Dan Bilzerian Before Famous

Dan Bilzerian - Before They Were Famous. Browse more videos. Dan Bilzerian - Before They Were Famous. Dan Bilzerian was born on 7 December 1980 in Tampa, Florida, the United States as Dan Brandom Bilzerian. He holds both American and Armenian nationality and was born under the Sagittarius birth sign. He is a was raised along with his sibling brother Adam Bilzerian by his father Paul Bilzerian and mother Terri Steffen. Dan Bilzerian the king of Instagram as declared by his 20+ million followers (And 20,000 every day adding to that list) has been the talk of everyone’s conversation lately. That’s quite simple he’s a playboy and by profession a poker player! Yes, that’s indeed an occupation that pays for a living, especially a living that he leads. Garden party slot machines.

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Dan Bilzerian is a self-made celebrity and millionaire, but how did he get there? Here is Dan Bilzerian before he was famous.

Dan Bilzerian Before They Were Famous

Dan Bilzerian is best known for his lavish and over the top lifestyle and social media presence. He is also known for playing huge numbers in poker gambling, has a taste for military weapons and is always surrounded by the most stunning models.

Dan Bilzerian grew up in an 11-bedroom house, which was claimed to be half the size of Buckingham Palace, with an indoor basketball court to share with his younger brother. Dan Bilzerian's father made his fortune in the stock market trade, but also was sentenced to jail when Dan was just a high school kid. Dan Bilzerian explains that he didn't get a lot of attention as a kid growing up, but started his lifestyle choices back then in eighth grade already as he explains how he lost his virginity to a Mexican prostitute. Dan had a difficult time in school, with his classmates teasing him about his father being in jail. That turned him quite rebellious, he was expelled from two schools in one year, thereafter he found himself in a military school.

Dan's family moved to Utah when his father bought a new company while out on parol. Dan Bilzerian left the military school and joined the University of Florida, but it was his side hobbies that landed him in the position he is in today. Dan's Brother, Adam Bilzerian, taught him all the tips and tricks in poker. Over the following years, Dan Bilzerian had some ups and downs, in the poker game, at one point he even lost all his money. But, with persistence and patience, he continued to play and at times was incredibly successful, he even boasted about making $10.8 Million in just one night.

Soon thereafter, Dan Bilzerian took to Instagram to show off what he thought was cool in his lifestyle, such as military equipment, narcotics, parties, models and gyming. He gained millions of followers in a relatively short period of time and is still really successful and growing steadly.

Dan Bilzerian Before Famous

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Before They Were Famous, on the one and only, Dan Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian Before He Was Famous

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