Free Online Bingo No Deposit Win Real Money

Welcome to Rocket Bingo's guide to free bingo. We set up this page to create a resource for those hoping to experience the joys that free bingo can bring, but also forewarn of some of the disappointment that may be found along the way.

Free Bingo is probably the most commonly coined phrase in the world of online bingo with just about every brand claiming to offer some variation of this highly sought after game. However, these games will generally fall into one of two categories…

Free Bingo games where you can’t win real money Free Bingo with prizes (but not cash) No Card Details Required No deposit bingo (Play for real money) Free Bingo for funded/depositing players, or VIP players Free Bingo with winnings paid as ‘bingo bonus’ Free Bingo - With a time limit! Free Bingo games where you can’t win real money. Sep 08, 2019 There are two ways you can play bingo for money no deposit required & win real money on these sites. One way you can play free is by using the signup bonus. This bonus is awarded free of cost to all new players. It’s a great way to try bingo without risking any money. 1/ Select a Reliable Bingo Online No Deposit Site. Fact is that everyone would love to win free money without spending anything. Yet, sadly this is often usually far from possible. In fact, one of the only times you might actually manage to do so is after you’ve snapped up a no deposit bingo bonus and played a game or two.

  1. You could win real money (if you're lucky).
  2. There is no potential to win real money.

However, as you'll learn here; there are many different forms of free bingo that you're going to see, recognise anything from the list below? We thought so!

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  • Free Bingo for Money No Deposit Required. Want to play free bingo games and win real cash prizes without making a deposit? Well, join any of the sites here to play bingo for real money, for absolutely free. Most of these sites let you play free that feature cash prizes or bonuses.

Free Bingo games where you can’t win real money

Free Bingo with prizes (but not cash)

No Card Details Required

No deposit bingo (Play for real money)

Free Bingo for funded/depositing players, or VIP players

Free Bingo with winnings paid as ‘bingo bonus’

Big Dollar Casino

Free Bingo - With a time limit!

Free Bingo games where you can’t win real moneyTexas holdem best hands chart.

These games are commonplace on social platforms such as Facebook, an example that springs to mind being Bingo Blitz. These games are a variation of bingo, often playing in exactly the same way, there is however one BIG difference. You won’t at any point be playing to win real money and as such these games are NOT considered gambling.

Angry Bingo

Social media platforms don’t have the monopoly on bingo games that don’t involve wagering real money. You’ll find these games on various websites and there are many brands offering this on Android and IOS platforms.

Playing free bingo games without the opportunity to win real money may sound like a total waste of time to some of you, but whilst there may be no cash up for grabs, you may still be able to compete for points and the ‘pride’ of working your way up a leaderboard!

So what’s in it for the brands offering these free bingo games? Whilst you’re not playing to win money, and you’re not actually wagering your hard-earned cash, these brands can charge you money for 'in-game' features, such as ‘power-ups’ for example. If you do make these purchases you’re doing so on the understanding that the games are strictly ‘for fun’, they’re ‘bingo for entertainment’, as opposed to bingo as gambling!

Free Bingo with prizes (but not cash)

There used to be a few sites that fell into this category, Free Bingo Land, Oh My Bingo and Bingo Port. Presently, is the only UK based free bingo site that we know of in operation.

Free Bingo sites such as FreeBingo are now rare beasts, they generally offer their players points in place of money and once a certain number of points are collected, there is some mechanism for them to be redeemed for something. The way this works is most commonly through (a) a leaderboard system where the top player gets a specific prize (not cash), or (b) a shop system where points can be redeemed for a prize (again, never cash*) of a players choice. This sort of free bingo is very popular for players since it offers the opportunity to win something without spending any money! How do these free bingo sites make money? That’s an interesting question to which the answer is invariably with great difficulty.

These brands tend to get a lot of traffic and the website owners will usually attempt to monetise that traffic by becoming affiliates and sending players to the pay to play brands. This seems like a good idea on the face of it, but when you consider the fact that players are only at the site because of the free bingo, they don’t usually have the intent to spend, therefore there will often be little money to be made as an affiliate by these businesses.

*Note, sometimes you may be able to exchange points for vouchers (Amazon, etc) or even for ‘cash’ at a pay to play online bingo site, causing confusion. The prize is never going to be actual ‘real cash’.

No Card Details Required!

Free Bingo that can be played without the requirement of card details is now about as rare as rocking horse poo. For a time we were able to offer these types of games here at Rocket Bingo, but sadly those days have passed.

Now if you're looking to play without the need for card details, your best bet is probably the likes of

No deposit bingo (real money)

Thanks to a recent tax that hit the gambling industry (targeting free money), we’re actually seeing less of these offers, but they still crop up from time to time and almost always cause more frustration than joy to customers who are trying to play free bingo for real money.

The setup is usually as follows: A bingo site will offer a snazzy looking welcome package offering ‘no deposit bingo’. In these games, the tickets tend not to be ‘free’ but effectively, without making a deposit you’re allowed a certain amount of credit to purchase tickets. Sounds fair so far?

Slots Of Vegas Casino

Unfortunately, as with most things, the devil here is lurking in the detail - in this case within the terms and conditions…Don’t be surprised if you can only purchase a certain number of tickets, or if you can only access certain rooms to purchase tickets or even if you can only win a certain amount with them! These are just a couple of a plethora of ‘tricks’ involved, others involve winnings being paid in ‘bonus cash’ (almost always a disappointment when compared to the real stuff) which may not be withdrawable. Sometimes you’ll find this ‘money’ can be converted into real money but often with a really poor ‘exchange rate’.

Most likely though, if you amass a significant balance from a no deposit welcome offer, you’ll probably come face to face with a withdrawal limit. This will require you to wager a certain amount before making a withdrawal, often the requisite amount will be ludicrously high, sometimes unattainable without making an actual deposit - something of a buzz kill! You get the picture, no deposit real money bingo is nearly always a waste of your time.

Free Bingo for funded/depositing players, or VIP players

When placed next to the typical ‘real money no deposit deal’ we see, this variation of free bingo actually seems quite a straightforward proposition.

Brands offering these sorts of games will require a player to have made a deposit at some time in the past. This seems pretty straightforward and it sometimes is, but as with everything there's room for caveats..

Very often a brand will require a deposit to be made within a period of time, such as within 7 days or in some cases, within 24 hours. The networked free bingo games on this site fall into the category of requiring a player to have made a deposit within 7 days.

Bingo sites that offer only this sort of free bingo are stretching it a bit in our opinion to call themselves free bingo sites. The truth is they’re using free bingo as a tool to incentivise spending real money.

Sites offering this sort of ‘free’ bingo are not doing anything wrong, the bingo games they offer can be played for free, but in order to access them, you’re going to have to part with some cash, meaning that when all is said and done, the experience will cost you (unless you win). In other words, these games are 'conditional' free bingo!

Sometimes you’ll also find brands that offer certain free bingo games to VIP players only, generally to be a VIP you need to be a regular spender and these games can be offered a perk to such players to reward their loyalty.

Free Bingo with winnings paid as ‘bingo bonus’

Free Online Bingo No Deposit Win Real Money Glitch

We touched on this above.Put simply, ‘bingo bonus’, ‘bonus cash’ or ‘bonus money’ currencies are always (to our knowledge) disappointing compared to ‘real money’, i.e. the sort that has the Queen's head plastered on it.

Unfortunately, though it’s extremely commonplace to find games which pay in bingo bonus. There is no standard way of determining the value of this currency but you can bet your nelly that it’s going to cash in at less than, you guessed it, real cash.

32Red Bingo

Bingo brands love this bonus currency because it allows them to set the value and take control over what they’re actually giving away. Sometimes the bonus currency can be used to play real money bingo games which is great, but it may not be plain sailing thanks to the withdrawal requirements that the site may have in store for you.

Free Bingo - With a time limit!

Free Online Bingo No Deposit Win Real Cash

To wrap things up with a final point of warning and to make sense of the subheading, we suggest you don’t overdo it when you do find a site offering free bingo.

We don’t mean because you’ll find yourself becoming an anti-social recluse, a good enough reason in itself, but on a serious note we’ve heard that there are brands out there which will literally limit the amount of free bingo games you can play on a given day or within a given month - break this rule and you could find your account closed, the harshest penalty available!

Overall, when it comes to free bingo, we definitely suggest caution. Check the terms of the site you’re playing at very carefully prior to jumping in and don’t be surprised if it all turns out to be too good to be true. With experience, you’ll come to realise that there are very few places offering free bingo that’s worth your time, especially when it comes to free games that pay real money.

If you feel like you'd like to experience the thrill of playing for real money here at Rocket Bingo, then why not check out our 500+ slot and bingo games and take some of them for a spin with our quick and easy pay by mobile method?