. Names that referenced live poker players in a non-ironic manner were almost always 'recreational' players of some sort, usually fish. Names that referenced sports teams of any time were also 'recreational' players.
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Choose a screen name that relates to you personally

If you have no concerns about being identified you can choose your own name or parts of it, or a nickname. You may need to include numbers in this kind of screen name as there’s a good chance that your first choice will be in use already. You can add numbers to the name or replace letters with similar numbers, e.g. ‘3’ for ‘E’ and ‘5’ for ‘S’. You can also use the names of those close to you, including pets, but bear in mind privacy concerns. You can even use something self-descriptive like ‘fivebellies’ or ‘sweatynutsack’.

Choose a screen name that may tilt your opponents

Fun poker names

There are a number of ways to do this. You can choose a name that is offensive, either to almost everybody or just to certain groups. Be careful with these though. If you go too far and use racist/sexist comments etc. you can expect them to be rescinded by the poker room. Mild examples are ‘Religion_LOL’ and ‘lol_poor people’.

Then there are the personal insults like ‘durrrr’, ‘umakemelookpro’, ‘uhaveasmallPP’, ‘MyVPIPisurIQ’, ‘B4IFURU18’, ‘Nh Wp FU’, ‘Om Nom Nom’ and ‘UPay4MyWeed’.

Another way to try to tilt opponents is to issue a challenge to them. Examples include, ‘reload_pls’, ‘YouBetIJam’, ‘NiceTrySucka’, ‘imbad-beatme’, ‘idontchinkso’.

Self-deprecating or condescending names, particularly when combined with aggressive play or chat can also be tilting. Names like, ‘relax_max’, ‘WhyDaddyDrinks’, ‘ifartinmysleep’, ‘2stuk2givafuk’, ‘CheckCallPray’, ‘TrustFundGone’ and ‘LimpinAintEasy’. Although, to be honest, most of these are more likely to elicit a chuckle rather than tilt.

Another effective way to tilt people is to misspell your chosen name. Normally you should take care that you have spelled your chosen name correctly, but if you really want to wind up a grammar nit choose a name like ‘YouLooser’ or ‘PokerProffesional’. 95% of your opponents won’t even notice – but that other 5% will have steam coming out of their ears.

Finally, a clever choice is a name like ‘2donks1flop’ which succeeds in being both critical and self-deprecating – not to mention funny.

Choose a screen name that is misleading

Most poker players are men and many believe that women are no good at poker. Therefore some male players play using a female persona. The same principle holds for certain nationalities. Many players believe that Southern European players play more emotionally and are more fishy than average. You can try to take advantage of that. e.g. ‘repopadopolis’ would be a great name for a Greek player.

Choose a screen name that is unmemorable.

You usually don’t want other players to remember you. Therefore some players will seek out names that are pretty anonymous. Maybe a common name with some numbers like ‘John2589’ or maybe just numbers, or a meaningless jumble of numbers and letters or maybe something unpronounceable using symbols. Just remember not to get carried away and make it so obscure that it becomes memorable. The same goes for avatars. Some players will choose to play without an avatar. However, if nearly all the players in your usual games play with an avatar, playing without one will only make you stand out as “that guy without an avatar.”

Choose a screen name that you find funny or interesting

This category is a kind of catch-all. It includes sports teams and players and characters from books, like ‘Isildur1’. It includes corrupted names of famous people, like ‘Cashisclay’ and ‘Fidel_Cashflow’. Also words and expressions corrupted to apply to poker terms. As you can imagine, the word ‘muck’ features a lot in these. Examples include ‘gomuckurself’, ‘shiphappens’, ‘donkeywhisperer’, ‘MuckingFaster’ and many predictable variations on the hand KJo.

You can simply use words or expressions that sound or look good. ‘ValueTowny’, ‘iclickbuttons’, ‘OMGSPLOSION’, ‘SirMucksalot’, ‘PfOaKcEeR’, ‘toadlystoned’, ‘PeppermintHippo’ and ‘BEEPBEEPIMAJEEP’ are great examples.

Names can just be funny like ‘DontRaiseImGay2’ or ‘wewaise’ (with an avatar picture of Elmer Fudd.) They can be an internet meme, such as 2plus2’s ‘THE F DO’ and ‘[ ]NameDelivers’. They can be just plain weird like ‘sexualintercoursewithdeadcats’ and ‘mydogisgay’. They can even be as obscure as a clever grammar joke such as ‘fckvwls’. Or maybe just something that sounds good, like ‘gobbledygook’ or ‘jabberwocky’.


Now choose your screen name

Cool Poker Name

We hope you find some food for thought here to help you decide upon the perfect screen name for you. Most of the above names are real screen names, and we hope you agree that many are clever and funny too. So don’t just choose the first name that comes into your head. Think about the long term. You can try to be funny but not crude or juvenile, please. We’ve already got plenty of them – yes, I’m talking to you ‘Hugh G Rection’.

Above all be creative and come up with a unique name that you will be proud of for years to come.

[RR] “Did you know that Steve Dannenmann’s nickname is Taxman?” Roderick the Rock asked Stan.

[SS] “Of course”, Stan the Stat affirmed. “Poker Player Nicknames is another one of my favorite lists! Should’ve mentioned it earlier.”

[RR] “Such a great handle for a successful poker player. As the Beatles sang, ‘one for you, nineteen for me’. Vegas strip online casino instant play. Who else is on your list?”

Best Online Poker Nicknames

The Top 100 Poker Player Nicknames With Explanations

Action DanDan HarringtonIronic nickname given his usually tight play
Amarillo SlimThomas PrestonTall and thin, and lived in Amarillo, Texas
The Ambassador of PokerMike SextonHas done a lot of work to popularize poker, including television commentating for the World Poker Tour
Back to BackLayne FlackFrom winning consecutive Legends of Poker events in Los Angeles in 1999; a.k.a. “The Alien”
The Bald EagleSteve ZolotowFor his resemblance to the American national bird
Bird GutsGavin SmithFrom his proposed professional wrestling name when his brother’s high school friends told them it would be a good profession for him; a.k.a. “Caveman”
BoostedJJustin SmithFor his love of cars (“boosted” = “turbo-charged”)
ChinoDavid RheemBecause he looks Chinese, although he’s actually Korean-American
ChipDavid ReeseFor his ability to win most of the chips at the table
Clever PiggyAllen CunninghamWordplay on his last name (“cunning” + “ham”)
CowboyHoyt CorkinsWears a cowboy hat and boots at the table; a.k.a. “Nightmare” and “Mr. Move All In”
Crazy HorseRam VaswaniFor his alternately careful and erratic playing style; a.k.a. “The Looks” from an “Esquire” magazine article
The CrocBilly ArgyrosAustralian who wears crocodile-shaped hats and crocodile-adorned shirts
DandyCrandell AddingtonLiked to wear a suit and tie at the table
DarkhorseTodd BrunsonFor an early tournament that he won despite being a relative unknown
DevilfishDavid UlliottFor the poisonous fish which can be fatal if prepared incorrectly (bestowed by Stephen Au-Yeung in 1997; “You are a devilfish, aren’t you?”)
Diamond JoeJoe HachemWon first WPT title at the Five Diamonds Poker Classic (Bellagio)
DowntownChad BrownRhyme based on being born and raised in New York City
The DragonDavid PhamDerived from his rail repeatedly exclaiming, “You on fire!”
The Duchess of PokerAnnie DukeWordplay on her last name
durrrrTom DwanOnline nickname meant to help put opponents on tilt (originally used on Party Poker in 2004)
E-DogErick LindgrenNicknamed in San Pablo by a Filipino player he was beating, who said, “E, you dog”
El MatadorCarlos MortensenBorn in Ecuador but raised in Spain
ElkYBertrand GrospellierShort for “Elkantar”, his RPG character (Grospellier was formerly a top WarCraft [and StarCraft] player)
EskimoPaul ClarkLooks like the eskimo on the Alaskan Airlines logo
The FinnPatrick AntoniusBorn and raised in Finland
The First Lady of PokerLinda JohnsonFor her long poker career and other work in the industry (bestowed by Mike Sexton)
The Flying DutchmanMarcel LuskeBorn in the Netherlands
FordmanDennis PhillipsSold Ford trucks
FossilmanGreg RaymerCollects fossils and uses a trilobite as a card protector
FoucaultAndrew BrokosOnline nickname from the French philosopher, Michel Foucault, as Brokos majored in philosophy
Full Blown TiltGreg MuellerFor his explosive conduct at the table; a.k.a. “FBT” for short
Furst OutRafe FurstWordplay on his last name from the 2003 WSOP Main Event, when it took him only 11 minutes to become the first player to bust out
Gentleman JackJack KellerIronic nickname from his days as a stock boy
Golden BoyJamie GoldWordplay on his last name and his youthful appearance
The Grand Old ManJohnny MossOne of the first Texas Hold ‘Em players, and winner of the first two World Series of Poker crowns
Grand Rapids TomTom McEvoyBorn in Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Great DaneGus HansenBorn in Denmark
The GreekJimmy SnyderGreek-American (born as Dimetrios Georgios Synodinos)
The GrinderMichael MizrachiSolid, consistent player who “grinds” his way through tournaments
HappyJeff ShulmanFor his positive disposition
Hot ChipsTiffany MichelleFor her poker chip tricks and the “M*A*S*H” character Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan
IcemanHuck SeedFor his extremely calm demeanor
IcemanJeff LisandroFor his cold and calculating play
Isildur1Viktor BlomOnline nickname from “The Lord of the Rings” character1
IsserPeter EastgateHis real-life nickname (I don’t know what it means though); a.k.a. “Icegate”
JennicideJennifer LeighFrom her teenage alias on hacking bulletin boards
JesusChris FergusonLooks like Jesus Christ
JoanChip JettFor the “I Love Rock and Roll” singer
Johnny WorldJohn HenniganFriend called him that because he was a world-class pool and poker player who traveled around the world
The KidJoe CadaBecame youngest WSOP Main Event champion at age 21 in 2009
The KidStu UngarBecame youngest WSOP Main Event champion at age 26 in 1980 (surpassed by Phil Hellmuth in 1989) and looked even younger; a.k.a. “Stuey” and “The Comeback Kid”
Kid PokerDaniel NegreanuBecame youngest WSOP bracelet winner at age 23 in 1998 (broken in 2004); also very young looking, with child-like enthusiasm for the game
The KingAmir VahediWordplay on his first name, which means an independent ruler or chieftain?
The KnifeMartin de KnijffWordplay on his last name for his playing style
KwikfishPaul WasickaNicknamed by a frustrated online opponent
Lady MaverickVanessa RoussoFrom a $25,000 buy-in tournament in which she sold off shares of herself, like in the Mel Gibson version of the movie “Maverick” (bestowed by a relative); a.k.a. “Pokerness”
LuckboxJohn JuandaFor his apparent good fortune at cards; a.k.a. “JJ”
Mad Genius of PokerMike CaroFor his deep-thinking strategy
The MagicianAntonio EsfandiariFormerly a professional magician
The MasterMen NguyenNicknamed “The Young Master” by one of his poker students in 1991, but he retorted that he wasn’t young
The MathematicianDavid SklanskyFor his logical, mathematical approach to the game
MiamiJohn CernutoLives in Miami, Florida
Mister CoolSammy FarhaFor his demeanor; often keeps an unlit cigarette in his mouth
Mixed GamesKristy GazesFor her preferred type of poker
MoneyChris MoneymakerAbbreviation of his last name
The MonkAndy BlackRenounced all his possessions and lived as a Buddhist monk for five years
The MouthMike MatusowFor his loquaciousness
The Mouth from Down UnderTony GuogaFor his loquaciousness; a.k.a. “Tony G”
NapoleonDavid BenyamineBorn in Paris, France; a.k.a. Degenyamine
NoelJ.J. FurlongBorn on Christmas Day
NumbersBerry JohnstonFor his calculating play?
The Orient ExpressJohnny ChanBorn in China; a.k.a. “The Orangeman”, as he usually has an orange with him (originally to counter the then-pervasive cigarette smoke)
The OwlBobby BaldwinFor his ability to read his opponents’ cards; with his eyeglasses, looks like an owl (possibly bestowed by Doyle Brunson)
Poker BabeErica SchoenbergFor her looks
The Poker BratPhil HellmuthFor his immature rants, often aimed at his opponent’s perceived poor play
PokerKatKathy LiebertWordplay on her first name
The Prince of PokerScotty NguyenFrom his fashion style (lots of bling) and attitude; a.k.a. “The Train”
The ProfessorHoward LedererFor his calculated, studious approach to the game (bestowed by poker player and commentator Jesse May); a.k.a. “Bubs” (was “Bubba” before he had gastric bypass surgery)
Professor BackwardsTed ForrestFor his unconventional style of play; a.k.a. “The Suicide King”, “The Hitman”, and “Spooky”
PuggyWalter PearsonFrom a childhood accident that disfigured his nose; a.k.a. “Puggy Wuggy”
RaptorDavid BenefieldFrom his AOL Instant Messenger name that he chose when he was only ten years old; a.k.a. “Bebop86” for the anime series “Cowboy Bebop”
The RazorJohn PhanWordplay on “raiser” for his sharp play (also was a fan of the Razor phone)
Robin Hood of PokerBarry GreensteinFor several years, donated all his tournament winnings to charity; since 2006 has donated his net earnings instead
The RockAndy BlochRhyme based on his generally tight play
SailorBryan RobertsServed in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War
SeiborgErik SeidelFor his calculating play; a.k.a. “Sly”
The ShadowJerry YangBecause “he was like their shadows that followed them everywhere” (bestowed by fellow players)
ShaniacShane SchlegerWordplay on his first name plus “Maniac”
The SharkHumberto BrenesFrom his shark card protector
SominexMark GregorichFor his blandness, which will knock you out like the sleeping pill
SupernovaDario MinieriFor the top status in PokerStars’ VIP program
TaxmanSteve DannenmannFrom his job as a CPA
Texas DollyDoyle BrunsonBorn and raised in Texas; “Dolly” came from Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder’s mispronunciation of “Doyle”; a.k.a. “The Godfather of Poker”
The Tiger Woods of PokerPhil IveyFor being at the top of his profession like the golfer; a.k.a. “Poison”, wordplay on his last name, and “No Home Jerome”, for his fake ID when he played underage in Atlantic City
TiltboyPhil GordonFrom his California poker group known as the Tiltboys; a.k.a. “Tallphil”
TreetopJack Straus6’6″ tall former basketball player
UnabomberPhil LaakLooks like murderer Ted Kaczynski when he wears a gray sweat jacket zipped all the way up, with the hood over his head, and sunglasses hiding his eyes
Whatta PlayerKenny SmithFor his repeated expression “what a player”, which he would yell while waving his hat whenever he won a pot
X-22Paul MagrielAs a professional backgammon player, he played a practice tournament against himself, which player X-22 won.


Good Poker Names For Online Poker

  1. In 2009, Blom was only identified by his handle yet was competing successfully at the highest online stakes. His real identity wasn’t revealed until 2011, after he had signed on with PokerStars.