Draftkings Withdrawal Policy

The Withdrawal Policy covers the following areas:

  1. Draftkings Withdrawal Policy Definition
  2. Draftkings Withdrawal Hold
  3. Draftkings Withdrawal Policy Rules

Circumstances of Withdrawal

Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course

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  • Right of Withdrawal.

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Draftkings Withdrawal Policy Definition

GIGIS will notify the student within three (3) working days upon the knowledge of any of the following:

  • It does not commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date;
  • It terminates the Course before the Course Commencement Date;
  • It does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;
  • It terminates the Course before the Course Completion Date;
  • It has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation stated in Schedule A within any stipulated timeline set by CPE; or
  • The Student’s Pass application is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

GIGIS will provide the Student with alternative course arrangement within seven (7) working days of notifying the Student in writing of the above circumstances that will allow the Student to make a timely and appropriate decision on the alternative arrangements.

Draftkings Withdrawal Hold

Withdrawal due to other reasons

If the Student withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those stated in Clause 2.1 of the standard student contract version 3.1, request for withdrawal must reach the school office at least 2 months before the effective date of withdrawal through official withdrawal form given in the School office.

Withdrawal during cooling off period


Crazy fruit slots. If the Student submits the notice of withdrawal to the School within the cooling-off period of seven (7) days after signing of the contract by both the parties, GIGIS will process the withdrawal within seven (7) working days if the application is through the official withdrawal form with all necessary details.

Withdrawal Procedure

Draftkings Withdrawal Policy Rules

  • All requests for TC or withdrawal must reach the office at least 2 months before the effective date of withdrawal by filling in the form provided by school in its office, failing which two months’ fees will be remitted to the school.
  • The notice of withdrawal is not deemed to be given until written confirmation has been received, and acknowledged by the admission office staff.
    Withdrawal formalities will be completed by the school only upon fulfilment of condition that include the return of school property and any payment of dues.
  • Upon withdrawal, the school will issue a Transfer Certificate to the student and it serves as a formal intimation that the student has officially withdrawn from school.
  • Withdrawal notice given by the parent/student can be cancelled before the end of two months or before collection of TC.
    If the student is below 18 years of age, the parent or guardian’s approval for the withdrawal will be required.
  • For withdrawals, the service target is to complete the process (including assessing and replying to student’s request, change of status of student’s pass, refund made) within 7 working days.
  • Prospective students/ parents of students are briefed on the withdrawal policy during pre-course counselling and are deemed to have read this Student Handbook before the course starts.
  • The pre-counselling checklist requires that students/ parents of students acknowledge that the withdrawal policy, and the implications of a withdrawal have been explained to them.