Choctaw Bingo Hall

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Choctaw Bingo Hall

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Clayfoster4591's shared video file. Established in 1987, Choctaw Bingo is one of the premiere high-stake bingo halls and recreational facilities in the United States. It features a more than 750-seat facility, video projection screens. Durant, Oklahoma: 14) Choctaw Bingo: 3735 Choctaw Road Durant, OK 74702 (580) 924-7478: 15) Elks Lodge: Highway 70 West & Gates Ave Durant, OK 74702.

An artist rendering shows the more-than-$500 million expansion of the Choctaw Casino & Resort. The Nation anticipates it will open in the Spring of 2021 and will generate 1,000 more jobs.

On April 25 the Choctaw Nation broke ground on its largest project to date. Now on its third expansion of the Casino & Resort in Durant since 2006, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is not only breaking ground, but also breaking records with this latest growth spurt.

The number of hotel rooms will increase by 1,000, giving the casino and resort a total of more than 1,600 rooms, making it the largest hotel room count in the state.

Chief Gary Batton said, “Today is a special day for the Choctaw Nation as we embark upon an expansion journey that will result in a top-tier entertainment offering for our region and will spur economic growth for Durant and our state, plus new employment opportunities for our tribal and community members.”

Along with more rooms, the more-than-$500 million expansion will also bring an expanded game floor, new pools with a lazy river, larger parking garage, retail space, entertainment options and dining venues making the casino and resort a true destination.

Choctaw Bingo Hall Bingo

“The expansion will go a long way in meeting the demands of our growing customer base,” said Batton.

Choctaw Bingo Hall Game

The groundbreaking ceremony wasn’t all talk about potential new customers and their revenue stream.

Janie Dillard, senior executive officer of the commerce division, had praises to share all around, especially for the team that helped put the expansion efforts together, saying, “You do not do this with one person, you do it with a team of people.” Dillard went on to show appreciation to Chief Gary Batton, Assistant Chief Jack Austin Jr. and the tribal council for the trust and confidence they put in the team that put the expansion together.

The Choctaw Nation opened its first high-stakes bingo hall in 1987 on the same 55 acres the casino currently sits on. Dillard was emotional when speaking about the expansion project and the casino’s history. “I was here when we had 100 employees and we were broke. When
we made the first million dollars we thought..this is awesome. That’s [the bingo hall] the little house that made us,” said Dillard.

From the time the original bingo hall started making those large profits, the Nation has used that money to help its members. Each of the expansion projects and all of the other Choctaw businesses have been able to add to the offerings of the Nation. That money has helped many people.

“It helps to put more kids through college and build more hospitals. Our tribal members are our shareholders,” said Dillard.

The additional opportunities and resources that the expansion will bring to the area were not far from Batton’s mind either.

“To me it’s about the creation of jobs and opportunities for our tribal members and the community. They say the rising tide raises all ships so that’s what we’re going to do,” said Batton.

The Nation anticipates the expansion will open in Spring 2021 and will generate 1,000 more jobs for tribal and community members.

Biskinik June 2019

Choctaw Bingo Halloween

Bingo Halls (In the Oklahoma bingo listings, day and time of play, type of games, facilities etc., if shown, are indicative and may change. Phone before you go. Listings that don't show when 'Submitted' are old pre-2001 listings. Please note: We rely on the bingo hall owner/administrator to report changes and closures, and we receive feedback from visitors, which is helpful and very much appreciated.)

  • Ada
    ~ Ada Gaming Center,1500 N Country Club,Ada, Oklahoma 74820-1862,USA. Game play: Casino open 10:00 am to 7:30 am-Bingo-Tue-Fri & Sat-7:30 Simulcast horse wagering open daily 11:00Phone: (580) 436-3740
    ~ Ada Travel Stop,201 Latta Road,Ada, Oklahoma 74820,USA. Game play: Casino Open 9:00 am to 7:00 amPhone: (580) 310-0900
    ~ American Legion #72,4015 N Broadway,Ada, Oklahoma 74821,USA. Game play: Bingo 7:30 pmPhone: (580) 436-1666
  • Afton
    ~ American Legion,201 SW 1st St, Afton, Oklahoma,USA. Game play: Mon-7:00Phone: (918) 257-4352
  • Altus
    ~ Bingo Oasis,Racetrack Rd & Hwy 283,Altus, Oklahoma 73521,USA. Game play: Mon-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-5:00 pmPhone: (580) 482-4646
    ~ VFW,500 N Veterans Dr,Altus, Oklahoma 73522-0511,USA. Game play: Mon-Wed-Fri-7:00Phone: (580) 477-3345
  • Alva
    ~ Moose,302 7th St,Alva, Oklahoma 73717-0145,USA. Game play: Mon-7:00Phone: (580) 327-1359
  • Anadarko
    ~ Delaware Tribal Games,Highway 281, Anadarko, Oklahoma,USA. Game play: Casino Open 12:00 pm to 2:00 am Bingo- Wed thru Sat-6:00Phone: (405) 247-6979
  • Antlers
    ~ VFW,N High St,Antlers, Oklahoma 74523-0826,USA. Game play: Thu-6:30Phone: (580) 298-5496
  • Ardmore
    ~ American Legion,301 N Washington,Ardmore, Oklahoma 73402-0052,USA. Game play: Thu-6:45Phone: (580) 223-3404
    ~ Ardmore Gaming Center,1410 Sam Noble Parkway,Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401,USA. Game play: Casino Open 9:00 am to 7:00 amPhone: (580) 223-2281
    ~ VFW,945 10th Southeast,Ardmore, Oklahoma 73402-1204,USA. Game play: Fri-5:30Phone: (580) 223-5929
  • Atoka
    ~ DAV #60,203 East 1st Street,Atoka, Oklahoma 74525-0637,USA. Game play: Mon-6:00Phone: (580) 889-6104
    ~ Elks,Highway 7 W,Atoka, Oklahoma 74525-0425,USA. Game play: Thu-7:00Phone: (580) 889-7211
  • Bartlesville
    ~ American Legion,501 Northeast Washington Blvd,Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74006-3105,USA. Game play: Tue & Thu-6:30Phone: (918) 333-1105
    ~ Eagles,110 West 2nd Street,Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003-2603,USA. Game play: Mon-Fri-Sat-6:30Phone: (918) 336-9702
  • Blackwell
    ~ VFW,1006 W Ferguson Ave,Blackwell, Oklahoma 74631-0312,USA. Game play: Sat-6:00Phone: (580) 363-0375
  • Bristow
    ~ Bristow Indian Casino,121 West Lincoln,Bristow, Oklahoma 74010-0955,USA. Game play: Casino Open Mon thru Sat-2:00 pm to 12:00 am Bingo- Mon-Thu-Fri-6:30Phone: (918) 367-9168
  • Catoosa
    ~ Cherokee Casino, I-44 & 193rd E Ave., Catoosa, Oklahoma, OK 74015, USA. Playtime: Doors Open Daily at 11:00am, Phone: (800) 760-6700, URL:,
    [Submitted December 2002 ]
    ~ Cherokee Nation Bingo,19105 East Timbercrest Circle,Catoosa, Oklahoma 74015,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours-Bingo- 7 days, Phone: (800) 760-6700
  • Chandler
    ~ American Legion,808 Legion,Chandler, Oklahoma 74834-0005,USA. Game play: Wed-6:30Phone: (405) 258-0149
  • Checotah
    ~ Checotah Indian Bingo,830 N Broadway Street,Checotah, Oklahoma 74426,USA. Game play: Casino Open 11:00 am to 1:00 am Bingo-Tue thru Sat-7:00Phone: (918) 473-5200
  • Claremore
    ~ American Legion,1495 North Highway 88,Claremore, Oklahoma 74017-2247,USA. Game play: Mon-7:00Phone: (918) 341-1330
    ~ Chelsea American Legion Post 60, 5th and Owalla next to skating rink, Claremore, Oklahoma 74017, USA. Phone: 918-341-2146, Hotline: 918-543-8269, Contact name: Retha Jones, Playtime: Fri & Sat 6:00 p.m., Disabled facilities: ramp and restroom
    Remarks: Payouts $150.00 pack games, $200.00 double action, $25.00 & $50.00 mini's, Bonanza, $50.00 top, $50.00 Bottom, $200.00 Bon Blackout.
    [Submitted September 2009 ]
    ~ VFW,1717 W Dupont St,Claremore, Oklahoma 74017-5018,USA. Game play: Tue-6:00Phone: (918) 342-5730
  • Clearview
    ~ Thlopthlocco Tribal Town,227 S Highway 40,Clearview, Oklahoma 74859-0706,USA. Game play: Wed thru Sun-6:00Phone: (918) 623-2620
  • Clinton
    ~ VFW,911 E Gary Blvd,Clinton, Oklahoma 73601-0131,USA. Game play: Mon-Thu-Fri-Sat-6:30Phone: (580) 323-5439
  • Concho
    ~ Lucky Star Casino,7777 N Hwy 81,Concho, Oklahoma 73022,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours Bingo- Mon thru Sun-7:00 Sat-1:00 & 7:00Phone: (405) 262-7612
  • Crescent
    ~ VFW,1/2 Mile North of Crescent,Crescent, Oklahoma 73028-0192,USA. Game play: Mon-7:00Phone: (405) 969-9493
  • Cushing
    ~ Elks,Hwy 33,Cushing, Oklahoma 74023-1712,USA. Game play: Mon & Thu-6:30Phone: (918) 225-0111
    ~ VFW,East Hwy 33,Cushing, Oklahoma 74023-0011,USA. Game play: Wed-Fri-Sat-6:30Phone: (918) 225-5878
  • Davis
    ~ Davis Gaming Center,Interstate 35 & Hwy 7,Davis, Oklahoma 73030,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hoursPhone: (580) 369-5360
  • Dewey
    ~ VFW,310 E Don Tyler Ave,Dewey, Oklahoma 74029-2314,USA. Game play: Mon & Wed-6:30Phone: (918) 534-0413
  • Duncan
    ~ Moose,1712 W Seminole Rd,Duncan, Oklahoma 73534-0638,USA. Game play: Thu & Sat-7:00Phone: (580) 255-1001
    ~ VFW,2012 N Hwy 81,Duncan, Oklahoma 73534-0651,USA. Game play: Tue & Fri-6:30Phone: (580) 255-9935
  • Dunkin
    ~ Marlow Gaming Center,Route 3,Dunkin, Oklahoma 73533,USA. Game play: Casino Open 9:00 am to 7:00 amPhone: (580) 225-1668
  • Durant
    ~ Choctaw Bingo, 3735 Choctaw Road, Durant, Oklahoma 74702, USA. Phone: 580-924-7478
    [Submitted September 2003 ]
    ~ Elks Lodge,Highway 70 West & Gates Ave,Durant, Oklahoma 74702-0277,USA. Game play: Mon-6:00Phone: (580) 924-7478
  • Edmond
    ~ Elks,Waterloo Road,Edmond, Oklahoma 73083-1825,USA. Game play: Wed-6:00Phone: (405) 348-8252
  • El Reno
    ~ Reno Bingo,1619 East Highway 66,El Reno, Oklahoma 73189-0994,USA. Game play: Mon Thru Sat-5:30Phone: (405) 262-9256
  • Elk City
    ~ American Legion,1919 South Washington Ave,Elk City, Oklahoma 73644-9256,USA. Game play: Thur & Fri-7:00 pmPhone: (580) 225-9851
    ~ DAV,209 N Main St,Elk City, Oklahoma 73644-4753,USA. Game play: Mon & Tue-7:00Phone: (580) 243-1356
    ~ VFW,3669 Garrett,Elk City, Oklahoma 73648-2288,USA. Game play: Wed & Sat-7:00Phone: (580) 225-5250
  • Enid
    ~ American Legion,121 West Oak,Enid, Oklahoma 73702-1123,USA. Game play: Thu-7:00Phone: (580) 233-6414
    ~ Moose,302 East Purdue Ave,Enid, Oklahoma 73701-8808,USA. Game play: Mon & Wed-7:15Phone: (580) 237-7779
    ~ Palace Bingo,2101 N Van Buren,Enid, Oklahoma 73703-2524,USA. Game play: Tue thru Sat-5:30 7:45 & 10:00pmPhone: (580) 242-0700
    ~ VFW,621 N Independence,Enid, Oklahoma 73701-3162,USA. Game play: Tue-7:00 Sat-1:30 & 6:00Phone: (580) 237-5240
  • Eufaula
    ~ Eufaula Indian Bingo,806 W Forest Ave,Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432-3249,USA. Game play: Bingo-Fri thru Mon-6:00Phone: (918) 689-9191
  • Glencoe
    ~ VFW #1843,S of City,Glencoe, Oklahoma 74032-0028,USA. Game play: Thu & Sat-7:30Phone: (580) 669-2740
  • Grove
    ~ Moose,Southwest of City,Grove, Oklahoma 74345-0010,USA. Game play: Wed-6:30Phone: (918) 786-3475
    ~ Seneca Cayuga Bingo,24701 S 655 Road,Grove, Oklahoma 74344-4012,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hoursPhone: (918) 786-8528
  • Guthrie
    ~ Gold Rush Bingo Casino, 3829 S. Division, Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044, USA. Playtime: Tues, Thur, Sat Play at 6:25 & 7:30pm, Phone: (405) 282-0548
    [Submitted November 2002 ]
  • Guymon
    ~ No Mans Land Senior Center,515 Northeast 15th Street,Guymon, Oklahoma 73942-1165,USA. Game play: Mon-7:00 pmPhone: (580) 338-5049
  • Henryetta
    ~ VFW POST 539, 1604 1/2 NE, Henryetta, Oklahoma 74437-1027, Okmulgee, USA. Phone: 918-652-3380, Contact name: Mr. Vernon Long, Disabled facilities: Toilets and parking, Playtime: Mon 6:30 pm
    [Submitted May 2011 ]
  • Hominy
    ~ Depo Bingo, 300 W.Main {Old Silverdollar Cafe), Hominy, Oklahoma 74035, USA. Phone: 918-859-5610, Disabled facilities: wheel chair ramp, Playtime: Friday & Saturdays 6.00 P.M., minis session at 7.30 P.M.
    Remarks: Very clean hall, very friendly employees, great food, reasonable prices. Old fashion bingo hall.
    [Submitted March 2013 ]
  • Hugo
    ~ VFW,1 1/2 Miles E of Hwys 93/70, Hugo, Oklahoma,USA. Game play: Mon-Tue-Fri-Sat-6:30Phone: (580) 326-6316
  • Idabel
    ~ American Legion,Highway 70/16th Street,Idabel, Oklahoma 74745-0111,USA. Game play: Tue-Fri & Sat-6:15Phone: (580) 286-7991
    ~ Choctaw Gaming Center,1425 SE Washington St,Idabel, Oklahoma 74745,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours Bingo-Tue-Fri-Sat-5:45pm Sun-12:45pmPhone: (580) 286-5710
    ~ VFW,2203 S Washington,Idabel, Oklahoma 74745-0041,USA. Game play: Mon-Wed-Thu-5:45Phone: (580) 286-2213
  • Kiefer
    ~ American Legion #205,335 North Main,Kiefer, Oklahoma 74041-0935,USA. Game play: Wed & Fri-6:30Phone: (918) 321-5679
  • Krebs
    ~ VFW,14th & Morris,Krebs, Oklahoma 74502-0882,USA. Game play: Wed-6:15 pmPhone: (918) 423-8311
  • Lawton
    ~ Bingo Country,809 SE Interstate Drive,Lawton, Oklahoma 73505-3122,USA. Game play: Mon thru Sat-2:00 & 8:00Phone: (580) 248-7712
    ~ Comanche Nation Games,402 SE Interstate Drive,Lawton, Oklahoma 73502-0347,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours Bingo-7 days, 7:00 Thu-Fri & Sat-12:45 Simulcast horse racing dailyPhone: (580) 354-2000
    ~ Fort Sill Apache Casino,2315 E Gore Blvd,Lawton, Oklahoma 73502,USA. Game play: Casino open 24 hoursPhone: (580) 248-5905
    ~ VFW,1001 Southwest A Avenue,Lawton, Oklahoma 73501-3951,USA. Game play: Tue-7:00Phone: (580) 248-0713
  • Locust Grove
    ~ VFW,Broadway & Ross,Locust Grove, Oklahoma 74352-0096,USA. Game play: Tue-6:30Phone: (918) 479-6394
  • Lone Grove
    ~ Jackpot Bingo,Hwy 70 & Meridian,Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73463-2803,USA. Game play: Mon thru Sat-5:30 & 7:00Phone: (580) 657-3903
  • Madill
    ~ Madill Gaming Center,902 S First Street,Madill, Oklahoma 73446,USA. Game play: Casino Open Mon thru Sat-8:00 am to 8:00 pm Sun-10:00 am to 8:00 pmPhone: (580) 795-7301
  • McAlester
    ~ American Legion,400 S 2nd Street,McAlester, Oklahoma 74502-1252,USA. Game play: Sat-6:00Phone: (918) 423-6308
  • Medicine Park
    ~ American Legion,I-44 & SH-49 exit 45,Medicine Park, Oklahoma 73503-0116,USA. Game play: Wed & Thu-7:00Phone: (580) 529-2400
  • Miami
    ~ Miami Tribe Entertainment,202 S 8 Tribes Trail,Miami, Oklahoma 74355,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hoursPhone: (918) 542-8670
    ~ Stables,530 H Street SE,Miami, Oklahoma 74354,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours-Simulcast horse racing-Bingo-Sat-6:30 Sun-12:30Phone: (918) 542-7884
  • Midwest City
    ~ Luckys Bingo,1110 S Air Depot,Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110-4845,USA. Game play: Mon thru Sat-5:00Phone: (405) 732-7396
  • Muldrow
    ~ Lets Play Bingo,Highway 64, Muldrow, Oklahoma,USA. Game play: Mon-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-6:30Phone: (918) 427-3133
  • Muskogee
    ~ American Legion,4021 West Broadway,Muskogee, Oklahoma 74402-0705,USA. Game play: Mon-Thu-Fri-5:30Phone: (918) 687-6171
    ~ Creek Nation Casino,3240 W Peak Blvd,Muskogee, Oklahoma 74402-1249,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours Bingo- Mon thru Fri-6:00 Sat-3:00 & 7:00 Sun-3:00 & 6:00Phone: (918) 683-1825
    ~ VFW,3811 West Okmulgee Ave,Muskogee, Oklahoma 74402-0374,USA. Game play: Tue-Wed-Sat-7:00Phone: (918) 683-5253
  • Newcastle
    ~ Newcastle Gaming Center,2457 Hwy 62 Service Road,Newcastle, Oklahoma 73065,USA. Game play: Open 24 hoursPhone: (405) 387-6013
  • Newkirk
    ~ First Council Casino & Hotel, 12875 N. Hwy 77, Newkirk, Ok 74647, USA. Phone: (580)448-3015, Email: [email protected], Website:, Playtime: Monday & Friday doors 4:30, Earlies 6:00, Session 7:00; Saturday & Sunday doors 2:30, Earlies 4:00, Session 5:00
    Remarks: 600 Seat High Stakes Bingo Hall. We offer two ways to win at First Council Bingo. Traditional style Bingo with paper and a dauber or with the new state-of-the-art Electronic Bingo Machines. Try your luck with us at First Council Casino Bingo.
    [Submitted September 2012 ]
    ~ Southwind Casino and High Stakes Bingo, 5640 N. L.A. Cann Rd., Newkirk, Oklahoma 74647, Kay, USA. Phone: 1-580-362-2578, Website:, Playtime: Mon, Thurs, Fri 7 pm, Sat and Sun 1 pm and 5:30 pm
    Remarks: Newly remodeled, two non-smoking areas, cafe', smoke shop available.
    [Submitted March 2011 ]
  • Norman
    ~ Goldsby Travel Plaza,1544 W State Hwy 9,Norman, Oklahoma 73071,USA. Game play: Open 24 hoursPhone: (405) 573-4040
    ~ Thunderbird Entertainment,15700 East State Hwy 9,Norman, Oklahoma 73026-9028,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours Bingo- Wed thru Sun-7:00 Simulcast horse racingPhone: (405) 360-9270
  • Oilton
    ~ American Legion,Highway 99/Rogers Street,Oilton, Oklahoma 74052-0397,USA. Game play: Tue-7:15Phone: (918) 862-3707
  • Okemah
    [Submitted December 2002 ]
    ~ Thlopthlocco Bingo & Casino,Exit 227 I-40 & Clearview Rd,Okemah, Oklahoma 74859,USA. Game play: Casino Open 1:00 pm to 1:00 am daily Bingo-Please call for schedulePhone: (918) 623-0072
  • Oklahoma City
    ~ 29TH Street Bingo, 3436 SW 29th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119, USA. Phone: (405) 684-9602
    Remarks: Exit I-44 @ SW 29Th Go West To SW 29TH & Newcastle Road. Doors Open Daily at 4:30 pm.
    [Submitted April 2003 ]
    ~ 240 Bingo,7801 S Walker Ave,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139-9470,USA. Game play: 6 days, 11:00am till Midnight Closed SundaysPhone: (405) 632-4511
    ~ Almonte Bingo,2930 SW 59th St,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119-6402,USA. Game play: 6 days, 5:00 Closed SunPhone: (405) 682-2414
    ~ Bingo City Will Rogers,3130 N Portland Ave,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112-6744,USA. Game play: Mon thru Sat-10:00am till 12:00amPhone: (405) 942-5448
    ~ Dob-N-Win,1312 Southeast 44th Street,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129-6921,USA. Game play: Mon thru Sat-10:00 am till 11:45 pmPhone: (405) 672-7910
    ~ Elks Lodge,4711 North Tulsa,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73157-2307,USA. Game play: Sat-11:30amPhone: (405) 942-0101
    ~ Good Times Bingo,4550 S May Ave,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119-4602,USA. Game play: 6 days, 7:30 Closed SunPhone: (405) 686-0950
    ~ Mini-Ha Ha Bingo,5401 S I-35 Service Rd,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129,USA. Game play: 6 days, 10:00am till Midnight Closed SunPhone: (405) 670-1510
    ~ Mini Mania Bingo, 1109 N MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, USA. Phone: 405.942.5309, Email: [email protected], Contact name: Michael Lynn, Playtime: Daily 5 PM to Midnight Closed
    Remarks: Hottest fastest Highest Payout Bingo in Oklahoma . Frequent Player High Roller Rewards . A $5,000 Game every day and 10 $1,000 Nightly Games . Tons of $75 Fast Packs and more
    [Submitted March 2005 ]
    ~ Moose,8713 East Main Street,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73085-0990,USA. Game play: Wed-7:15 Sat-1:00Phone: (405) 732-0341
    ~ Remington Park Race Track,One Remington Place,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111,USA. Game play: Live Racing June thru Dec-Simulcast wagering 7 days opens at 11:00Phone: (405) 424-1000
    ~ VFW Post 185, 1103 North Blackwelder, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106, USA. Playtime: Tue & Fri 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm, Phone: (405) 528-0444, URL:,
    [Submitted January 2003 ]
  • Okmulgee
    ~ Creek Nation Bingo,1601 South Wood Drive,Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447-0790,USA. Game play: Bingo-Mon thru Fri-6:00 Sat & Sun-2:00 & 6:00Phone: (918) 756-8400
    ~ Creek Nation Travel Plaza,Hwy 75 & 56 Loop,Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447,USA. Game play: Open 24 hoursPhone: (918) 752-0090
    ~ Elks Lodge,701 South Mission,Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447-0427,USA. Game play: Tue-7:00Phone: (918) 756-0435
  • Pawhuska
    ~ American Legion,614 East 13th Street,Pawhuska, Oklahoma 74056-2316,USA. Game play: Mon-Wed-Sat-6:30Phone: (918) 287-2656
  • Perkins
    ~ Cimarron Casino,West Freeman Ave,Perkins, Oklahoma 74059-9599,USA. Game play: Casino Open 11:00 am to 12:00 am daily Bingo- Mon-Wed-Fri-6:00 Sun-12:30Phone: (405) 547-5352
  • Pocola
    ~ Choctaw Gaming Center,3400 Service Rd,Pocola, Oklahoma 74902-0429,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours Bingo-Thu thru Sun-7:00Phone: (918) 436-7761
  • Ponca City
    ~ American Legion,407 W South Ave,Ponca City, Oklahoma 74602-0148,USA. Game play: Mon-1:00 Tue-7:00Phone: (580) 765-9073
    ~ Moose,500 W Prospect Ave,Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601,USA. Game play: Wed-6:00 Thu-12:00noonPhone: (580) 762-5601
    ~ Ponca Tribal Casino,20 White Eagle Drive,Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601,USA. Game play: Open 11:00 am to 2:00 am Bingo-Call for schedulePhone: (580) 765-0040
    ~ VFW,2900 E Prospect,Ponca City, Oklahoma 74602-1836,USA. Game play: Thu & Sat-6:00Phone: (580) 765-9119
  • Randlett
    ~ Comanche Red River Casino,Hwy 277 & Hwy 70,Randlett, Oklahoma 73562,USA. Game play: Casino Open 11:00 am to 2:00 amPhone: (580) 281-3579
  • Roland
    ~ Roland Cherokee Casino,I 40 & US Hwy 64,Roland, Oklahoma 74954,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours Bingo-Tue thru Sat-6:30Phone: (918) 427-7491
    ~ Veterans Hwy 64 Bingo, 480858 Hwy 64, Roland, OK 74954, USA. Phone: 918050306165, Playtime: Tues thru Sat
    Remarks: Very clean Bingo Hall. High payouts low prices. Both paper and Machines. Check em out on facebook for daily specials.
    [Submitted February 2012, updated June 2012.]
  • Salina
    ~ VFW,Kenwood Rd,Salina, Oklahoma 74365-0536,USA. Game play: Thu-6:45Phone: (918) 434-5554
  • Sapulpa
    ~ DAV,1429 South Main,Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74067-1172,USA. Game play: Thu-Sat-6:00Phone: (918) 224-0656
  • Seminole
    ~ American Legion,419 North Main,Seminole, Oklahoma 74818-0204,USA. Game play: Thu & Sat-7:00Phone: (405) 382-4083
  • Shawnee
    ~ Fire Lake Entertainment Ctr,1901 S Gordon Cooper Drive,Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801-8604,USA. Game play: Casino Open daily-11:00 am to 6:00 am Simulcast horse wagering daily-Bingo- 7 days, 6:00 Sat & Sun-12noon & 6:00Phone: (405) 273-2242
  • Skiatook
    ~ American Legion Post 131 Skiatook OK, 723 W. Rodgers Blvd across from Walmart, Skiatook,OK 74070, USA. Phone: 918-396-0131, Email: [email protected], Contact name: Mac Commander, Website:, Playtime: Monday and Friday night doors open at 5PM mini games start at 5:30 PM main game start at 7 PM
    Remarks: We have refreshments Beef Stew soups Nachos hot dogs pulled pork, coke diet coke pepsi diet pepsi dr pepper diet dr pepper mountain dew root beer and we have coffee and bottled water.
    [Submitted October 2014 ]
  • Stillwater
    ~ Knights of Columbus,122 E 9th Ave,Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074-4604,USA. Game play: Sat-6:15Phone: (405) 372-4747
  • Stilwell
    ~ American Legion,#9 West Olive Street,Stilwell, Oklahoma 74960-0802,USA. Game play: Wed & Fri-7:00 pmPhone: (918) 696-3646
  • Sulphur
    ~ Sulphur Gaming Ctr,W 1st St,Sulphur, Oklahoma 73086-4818,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours-Bingo- Mon-Tue-Thu-Sat-7:30Phone: (580) 622-2156
  • Tahlequah
    ~ Elks Lodge,1/2 Mile East of Hwy 82 & Murrell,Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74465-1369,USA. Game play: Mon-6:30 pmPhone: (918) 456-9358
    ~ Keetoowah Bingo,2450 South Muskogee Ave,Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464,USA. Game play: Tue-Wed-Thu & Sat-6:00Phone: (918) 456-6131
  • Thackerville
    ~ Touso Ishto Gaming Center,I 35 Exit 1,Thackerville, Oklahoma 73459-0149,USA. Game play: Casino Open 10:00 am to 6:00 am Bingo-Thu- Fri-6:30 Sat-4:00 Sun-2:00Phone: (580) 276-4229
  • Tishomingo
    ~ Senior Center,307 W 7th Street, Tishomingo, Oklahoma,USA. Game play: Thu-7:00Phone: (580) 371-9446
  • Tonkawa
    ~ Tonkawa Tribal Casino,1000 Allen Drive,Tonkawa, Oklahoma 74653,USA. Game play: Casino Open daily 10:00 am to 3:00 am Bingo-Mon-Tue-Wed-7:00Phone: (580) 628-2624
  • Tulsa
    ~ American Legion Post #1 Bingo, 1120 E. 8th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120-4406, USA. Phone: 918.584.4274, Disabled facilities: Yes, Playtime: Mon & Thru 6:30 pm
    [Submitted September 2011 ]
    ~ Creek Nation Tulsa Bingo,1616 E 81st Street,Tulsa, Oklahoma 74170-0833,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours- Bingo-daily Phone: (918) 299-8518
    ~ Intertribal Indian Club Bingo,Townwest Shopping Center,Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112,USA. Game play: Tue-Thu & Sat-6:00Phone: (918) 446-2088
    ~ Mini Bingo, 2130 S. Sheridan, Tulsa, OK 74129, USA. Phone: 918-292-8841, Email: [email protected], Contact name: Carrie James, Disabled facilities: Yes, Playtime: 11 am to 11 pm
    Remarks: Fast-paced mini bingo
    [Submitted January 2013 ]
    ~ Sheridan Village Bingo, 6925 E. Admiral Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115, USA. Game play: Mon thru Sat-6:00, Phone: 918-62-BINGO
    [Submitted January 2006 ]
    ~ Super T Bingo,3025 S Sheridan Rd,Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129-1017,USA. Game play: Mon thru Sat-9:30am till MidnightPhone: (918) 622-4646
    ~ Travelers Bingo,3025 S Sheridan, Tulsa, Oklahoma, OK 74147, USA. Playtime: Mon-Fri 9am-midnight Sat 1pm-midnight, Phone: (918) 665-3497
    [Submitted June 2003 ]
    ~ VFW,1109 East 6th Street,Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120-3809,USA. Game play: Wed & Fri-7:30Phone: (918) 585-9148
  • Turpin
    ~ State Line Bingo,Highway 83 South,Turpin, Oklahoma 73950-0297,USA. Game play: Tue thru Sat-5:30Phone: (580) 778-3994
  • Watonga
    ~ Watonga Bingo,Highway 281 South,Watonga, Oklahoma 73022-0095,USA. Game play: Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri-7:30 Sun-1:00Phone: (580) 623-2884
  • West Siloam Springs
    ~ Cherokee Casino,Hwy 412 & Hwy 59 South,West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma 72761,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hours-Bingo-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun-7:00Phone: (918) 422-5100
  • Wilburton
    ~ VFW,108 W Ada Ave,Wilburton, Oklahoma 74578-0827,USA. Game play: Wed & Sat-7:00Phone: (918) 465-2070
  • Wilson
    ~ Wilson Travel Plaza,354 Route 1,Wilson, Oklahoma 73463,USA. Game play: Casino Open 24 hoursPhone: (580) 668-9248
  • Woodward
    ~ Moose #452,3702 1st Street,Woodward, Oklahoma 73802,USA. Game play: Phone: (580) 256-6969
  • Wyandotte
    ~ Indigo Sky Casino and Bingo, 70220 E HWY 60, Wyandotte, Ok 74370, USA. Phone: 918-666-9200, Hotline: 918-666-9200, Email: [email protected], Contact name: Brandy Pooler, Website:, Playtime: 6:00pm
    Remarks: Sales start at 4:00pm Monday through Friday, 2:00pm Saturday, and 11:00am on Sunday, Econo Sessions Sunday evening through Thursday evening and High Stakes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Check us out on Facebook at Indigo Sky Bingo.
    [Submitted January 2014 ]

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