Games To Earn Money Without Investment

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Earn money by playing games without investment. In this, you get plenty of mobile games, starting from trivia to action-packed game. Participate in tournaments and win a cash amount. Looking for apps where you can earn money by playing without any kind of investment, then One AD maybe your desired app. There are a few games and they are good to play. You can play them and get coins. Those coins will be automatically converted into cash in 24hrs. You can withdraw the cash into Paytm or Bank transfer. I am joining this typing work from home and I want to earn money without investment. I have good knowledge of MS-Word typing formatting of documents, Please send me details of your terms and conditions. 20 August, 2020 at 1:01 pm. I have good typing skills (English). I want to do online jobs without any investment. However, it is difficult to find an easy way to earn money online without investment. Sometimes, people get trapped by fake agencies working online. Still, there are proven methods to make money.

Let’s look at five schemes of earning BTC that can be used by almost anyone
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Is it possible to earn free Bitcoins without investing in GPU and mining rigs? Yes! You just need a bit of time and dedication. Let’s observe five schemes of earning BTC that truly work and can be used by almost anyone.

Back to 2009, when Bitcoin only appeared, we could have mined it on our PCs without problems - that’s what most modern Bitcoin millionaires did. But things have changed since then - now, mining has become a way more complicated process.

In order to earn BTC, your devices need to perform sophisticated calculating operations, and there’s no guarantee that the electricity and cooling power consumed will pay off – there are always guys with stronger graphics cards who can outperform you and snatch the precious coins from under your nose.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t become a proud owner of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency. How to earn Bitcoin without mining? Here are five simple but brilliant ideas.

Accept Bitcoin as a means of payments

Say, you’re a digital entrepreneur and have enough time and resources for establishing your own eCommerce website. Why not adding Bitcoin transfer as a payment method? This is what modern online stores and even restaurants do.

In 2010, developer Laszlo Hanyecz ordered two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins that weren’t widely known back then. Today, 10,000 Bitcoins are worth over $20 mln! Who knows, maybe the clothes or cups of latte you sell today will pay off 100-fold in the future. Bitcoin price is expected to grow, so you can regard Bitcoin payments as long-run investments.

What kind of business can you establish to earn Bitcoin for free? In fact, any kind! However, think of the target audience: these should be people who possess crypto wallet and are ready to spend their tokens. Here are the real examples of companies that accept Bitcoin.



What can you buy for BTC?

Online retail

The service allows paying for anything from furniture to laptops with BTC. Today, it accepts several major cryptocurrencies.




Expedia- hotel bookings only (but may be expanded to flights, excursions, etc).

CheapAir– flights.




You can buy gift cards for the stores that don’t accept BTC directly.



Deposit funds to your account to pay for apps, movies and games.


Gadget sale

You can order gadgets directly from this retailer.


Satellite TVand Internet services


Reeds Jewelers (brick-and-mortar stores only)


Jewelry, watches and loose diamonds.


Moving services

You can pay for transportation, but hot wallet payments are accepted only.



You can buy pizza from different restaurants (Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Dominos) paying with several major cryptocurrencies.

As you can see, the choice is wide! It’s the most evident and the most efficient way to earn Bitcoin without mining. However, it’s not free. But how to get Bitcoin without mining?

Completing tasks

Not that this way to earn free Bitcoin easily– it will take your time, if you want to make a decent sum. Some websites allow you to get BTC by performing different tasks like visiting websites, doing simple analytics, watching videos and advertisements. As soon as you get used to completing these tasks, you’ll start earning faster. Here are some websites that allow for it:

  • BitcoinGet. Watch videos, complete tasks, and some special offers. Minimum payout is 60 µBTC.

  • You can get BTC by typing captcha. There’s an interesting gambling option: you can try luck and double your winnings. Minimum payout is 0.00005460 BTC once a week. Extra BTC is given for referring friends.

  • Bitvisitor. It gives Bitcoin without investing for simply visiting websites (it can actually be left running in the background), but you’ll need to type captcha when switching from website to website. Minimum payout is 550 uBTC, which isn’t a low number.

  • QoinPro. This is the way to go for those who are good at making referrals. Just register, and you’ll automatically get 0.00000250 BTC and a bit of another crypto. A small number of coins will be transferred on your account automatically on a daily basis. The amount multiplies depending on the referrals you make– the system of referrals is seven levels deep. Minimum payout is 0.00005500 BTC.

Give BTC loans

How to earn free Bitcoin online if you already possess some amount of it? Start loaning it to other Internet users for profit – the return can be generous. In order to flourish in this field, you need to have a well-established reputation and trust. There are two ways you can do it: either lend BTC to someone you know or use peer-to-peer platforms. In order to start this kind of business, you need to exploit a Bitcoin banking model and make a deposit on a website that pays at a fixed interest rate. If the website fails to do its job and a loaner disappears with your crypto-money, you can simply lose the investment. However, in such cases, websites usually grant a full return.

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A similar way is Bitcoin trading: you also need to have some initial sum to start. However, this method is optimal for finance-savvy people who can predict currency fluctuations, have a good intuition and enough patience not to exit the game too soon.

Get Bitcoin as tips or salary

How to make money with Bitcoin without investing by doing what you love? Turn your hobby into a job. There are two ways to realize this idea. Some platforms incentify their users with BTC, for instance, Steemit: you write articles and people who read and like them can make donations in the form of Steem tokens that can be converted to any crypto coin. The scheme is simple:

1. Register an account at You will only need your email address and a phone number.

2. Make an account at

3. Create an account at

How to earn free Bitcoin then? Start publishing posts, and if readers like them, they’re likely to donate. Don’t forget to check your Steemit wallet. Don’t forget to add your Coinbase wallet to the account. Bittrex is used for coin conversion.

Earn income online without investment

Alternatively, you can earn Bitcoin free by working in companies that pay salary in BTC. Yes, such enterprises exist! Most people who get BTC this way are programmers and specialists. However, the borders are expanding, and there are more and more individuals seeking for a Bitcoin-rewarded job. Taking into account the fact that Bitcoin price is expected to rise, this can be a smart investment for the future.

Gambling & betting

How to earn Bitcoin without investing anything but your time? Gambling seems to be the easiest way, especially if compared with the above-mentioned processes.

Yes, there are websites that offer Bitcoin payments, one of the most reliable ones is mBit. However, it involves a high risk – in gambling, you can’t rely on anything but your luck.

All these strategies of playing slots may simply not work. And who knows that this or that online casino doesn’t cheat? Anyway, online Bitcoin casinos are considered to be the gambling of the future, so if you have experience of making money on virtual slots, try your luck.

How to earn Bitcoin for free if you’re good at sports analytics? Try sports betting. Predict the game results, and you’ll get rewarded with Bitcoins. In this case, you need to analyze and be a savvy sports fan – a perfect opportunity for amateurs. The most popular gambling and betting websites include:

  • BetChain

  • Fortune Jack

  • Oshi Casino

  • Nitrogen sports

  • Cloudbet

  • BetOnline Sports

  • 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Bottom line

As you see, Bitcoin mining without investment is possible: there’s a myriad of opportunities to make a virtual fortune without making bank-breaking investments and building mining rigs. So, how to decide what is a suitable method for you?

First, consider your starting budget and the time you’re ready to dedicate. If you have a pretty good capital, you can either establish an online store that accepts Bitcoins (that means you need to run your own business, which is a serious step), or try loaning Bitcoins (this initiative implies less effort, but pays off less).

Don’t have much to invest? Then you need to make money from scratch. Again, here you need to estimate the amount of effort you’re ready to sacrifice. If you’re talented in writing, translating, programming, or any other sphere, opt for writing a blog or even finding a job where the salary is paid in Bitcoins. If that’s too much for you, websites with small tasks will be the thing. Gambling and sports betting implies the minimal amount of effort, but doesn’t guarantee you stable revenue– you stay at the mercy of the chance.

Even though Bitcoin mining is rarely worth spending time and money now, it doesn’t mean you cannot get the coins. With the above-mentioned ways of earning you can get the precious currency even operating on a shoestring budget.

Are you looking for ways to earn money from home without anyinvestment? Making money from home is one of the best things that one can do,especially if you are a stay-at-home person who wants to bring in some incomewhile still raising their children. But, with so many work-at-home jobs thatrequire some fee or startup cost, what should one do when they don’t have thecash? If you want to earn money from home but you don’t have any money toinvest, no need to worry. There areseveral ways you can work from home without any investment. While some of thesejobs require skills and previous experience, many don’t. Here are ways to startimmediately.

Start freelancing

Freelancing is perhaps one of the best ways to earn fromhome. When it comes to freelancing, you provide the service for a fee with theability to work where you want and with the opportunity to earn as much as youcan. Depending on the type of jobs you will do, you can make $500 to $2000 permonth. Some of the main jobs include content writer, graphics designer, webdesigner, video testimonials, data entry, digital marketing, and more. Withdozens of popular websites and many other freelancing sites, you’ll get aplatform where you can get ready clients.

Earn through onlinesurveys

Although this may not be the best job, it’s among theeasiest and quickest ways to earn from home without any investment. However,for you to make good money, it’s very important that you join many surveysites. Before you start applying for the survey, you need to open a new emailaccount that’s specifically meant for surveys. Based on the length of thesurvey, your profile and where you live, you can earn $1 to $20

Games To Earn Money Without Investment

Become an onlinetutor

If you are good in certain subjects and you like helpingothers maybe you can become an online tutor. Due to the advancements oftechnology, you can teach others online and make money regardless of where youare.

Engage in stock andforex trading

Forex and stock trading is a very lucrative way of makingmoney from home without investment. With so many free training courses online,you can start making money as soon as you want. To become an expert in thisfield, you can watch TV channels such as CNBC or read newspapers like EconomicTimes. However, unlike other ways of making money without enough knowledgeentering this field can be a bit risky.

Look for Googleonline jobs

Google is not only one of the most respected and trustedcompanies on the internet, but you can also make money from it. Yes, you canearn from Google. The top 3 best ways of making money from Google are relatedto Google ads, YouTube, and smartphone. Since you don’t need to make anyinvestment, you can start working on these programs immediately. What’s amazingis that Google sends money to your bank account every month.


Transcription is an online job that involves listening toaudio files and typing what you hear. For you to succeed in this kind of job,you must have good grammar and typing skills. If you register with some of thebest companies, you can earn between $7 and $20 per hour.

How To Earn Money Without Investment

Become an onlineseller

Unlike the traditional form of selling, online sellingentails selling goods all over the country. There are two main ways of doingthis. You can either develop your website and sell your products from there orbecome a seller on any major shopping platforms such as Amazon, eBay,Flipchart, or Snapdeal. The good thing about this kind of selling is that youdon’t have to own the products. You just liaise with some of the big producersor wholesalers in your neighborhoods and list their products on your behalf.Once you take action, everything else becomes very easy.

Develop a course

If you are committed enough, you can turn what you know intoa course and get paid every time someone purchases or watches that it. The morecourses you make, the more money you’ll earn. Since your experience and skillsare valuable, you need to think of what you could do and make it something thatpeople can benefit from.

Engage in bloggingand affiliate marketing

Believe it or not, there are people who earn up to $2000from their blogs? Yes, this is true. If you want to earn money, then bloggingis among the best options. Once youcreate a free or paid blog, you can start earning from it. To start makingmoney, there are three important steps

• Create a blog

• Write goodcontent at least once a week

• Promote it.

One of the best ways of earning money from your blog is viaGoogle adscence. This is because every time a visitor clicks on the GoogleAdsense ads, you are paid some percentage. Besides, you can promote affiliate products and make some great income.Whether it’s part-time or full time, you can earn an excellent income.

Sell photos online

Earn Money Home Without Investment

Are you aware thatyou can take quality photos with your phone and sell online? Imagine you cantake high-quality images of places, nature, people, things, homes, dishes, andsell them online. In fact, sites such as Fotolia, Shutterstock, iStockPhotoscan accept your photos in return for some income. Whenever a customer buys anyof your photos, you are paid depending on the price that you put. The goodthing is that you can earn multiple times on the same photos.

Earn from socialmedia sites

While millions of people use social media platforms such asFacebook for chatting with friends and sharing pictures, there are others whoare actually making money. Some of the ways to make money include being paid tolike, creating pages, or even through your profile.

Earn from videoloyalties

Sites such as CNN, Associated Press, Yahoo, and othersnormally buy video licenses before they can post them on their sites, did youknow that these are just basic videos from your smartphone? If you have anyvideos that are topical, newsworthy, or interesting, you can sell it to thesesites over and over again.


Games To Earn Paytm Cash Without Investment

These are just some ideas to earn money from home withoutany investment. While learning how to make money from home without anyinvestment is a bit hard, this doesn’t imply that it cannot be done. With theseideas you can start bringing in some income without having to look for anyformal employment.