Game Theory Optimal Poker

New strategies are continually being developed around the world to try to beat the casinos.

Recently the Game Theory Optimal has become very popular among gamblers. And many believe that it is one of the best strategies to win Poker.

Daniel “Jungleman” Cates talks to Paul Phua Poker on exactly what is GTO poker and how do we play GTO effectively.

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  1. Play Optimal Poker shatters the myth that game theory is only for elite poker players. Renowned poker pro and coach Andrew Brokos takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals, explaining core game theory principles and how to apply them in real poker situations.
  2. Game Theory and Poker. John Nash developed game theory as a branch of mathematics at Princeton University around 1950. As poker has become more popular over the last 15 years or so, players have improved dramatically, to the point where it’s very difficult to consistently to beat the game without game theory knowledge in your corner.

But is Game Theory Optimal really effective?

Gto In Poker

Game theory optimal poker wiki

The Game Theory Optimal consists of the player trying to play mathematically perfect Poker; in this way, the opponents will make mistakes.

By applying Game Theory Optimal, the player is left unexploitable. So that his rivals cannot find a way to take advantage of his style of play.

In theory, it sounds pretty good, and you might believe that Game Theory Optimal puts the player in a position of control and where he will easily take advantage of his rivals.

But the truth is that it does not work that way; the Game Theory Optimal presents two disadvantages for the player.


It is a rigid system.

The Game Theory Optimal is a rigid system that does not give the player room to adapt to the situation and adjust their movements.

The strategy forces the player to repeat the same plays and patterns regardless of who his rival is or situation.

Being such a rigid system, the player cannot take advantage of clear advantages that arise in a particular situation, since he cannot deviate from the established play pattern.

It isn’t easy to learn.

The Game Theory Optimal is quite complicated to learn, remember and apply.

It is quite difficult for a player to apply everything related to Game Theory Optimal in a single poker hand.

Also, to fully master the system requires the player to study a large number of resources such as books and videos.


Poker Gto Theory

Strategies to beat the casino or improve the odds of winning a poker hand are not 100% effective.

In the case of Game Theory Optimal, this is not a bad strategy, and bettors can learn some valuable basics that they can apply to create their own style of play.

But trying to apply the strategy in its entirety is difficult. And the player may become frustrated instead of enjoying the game.