Gem Rocks Slot

The Gem Rocks slot machine is a 6×4 reel grid game introduced by the creative developers over at Yggdrasil. The Gem Rocks slot machine will have you put deep into a magical canyon where you will encounter these magnificent golem creatures.

Gem Rocks Shilo Village

Betsafe promo code. In recent days, the new slot machine Yggdrasil Gaming is breaking on e-casinos, including DublinBet, Cresus and Lucky8. This game called Gems Rocks presents a structure of 6×4 boxes with no less than 4,096 different paylines and the regular appearance of a generous stone monster.

Play Gem rocks Slot for Free. Try the online casino game totally free, No download, No Registration and No Deposit needed. Gem Rocks is now available on Yggdrasil Gaming. This engaging video slot online game, has been built for enthusiasts of online betting to enjoy and Play for Free. Gem Rocks Online Slot Date Updated:9 Sep 2019 Written by Jerico Enter the Stone Age with this cascade-style slot machine that features rocks upon rocks in a game that gives you huge chances of winning. Win any of the 4096 ways that this game lets you when you get the combinations right on your cascade.

Chain gains to free monsters

Gem Rocks is a machine with 6 reels, 4 rows and 4,096 paylines. Lines of earnings are readable as always from left to right and their large number makes it possible to find very regular combinations. Good because the avalanche mode incorporated into the game can cause the appearance of a human block that maximizes the gains.

Gem rocks slot machine

As on the slot Asgardian Stones , Gem Rocks is based on the avalanche system, which is to say that the symbols used to gain on a spin disappear to drop the symbols above and give the opportunity to chain of new combinations. The large number of paylines will tend to facilitate the flow.

Gem Rocks offers blocks of stone of different colors. You have to associate these colors with each other to find payment lines. If you manage to chain at least two winning combinations in a row, a stone monster of a certain color will appear on the reels to hit the ground and position itself as a 2×2 block. It allows to find new winning lines.

By succeeding to chain five winning combinations, a new stone monster will appear but of size 3×3 this time, which allows to touch more lines. Finally, this monster may appear a third time if you string nine consecutive wins. For his final appearance, he will measure 4×4 boxes and will be almost sure to give you a “big win”!

Gem Rocks is a dynamic slot machine from Yggdrasil Gaming featuring a game system that has been seen but is still appreciated. Accompanying the avalanche mode of stone monsters of different sizes adds interest to this mode. It will not miss more than free spins to be filled! Gem Rocks is available on PC version as well as on mobile media.

If you're lucky, you might get to experience the Drop Down wins feature, which gives you the chance to accumulate lots of wins in a row - can you do it?! There are also some cheeky Cluster symbols to look out for, plus a win all ways feature. What's not to love?!

How to play

Simply choose your coin denomination to set your bet. Happy? Good - now click SPIN and get your rockin' show on the road. Have fun!

Drop Down Wins

Ready for a party? You'll feel like dancing if you get to experience the magic of this beautiful feature! Winning symbols will disappear from the reels, and they'll be replaced by symbols that drop down from above. This will continue until no more winning combinations are formed. How many wins will YOU rack up? There's a Gem Rock meter that records how many consecutive wins you get manage to get, and it will record up to 9 wins (new consecutive wins after this point won't be recorded). Each time you min a win, the Gem Rock meter will reset.

If you manage to get 4 or more identical symbols in a square formation, they can merge into 1 symbol (though they'll still function as individual symbols). When the reels stop spinning, they can split again into 1x1 symbols. You're in for a treat!

Gem Rock Feature

The fun doesn't stop there, because if you're lucky enough to have had 2, 5 or 9 consecutive wins thanks to the Drop Down Wins feature, you'll activate the Gem Rock Feature. This involves a single Monster Rock made up of identical symbols which lands on your reels and guarantees a win! Nice. The size of the Monster Rock is determined by the number of consecutive win that summoned it, like so:

  • 2 consecutive wins = 2x2 Monster Rock
  • 5 consecutive wins = 3x3 Monster Rock
  • 9 consecutive wins = 4x4 Monster Rock

Gem Rock Clothing

Are you ready to get rocking for your gems? Then hit SPIN today at Slingo - and enjoy!

Gem Rocks Slot Machine

Return to player

Gem Rocks Slot

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.20% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.20.