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Scatter Gun is a popular Betfair football trading strategy, which is based on Correct Score market. Basically, in this strategy you are backing 3 Correct Scores: 1-1, 1-2, 2-1. So, You will have to look for an evenly matched games where both teams are predicted to score a goal. When used selectively, this great strategy can be a real boon to your betting bank. Dutching is the ability to back 2 or more outcomes and profit if they win. This was a favoured method of betting for Al Capone’s book-keeper, ‘Dutch’ Schultz, when he fancied a flutter. Dutching Dutching is a risk-free method of matched betting, betting on all available outcomes, using separate bookmakers and not using any betting exchange. In this guide I will be explaining how Dutching can be be used to find arbitrage betting opportunities (arbing) with very little effort and no new skills needing to be learnt.

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What is Dutch Betting.

According to Wikipedia

Dutching is sharing the risk of losing across a number of runners by backing more than one selection in a race or event. One needs to calculate the correct stake to place on each selection so that the return is the same if any of them wins.

Although not foolproof, there have been successful bettors throughout history who have applied this system.

The strategy can pay dividends when successfully reduce the potential winners of an event to a select few from the field.

We know around the world the favourite wins around 30 to 35% of all races, followed by 2nd Fav at 21%, and 3rd fav at 14.5% so these three horses win 68.5% of all races.

Now of course in some races the fav will be too short to dutch and they also have a higher win percentage rate, so our 68.5% is skewed abit, however we know the top 3 in the betting are well worth dutching, if the fave is at odds of 2.50 or better.

Why 2.50, because it stops the invest of the dutch from being too high. And if you lose the dutch, your loses can climb fast.

Dutching can also be used to reduce the price of the commission you would pay at a betting exchange by dutching at two bookmakers (normally Asian style) instead

The Creator of the Dutch Betting Method.

It is thought the strategy behind Dutching was originally conceived and employed by Arthur Flegenheimer (also known as Dutch Schultz) alongside various rackets he had running at the racetrack. The system has since taken his name.

For more on this man it makes great reading and has infact become a few movies.

Several actors have portrayed Dutch Schultz in film and television: Vic Morrow in Portrait of a Mobster (1961), Vincent Gardenia in Mad Dog Coll (1961), James Remar in The Cotton Club (1984), Dustin Hoffman in Billy Bathgate (1991), and Tim Roth in Hoodlum (1997).

On television, in the 1959 The Untouchables episode 'The Dutch Schultz Story', Schultz was played by Lawrence Dobkin. In the 1993-1994 series The Untouchables, he was portrayed by Si Osborne in the 1993 episode 'Attack on New York'

He was 34 years old when he died from complications of a gunshot wound.

Though he was estimated to be worth $7 million when he died, no trace of the money was ever found.

That's the history lesson, now how can you benefit from this very popular approach?

Whether it is racing (horses and dogs) of sports dutch methods can be a great betting tool.

In football Correct Score is often a great market to use dutching.

Let's look at this Liverpool V Man U match.

Liverpool is hot fav (record winning streak). In Match Odds playing 1.42 to win.

You can do a dutch bet on the Correct Score Market and get 2.15 odds.

And all you are doing differently is that you are not allowing for Liverpool to score 3 goals, more is OK.

So how do you do that?

With the dutch bet of 4 outcomes. 1-0, 2-0, and 2-1 and Any other home score winning.

We put 10 as our profit target, and we can cover all four scenero, for 10.65, to make the 10.00 profit less commission.

So that is much better than 1.42 ( 42% profit) as opposed to 1.93( 93% profit), all we are risking differently is that the score can not be Liverpool winning with a score of 3-1, 3-0, or 3-2. And of course they have to win.


We get the win, and by doing the Dutch on the correct score we pick up the extra £5.00 profit, for the similar outlay.

That is just one way.

Horses and Dogs, are perfect to dutch.

This software allows you to bet on multiple horses and dogs for a set return.

Plus it will tell you if the dutch percentage is too high, and not to bet it.

The first two horses in the betting (1st and 2nd fav) win over 50% of the races, so dutching these two if you can get the prices right would be a great attack plan.

Once you start using this web based software you fine more ways to use it.

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