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Devil Dice released in 1998 is a Puzzle game published by THQ SCEI developed by Shift for the platforms PlayStation PlayStation Network. Favorite Add to Favorites Devil Dice is a unique puzzle game, where the player controls a small devil that runs around a grid covered in large dice.

We're beginning to see a trend of puzzle games straying away from the traditional colorful-cascading-blocks formula. Like Intelligent Qube (also on the PlayStation), Devil Dice is a simple yet challenging wonder, and it is revolutionary in its own little way.

  1. ‎Fun & relaxing and easy to play. Similar to match 3 games but with a new style of gameplay. Match the dice and score high points! 4 Game modes: Classic, Timed, Solitude & Frantic. 36+ Achievements to unlock! Game Center™ leaderboards!
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The concept is easy: push or flip dice around the playing field to line up matching numbers in a way simitar to dominos or Shanghai. The number of dice needed for a match equals the face value. For example, you can put together two 2's for four points (2 x 2), but if you want to piece together 6's, you have to put six of them together (giving you 6 x 6 = 36 points). But for us puzzle-combo freaks who like to show off, you can do a match and then connect more dice for score multipliers. So after you touch six 6's together, you have a few seconds to add more 6's to the mix, increasing your score dramatically. Cached.

Devil Dice supports several modes, including Trial (keep going to see how high a score you can get), Puzzle (make predetermined matches within a given number of moves), Battle (first player to score four different matches wins), and War (one to five players start with loo points--every time you score, you knock your opponents' points down).

The game sounds obscenely simple, but believe us, Devil Dice is much harder than it looks. Luckily, the disc includes helpful tutorials, hints and strategies. If you're looking for a game that's easy to learn, but will take a loooonnng time to master, you may want to give Devil Dice a roll.

  • THEME - Puzzle

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Overall rating: 8.5