College Football Teaser Picks

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Aug 31, 2016 The Temple Owls (10-4 SU, 9-5 ATS) are the easy teaser pick in this Week 1 affair mostly because they’re superior to the Black Knights in all three phases of the game! Temple averaged a respectable 29.7 points per game in 2015 (60th) while allowing just 20.0 points per game defensively to finish a stellar 17th nationally. College Football Picks & NCAA Football Predictions Picks and Parlays hits the gridiron hard and provides college football picks and predictions for every game on the card each week. Our talented team gives you expert picks on NCAA Football from opening night in August through the bowl season and CFP National Championship game in January.

So before we get into the strategy for making College Football Teaser bets, let’s break down what they are, exactly.

Teasers are a type of Parlay bet where the lines are moved in your favor.

Teaser low total games is logical, and may well be +EV in the long run. The exceptional results highlighted above are probably well-padded by variance though. A Better Method for College Teasers. If you really want to beat college football teasers, then a better method for the favorites is to remove vig from the moneyline. Teasers are another way to make money when betting College Football and there are many different type of teasers to bet. Let’s take a look at the best teaser bets for Saturday. 4 Team 6 Point Teaser: Baylor +4.5 / Oklahoma State -15.5 / Texas Tech +8.5 / North Dakota State -17 (+260) Get Our Experts BEST BETS For All Of The Games CLICK HERE.

In exchange for the sportsbook helping you by shifting the lines, the payout odds are going to be lessened.

You can make Teaser bets on either the point spread or on the Total, also known as the “Over/Under”, lines.

For our examples in this video, we’re going to be focused mainly on Point Spread Teasers.

Since this is a type of Parlay wager, that means you’ll be betting on multiple games as part of a single wager.

If you need to brush up on Parlay betting,you can find a link to our How-To guide on that in the description below.

You can also check out our guide to placing NFL Teaser bets by clicking on that link in the description.

While college football teaser betting offers a different strategy, we recommend watching the NFL guide video prior to watching this one.

The main idea of basic teaser strategy is to place teasers that go from a loss to a win on point spreads, which in the NFL means fully crossing 3 and 7 at the best odds possible.

While that works for the NFL, it’s not the same for college football.

In the NFL, the margin of victory for a large percentage of games ends up somewhere between 3 and 7 points.

The reason that that concept doesn’t work for college football Teasers is simply because the 3-to-7 point margin of victory is only about two-thirds as common in college games as it is in the NFL.

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So how do we adjust? When our experts did some data mining, they discovered that two similar, but different subsets seem to work.

The first subset is betting underdogs that are in the +1.5 to +2.

5 range, where the betting total is LESS THAN 47.5.

The second subset is betting favorites that are in the -7.5 to -8.

5 range, where the betting total is LESS THAN 47.5.

The difference here is key, as it’s the addition of a Totals cap that helps make the increase in cover rate potentially profitable.

The idea is that games with a lower amount of projected scoring may be less volatile with margin of victory.

We do want to point out that data mining like was used to create those subsets can be dangerous when it’s taken as a sure-thing.

The sample sizes used to determine these numbers are not and can not be big enough to avoid potentially large swings based on year-to-year results and statistics.

There is an entire section of our article on College Football Teasers dedicated to this on our website that I’d recommend checking out, and the link to that is in the description.

If you really want to beat college football teasers, then a better method for the favorites starts with removing vig from the money line.

There is going to be a significant amount of math involved here, and a lot of numbers, so feel free to pause, rewind, and review if you need to.

There’s a no-vig calculator on our website that we’ll be using to help with calculating the no-vig odds.

Let’s use a hypothetical game between Ohio State and Michigan as an example.

Here, OSU is favored to win by 8 points, with each team at the standard -110 odds.

The moneyline, meanwhile, show the Buckeyesat -310 and the Wolverines at +280.

College Football Teaser Picks

Using our no-vig calculator, we find thatthe no-vig moneyline is -287.27, which has a no-vig win probability of 74.18%.

That tells us that the market is giving OhioState a 74.18% chance of winning.

… From here, we look back to the point spread.

Ohio State’s spread was -8, so in our 6-pointteaser, we’d have them at -2.Our database shows about a 2.5% push ratein college football on a -1 spread, and a 1.8% push rate on a -2 spread.

Since we’d lose on a 1-point result, andwe’d push on a 2-point result, we have to subtract the 2.5, and half of the 1.8, fromOhio State’s market odds of winning.

That leaves us with a cover rate of 71.59%.

So what do you do with that number? Well, in that example, teasing Ohio State in a 3-team, 6-point, +180 teaser is considered “+EV”, while teasing them in a 2-team,6-point, -110 teaser is “-EV”.

College Football Teaser Picks Predictions

Why? Because in order to break even long-term,you need a 70.

95% success rate on 3-team, 6-point teasers at +180, and Ohio State’s71.59% is better than that.

However, for a 2-team, 6-point teaser at -110,you need a success rate of 72.37% to break even, and the Buckeyes fall short in that regard.

Betting on Teasers is a pretty advanced technique,and you should make sure you fully understand them before attempting to place your first Teaser wagers.

Make sure to read our articles on “NFL Teasers”and “College Football Teasers”, as well, for more information so you can have the best and most-thorough understanding possible before heading to your sportsbook or online betting site.

What Are Our College Football Best Bets

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Alongside our expert analysis, our handicappers will post their prediction for every game including picks on the over/under market, Against the Spread and Moneyline picks. Each of our selections across Pickswise is given a confidence rating ranging from 1 to 3 stars, with 3 stars being the most confident, 1 the least.

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College Football Best Bets Today

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What Is The Best Site To Wager On Your College Football Best Bets Today

There are many ways in which you can wager on our college football best bets today, with all major sportsbooks all vying to offer the most competitive odds. As with any sports wagering you do, you must compare odds and markets to seek out the best value with all of our college football best bets.

College Football Teaser Picks 2019

With all of our College Football picks and predictions, including our college football best bets, and College Football Parlays, we post the best odds and the sportsbook offering those odds next to our selections.

With the volatility of sports odds, these can change quickly, so be sure to check before you wager. An extra point on the spread can be the difference between winning and losing, and why bet the moneyline at +250 when you can get +350 elsewhere.

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College Football Teaser Picks

Best College Football Bets This Weekend

With so many college football games scheduled across the conferences each weekend, you simply can’t bet on them all. Our college football best bets this weekend are just that, our best bets across this weekend’s college football games.

All of our best bets are posted during the week to allow you to take in and breakdown our analysis and best bets, before deciding whether you agree, and want to place a wager.

Posting our best college football bets This Weekend also gives you more time to shop the odds, and in all likelihood, ensure you get the best odds, on our best bets.

College Football Teaser Picks Against

Best Bets Against The Spread College Football

The most popular college football bet is betting against the spread (ATS). Against the spread betting isn’t about picking a winner of the game, it’s about picking the team who will cover the spread, a line set by sportsbooks. Let’s say you bet your money that Team A covers the spread (wins by a certain amount of points), Michigan -8.5 for example. Or that Team B will cover the spread (keep the game closer than oddsmakers expect), Penn State +8.5. If Michigan beat Penn State 30-27, then Penn State covers the spread, and underdog backers are cashing tickets with +8.5 on Penn State. Whereas if Michigan wins 30-20, more than 8.5 they cover the spread and favorite backers are cashing tickets.

Against the spread betting is extremely popular in football and that’s one of the main reasons why it’s one of our most popular College Football Picks and Predictions on-site and is very often included in our college football best bets each weekend.