Good Online Bingo Sites

Since the emergence of online gambling this millennium and the growth it continues to see year-on-year, bingo has really thrived.

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The game itself was developed in Europe, with Italy often cited as the country it was created, from the Italian lottery, Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia back in the 16th century.

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Bingo then expanded to Great Britain and the rest of Europe before spreading worldwide. In fact, the game was so popular in England, that bingo halls were being built every year between 1960-2005, following the Betting and Gaming Act 1960.

Since 2005, online bingo has taken over, much like the pattern of gambling in general. With the internet more accessible and reliable than it has ever been, mobile apps allowing players to enjoy bingo wherever they are, and more websites offering the game than ever previously, anyone who wants to play when and wherever they want, provided they are 18 or older.

On that note, there are so many sites to choose from that it could be intimidating to players who are relatively new to the online scene. So, we have made it easier for you to choose, by highlighting our five favourite bingo sites of 2020:

  1. 888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies Bingo has always been a site aimed at females, but a recent makeover has seen some growth in interest from males too. Prior to October 2020 it had been heavily pink before it was toned down.

Part of the 888 group of companies that also offer sports betting, casino and poker games, the 888 Ladies Online Bingo site has built a high reputation of its own. It is one of the older names too, which has given them time to adopt its style and offering to its established users. The couple of facelifts its had over the years confirms this.

This vendor stays fresh and current, meaning if you sign up today, we are very confident you will still be enjoying the bingo just as much in a couple of years from now. You really can’t go wrong with the number one choice on our list.


  • Deposit £10 and play with £50 bingo and games bonus
  • 2x wagering bingo; 50x wagering on games
  1. Tombola Bingo

A well-established online company that focus exclusively on bingo. The software on the Tombola Bingo site is their own propriety too, so you can be sure for a unique experience and unique games here that you won’t find anywhere else.

1000s of registered players means that there is a wide community to communicate with whilst playing your games due to the live chat window available. You will struggle to find a day or time where there aren’t a number of players to interact with in the rooms.

Tombola are also fun to follow and interact with on their social channels, which we feel has been a positive contributing factor to their popularity. But their bingo games alone get them a deserved number two spot on our list.

They are also creating new games to keep fresh and current, with no fewer than three brand new games released in 2020. On top of this, there are daily free games that change a couple of times per year


  • 200% deposit match up to £50
  1. Mecca Bingo

Real blackjack online gambling. A popular brand in Europe long before online gambling took off this millennium, Mecca Bingo still have a number of brick and mortar halls available to play in, generally aimed at the older generation.

It’s worth knowing Mecca Bingo also have an excellent website and arguably the best mobile bingo app too. In fact, their offering is so good that they make it to number three in our list.


The biggest brand over in the United Kingdom, its website is available across the world. And during the past decade its site and app have remained in our top 10, regularly in the top 5 too.

The range of bingo rooms available at Mecca is excellent, with new ones being setup all the time too. Sign-up bonuses have also been seen as a big play for this brand too.


  • Spend £10, Play with £60 + £10 in-club voucher
  • 1x wagering requirement on Bingo Bonus; 4x on Slots Bonus

Good Online Bingo Sites To Play

  1. Gala Bingo

With more than 20 bingo rooms available on their website, and an excellent mobile app to play on, you can’t go wrong with signing up to Gala Bingo.

Gala Bingo were established in the United Kingdom back in 2005 and focus exclusively on the game of probability itself.

Earlier this year the company had a bit of a rebranding with a new logo and less clutter on their site. They even introduced the character ‘Gloria’ as part of their ‘Like a Boss’ advertising campaign towards the start of the year.

Gloria plays bingo on her phone whilst playing a guitar solo with her feet too in the ads.


  • Make a first deposit and spend £5 on slots for a £10 slots bonus and 100 free spins
  • 10x on free spin wins and 20x on slot bonus
  1. Buzz Bingo

Two years ago a deal saw Gala Bingo sell its High Street halls to only retain their online presence. The new owners were required to come up with a new name. And that is when Buzz Bingo was born.

They may beknew to the game but they’re already one of the leading companies to sign up too in our opinion. It’s been a remarkable job by the team, as well as simply marketing their brand to get users on board. Excellent promotions and live streaming events are just two of the reasons to join.

Buzz Bingo also off The Voice Bingo game, which has proven to be a huge hit with their players, based around an iconic TV show.

The fun and exciting games and website appeal to both the young and older demographics.


  • Deposit and spend £5, get £15 bingo bonus + 50 bonus slot spins

With more people playing bingo online today than ever before, there are also
more bingo sites to choose from than ever before. Finding a quality bingo site
can be a very time-consuming process. It involves testing out hundreds of
different sites to check out the quality of their games, chat rooms, customer
service teams, banking options, and more. Lucky for you, we have already done
the grunt work for you.

Check out our list of recommended bingo sites, then read more about the
criteria we use to develop our list in the section below.

  • Bet365 Bingo
  • Downtown Bingo
  • William Hill Bingo

Criteria for Being One of the Best Bingo Sites

Trustworthy Reputation

If a site is not trustworthy, then it is not worth your valuable time. That’s
why we go to great lengths to make sure the sites we recommend have a solid
reputation. We start by making sure each site on our list is properly licensed.
Licensed sites are held to a higher standard than unlicensed sites, and they are
always held accountable for their actions.

Once we see that a site is properly licensed, we check to see what other
players are saying about it. We sift through hundreds of forums to make sure
there are not any major complaints out there. We always avoid recommending sites
that have a tendency of leaving their players dissatisfied or have a history of
not paying their customers in a timely manner.

We hardly ever recommend brand-new bingo sites, because they have not been
around long enough to prove that they can be trusted. Only once a bingo site has
a year or two of experience under their belt do we consider adding them to our
list. The only exception to this rule is if the new bingo site is owned and
operated by an already established company. If the new site is part of a
well-respected family of bingo sites, we might waive the 1- to 2-year screening

High-Quality Games

The best bingo sites offer a wide variety of different bingo games to choose
from. Not only do we want to see the more standard types of bingo offered, like
75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo, but we also want to see some of the
harder-to-find types of bingo, like Death Bingo or Horse Racing Bingo.
Basically, the more games they offer, the better.

Once we see what games a site offers, we actually play their games to test
for quality. We look for games that contain crisp graphics and an easy-to-use

We want to make sure a site’s games are going to provide an
exhilarating gaming experience. That’s why we avoid recommending sites that
offer games with low-resolution graphics or that are known to have issues with

Although this is not a necessity, we also like to see a site have a wide
range of entry fees for each type of game they offer. This allows players to
have some flexibility with their bankroll. If they don’t have a large bankroll,
they can pay a lower entry fee and shoot for a smaller prize. If they have a
little more wiggle room in their bankroll, then they can pay the larger entry
fee and have a chance to win a bigger prize.

Social Interaction

We realize that many people choose to play bingo for social reasons, which is
why we always check out a site’s chat options before we recommend them. We look
to make sure they offer a large chat room that is easily accessible for all
players. We even try out their chat room ourselves to see how friendly the
community is. We hope to see quality conversations taking place and experienced
chat monitors who are ready to settle any unruly disputes that come up.

Most of the sites we recommend also offer incentives to encourage their
players to use their chat features. Sometimes these incentives come in the form
of sweepstakes for special prizes. Free games, small cash awards, and entries
into exclusive tournaments are often the prizes we see given out.

Solid Customer Service Team

The best online bingo sites have a friendly customer service team that is
available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year.
Preferably, there should be multiple ways to get a hold of them. We like to see
a live chat option, a phone number, and an email address listed on their site.

We work closely with a site’s customer service team before we recommend them.
We see if they can thoroughly answer all of the questions we throw their way. We
are not only checking to make sure the customer service representatives are
knowledgeable, but we are also checking to see how long it takes to get a
response from them. We know how frustrating it can be when you are stuck waiting
hours on end just to hear back about a seemingly simple question. This is
unacceptable in our opinion. Only sites with top-notch customer service teams
make our list of recommendations.

Wide Variety of Banking Options

How you can deposit and withdraw money from your online bingo account is a
very important factor we look into when it comes to developing our list of best
bingo sites. We hope players can use all major credit cards/debit cards,
e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies. We also like to see the option of having
your funds sent to you via paper check for those who prefer the more
old-fashioned methods.

For each banking method they offer, we check to see how long it takes to
process them and what fees are associated with them. We don’t like to see
players being asked to wait more than a couple days to receive their funds, nor
do we like to see players get bombarded with hefty added fees. Sites that offer
instant withdrawals with zero added fees are ideal.

Generous Bonuses and Promotions

One thing all of our recommended sites have in common is their list of
generous bonuses. Our sites don’t just offer welcome bonuses; you are also
likely to see reload bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, birthday bonuses, email
bonuses, and more. To make our list, these bonuses have to come with reasonable
wagering requirements. Some sites even offer bonuses that come with zero
wagering requirements, although this is very rare.

Best Online Bingo Sites Usa

The sites we recommend also typically offer some kind of loyalty program that
rewards players for their continued dedication to their site. Loyalty programs
can be a great way to earn enticing prizes simply by playing the games you
normally play anyway. We prefer to see sites offer open-enrollment loyalty
programs instead of invite-only loyalty programs. This way, everyone can take
advantage of them.

The Three Types of Bingo Sites

Many people don’t realize there are three different types of bingo sites to
choose from. Each type comes with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.
What kind of site is right for one player may not be right for another. We have
outlined the different types of bingo sites below, so you can better access
which type will best meet your needs.

#1 Major Gambling Sites Offering Bingo

Many of the top online casinos have recognized how popular online bingo has
become over the years. As a result, they now offer a decent collection of bingo
games for their players to choose from. Their desire is to be a one-stop site
for all your gambling needs. They offer slot games, table games, sportsbooks,
and more.

While they offer bingo, bingo is not their main priority. Their selection of
bingo games to choose from will be slim. Don’t be surprised to see your favorite
type of bingo missing from their list. It’s also harder to find bingo-exclusive
bonuses and promotions on this type of site.

#2 Hybrid Bingo Sites

These sites are a combination of an online casino and a solo bingo site.
Their main focus is bingo, and many of their promotions are centered around
bingo. However, they also offer a solid selection of slot games. Sometimes these
sites will give away free spins for their newest slot games to encourage players
to try them out. Who doesn’t like free spins?

Hybrid sites can be a fun option for those who love to play bingo but like to
switch it up every now and again with a fun slot game. These sites aren’t viable
options for those who prefer to play table games or have access to a sportsbook,

#3 Dedicated or Solo Bingo Sites

For these sites, their only focus is bingo. Building a solid bingo community
is very important to them, so they focus heavily on their chat room features.
This site is a perfect option for those who wish to exclusively play bingo. They
will offer the widest variety of high-quality games and the most lucrative
bingo-exclusive promotions.

Don’t use this site if slot games, casino games, or a sportsbook are
important to you. You will NOT find any of those options here.


If you have never played online bingo before, then we suggest giving it
chance. We enjoy the atmosphere online bingo creates and bet you will too.
There’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciding which bingo site to play at.
Before you choose a site, you are going to want to check out the bonuses they
offer, their banking options, their customer service team, and their game
selection, among other things. You’ll also have to decide which type of bingo
site will meet your unique gaming needs.

New Online Bingo Sites

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the different sites available, because we have
done most of the research for you. Simply choose any of the options on our list
of best bingo sites and get started! What are you waiting for?