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Palace of Chance is an industry veteran that has managed to stay relevant and at the top of its game right from its launch in 2004. The casino has adapted to the rapidly changing trends, using the latest technology to offer amazing RTG games in an exciting interface on desktop and mobile devices. September 16, 2017. 2021 පෙබරවාරි මස 08 දින ලංකාදීප පුවත්පතෙහි ප්‍රදාන සිරස්තලය ලෙස 'මංගල උත්සව කොරොනා බෝකරලා' යන පුවත යටතේ.

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Palace of Chance Casino Welcome Bonus

Cash in your $100 free chip welcome bonus from Palace of Chance Casino!


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New Account Registration

We recommend that you create your casino account on the website before you download the casino software.

Click here to get started. You’ll first provide your username, password and email address.

On the second registration page you’ll enter your first and last names, gender and date of birth. Click Next to proceed to the last registration page.

On the last registration page you’ll provide your phone number and address. Palace of Chance Casino will use the address information to validate your locale and banking information.

Download and Installation

The next thing you’ll do after registering your account is download the casino software.
You’ll find the download link on the left side of the casino landing page. Click on Download Client to get started.

After downloading the install file, locate the file in your Downloads folder and double clicking the file to start your installation.

Next you’ll be prompted to accept the casino terms and conditions before being allowed to continue with the software installation.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions you’ll continue on to set your installation location and options. I don’t like a bunch of stuff on my desktop so I always uncheck that box but I do like to see the Casino in my start menu so I leave that checked. If you’re so inclined you can opt to start the casino software when you power on your computer.

After setting your installation preferences click on Install to start the actual installation.

Once the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the installation process. If you’ve checked the Launch the program option the casino will load immediately after you click Finish.

After completing installation and launching the casino app you’ll need to log in. Since you’ve already created your account you can click No to sign in with the login info you provided before downloading the software.

Enter your login name and your password to sign in. Note that if you want to sign in and play for free you can do so by clicking the Practice Mode button. To play with real money click Log In.

After signing in the first time you’ll be shown a brief screen tutorial on navigating the casino and its features. Make note of the location of the games and icons then click Back to Lobby to continue to the casino lobby.

Palace of Chance’s casino download offers Table Games, Slots, Video Poker and Specialty games. Each of these game types are highlighted in the picture above and can be found at the top of the casino lobby. Subcategories for each game type will drop down when you click on each type of game.

Settings and Menus

Live Chat, Promotions, Messages and the Player Menu icons are found at the top right side of the casino software. The link to the Cashier is also located there in green.

Palace of Chance’s promotions can be viewed by clicking on the Promotions link. Additionally, you can find Promotions at the lobby.

Welcome Bonus – AUTUMN100

Palace Chance Casino Bonus Codes

In addition to the promotions you can find in the casino software Palace of Chance offers new a $100 no deposit bonus with AUTUMN100.

Its wagering requirement is 30x for Slots and 60x for Table Games and Video Poker. It is valid for play on Slots, Keno, Bingo and Scratch Card games.

Redeeming Bonus Codes

To redeem bonus codes, click on the Bonus tab in the Cashier. Click on the Enter Code button to display the Coupon Code field. Enter your bonus code then click on Redeem Coupon to activate your code.

For a complete list of Palace of Chance Casino bonus codes, visit

Categories and Games

Table Games

Palace of Chance offers 16 table games ranging from War to traditional Blackjack. We like Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack, which pays 2:1 if you are dealt cards of matching suit. In other words, you could win more with no additional risk!


Floating Symbols, Video Slots, 3, 5 and 6 Reel slots are all available to play. Many of these games have bonus rounds. The slot with the most paylines is Mermaid’s Pearls, which features a mind-blowing 3,125 pay lines. While this makes for almost non-stop action sometimes we like to keep it simple with one payline like with the old school slot game 777,

Palace of chance free money

Video Poker

Play 18 different video poker games, including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or Aces and Eights. Fifteen of these games are available to play with 1 hand or 100 hands. Three games are only available to play with one hand: European Slot Poker, Pick ‘Em Poker and 3 Stud Poker are hybrid games that don’t allow for multiple hands.

Specialty Games

Roulette, Craps, Keno, Bingo are the main Specialty Games. Scratch Cards and Board games are also available to play. Scratch Cards are like lotto scratchers and currently there is only one board game, Banana Jones. Roulette is always a fun and simple game. Simply pick the color, number or range of numbers to bet on and hope for good luck!

All of your financial transactions will happen at the Cashier. The Cashier button is green and located at the top right of the casino lobby. Once you click on it, you’ll be taken to the Deposit page. There you’ll see the deposit methods available to you. MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Visa (when available) are the credit cards accepted by Palace of Chance. Bitcoin is also available to make deposits with.

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Credit card deposits are simple and easy. Enter your card information and amount you’d like to deposit then click on Deposit to Account. Once your transaction is processed your casino account will be updated with your new deposit amount.

Bitcoin is similarly easy, though it’s a two step process since the amount you wish to deposit in USD has to be converted to BTC. After the conversion, scan the address QR code to transfer your BTC to Palace of Chance Casino. After your payment is received your casino account will be updated to reflect the new balance.

Withdrawing Money

Currently Palace of Chance Casino only supports withdrawals at the casino webpage. When you’ve won enough money for a qualifying cash out, go to the Palace of Chance website to start your cashout.

Palace of Chance Casino’s max cashout limit of $2,500. They are currently paying out by wire transfer or by check.

Player Reviews

Let us know how you like the Palace of Chance Casino download!

Sep 29, 2020
Thanks for the walkthrough

Thanks for the thorough look at the casino download. Good to know that this download isn't some kind of spyware or adware. Is there any advantage to playing on this instead of on the web?

Home >News & Policies >February 2005

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 23, 2005

Slot monkey king. President Thanks U.S. Troops at Wiesbaden Army Airfield Base
Wiesbaden Army Airfield
Wiesbaden, Germany

Royal chance palace
Video (Real)

4:56 P.M. (Local)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. (Applause.) Thank you very much.Thank you for the warm welcome. Laura and I were in the neighborhood-- (laughter) -- and we thought we'd just drop by to say hello.Howdy. (Laughter and applause.)

It's an honor to be here with so many outstanding soldiers,sailors, airmen, Marines from this base and others in Germany. Lauraand I are proud to be with you. I'm glad to be with the men and womenof the Third Support Command, and the 421st Medical EvacuationBattalion. (Applause.) I see a lot of Big Red Ones here in the crowd-- (applause) -- I know you've just back from Iraq. I'm pleased tosay, 'Job well done.' (Applause.)

It's good to be at the proud home of the First Armored Division.(Applause.) Some of you Iron Soldiers might have seen me before.(Applause.) I was the guy serving turkey. (Applause.)

I arrived this morning from Brussels, where I was meeting with someof our vital allies in the war on terror. I came to Wiesbaden to meetthe men and women fighting on the front lines of that war. You arecarrying out challenging duties with skill and honor. And today Ibring you a message from back home: The American people are gratefulto you. Your communities are proud of you. And as you defend thecause of freedom, America stands with you. (Applause.)

I also want to thank all the military families who are here today.(Applause.) They tell me the quality of life here is really good --(laughter) -- but it's a long way away from home, and it can be lonelywhen your loved ones are deployed on dangerous missions in distantlands, I know that. You built close-knit community here. You supportall those who wear the uniform and you support each other throughdifficult times. The service and sacrifice of America's militaryfamilies is vital to our success in the war on terror, and yourPresident is here to tell you I'm proud of our military families, aswell. (Applause.)

I appreciate Major General Marty Dempsey's introduction, and hiswife, Deanie. I appreciate their leadership their leadership. Todaywe've got General Jim Jones, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe andhis wife, Diane, with us. I'm traveling in some pretty good company.I like to be around strong women. (Applause.) I want your menlistening to your wives just like I listen to mine. (Applause.) Laurais a fabulous First Lady for our country. I'm proud of her.(Applause.) This nation has got a great Secretary of State inCondoleezza Rice. (Applause.) I appreciate Ambassador Dan Coats andwife, Marsha. Dan has been our Ambassador from the United States toGermany and both have done a spectacular job on behalf of our nation.(Applause.)

I want to thank Diana DeGarmo for helping to entertain you.(Applause.) I don't know if you know this, Laura and I were raised inWest Texas. (Applause.) Three boys were raised right down the streetfrom us there in West Texas. Those were the Gatlin Boys, and I'm proudthey're here. (Applause.) Thanks for coming.

The First Armored and First Infantry Divisions are two of theoldest, proudest units in the United States Army. You predecessorsfought the great battles of World War II, stood vigil through thedecades of the Cold War, and served with distinction in Vietnam andBosnia and Kosovo. And on this day 14 years ago, soldiers in both yourdivisions spent their final night in Saudi Arabia, before charging intoIraq to crush the army of Saddam Hussein. (Applause.)

On September the 11th, 2001, history brought new responsibilitiesto our nation, new challenges. That morning, America witnessed theviolence and grief that terrorists can inflict. We had a glimpse ofthe greater destruction the terrorists intend. On behalf of ournation, I made a pledge: We will bring our enemies to justice -- orbring justice to our enemies. (Applause.)

And you are the ones who are carrying out this vital mission.Every one of you is a volunteer. You stepped forward to accept thehardest duties in this new war. And over the past three years, youhave added to the great achievements of your divisions. You are partof the history of freedom and peace. You know that terrorists will notbe stopped by negotiations, or concessions, or appeals to reason.Terrorists must be confronted and they must be defeated. In this war,there is only one option for victory -- we must take the fight to theenemy. (Applause.)

At this hour, brave Americans in uniform are protecting our countryand others by hunting down the terrorists around the world, one byone. Since September the 11th, more than three-quarters of al Qaeda'sknown key members and associates have been brought to justice. Therest of them are on the run, and the world's greatest fighting force ison their trail. (Applause.)

The day our nation was attacked, I also made it clear that regimesthat support terror would be considered equally guilty of terroristmurder. A few weeks later, the Taliban found out what we meant. Withgood allies at our side, America's military liberated the people ofAfghanistan from one of the most brutal regimes on Earth. We destroyedthe training camps where the attacks of September the 11th wereconceived. We showed the terrorists that no cave is deep enough tohide from American justice.

Today Afghanistan is a free country, and an ally in the war onterror. (Applause.) After long years of oppression, women areparticipating in that society. (Applause.) Boys and girls are goingto school. The Afghan Army and police are securing their country. Andlast October, more than 8 million Afghan citizens cast their votes inthe first free presidential election in Afghanistan's 5,000-yearhistory. (Applause.)

As our men and women in uniform helped to transform Afghanistan, wealso confronted a growing danger in Iraq. One of the key lessons ofSeptember the 11th is that we must confront threats before they fullymaterialize. In Iraq, we found a threat to the entire world. SaddamHussein supported terrorists, he pursued deadly weapons, he defied thejust demands of the international community, year after year,resolution after resolution. The world gave him a final chance todisarm. And when he refused to comply, he met the might and theresolve of the United States military. (Applause.)

At a decisive moment in the history of freedom, America once againturned to the First Armored Division -- and once again, the IronSoldiers answered the call. You moved into Iraq in April of 2003, andyou stayed for 15 months. (Applause.) You waged an innovative,disciplined campaign, and because of your skill and sacrifice, Iraq issovereign and Iraq is free. (Applause.)

Before the Iron Soldiers left for Iraq, secret police held thepopulation in fear. By the time you came home, you had trainedthousands of Iraqi security forces who are now on the job defendingtheir free country. Before Iron Soldiers left for Iraq, a terribleregime had decimated the country's education and health care systems.By the time you came home, you had repaired hundreds of schools andhospitals. When the Iron Soldiers left for Iraq, Saddam Hussein wassitting in a palace. And by the time you came home, he was sitting ina prison cell. (Applause.)

You have served with honor and distinction -- and a little longerthan some of you expected. (Laughter.) Some of you were boarding theplane home to return to your families when you got word that we'dextended your tour. I know that was a trying time. But no change inplans could shake your resolve. As a sergeant I met last year put it,'We're soldiers and we drive on.' (Applause.)

In your final months in Iraq, you drove on to seven major cities,defeated Sadr's militias decisively, you restored control of Iraq'sholy sites to peaceful citizens. With your victories in Najaf andKarbala, you helped the Iraqi people take critical steps towardfreedom. And you proved to a watching world that the United States ofAmerica will never retreat before a band of thugs and assassins.(Applause.)

The Iron Soldiers built the foundation for democracy in Iraq, andto help finish the job, we turned to the Big Red One. From Kirkuk toSamarra to Tikrit, the soldiers of the First Infantry Division workedaround the clock to prepare Iraq for free elections. Your challengeswere unprecedented, and so was the outcome. More than 8 million Iraqivoters defied the terrorists by lining up at the polls, dipping theirfingers in ink, and casting the first free vote of their lives.(Applause.) Their courage was noteworthy and inspiring. One votercame to the polls in a wheelchair pushed by her grandson. She said, 'Iam here to cast my vote. Saddam killed six members of my family. Thisis the best revenge.' (Applause.)

The Iraqi people have now taken rightful control of their destiny,and that would not have been possible without the First InfantryDivision. By helping the people of that country turn back the enemiesof democracy, you have acted in the great liberating tradition of ournation. And like generations of soldiers before you, you have shownthat America's military is one of the world's greatest forces forgood.

Together, the First Infantry Division and the First ArmoredDivision have helped to bring freedom and hope to a suffering people.(Applause.) These units have a few other things in common. They bothcount on the fearless soldiers of the 'Dustoff Europe' battalion formedical care on the battlefield. (Applause.) They both rely on theThird Support Command to deliver just about everything else they need.(Applause.) In a year of service in Iraq, the Third Support Commanddelivered more than 185 million gallons of fuel, issued more than 50million meals, and logged more than 25 million miles on the road.That's the equivalent of more than 1,000 trips around the world. TheThird Support Command carried out these duties on tight deadlines, andoften under enemy fire. Your courage is appreciated by every soldierat this base, every soldier in the theater, and I keep you -- I thankyou for 'keeping the force for the fight.'

In the war on terror, all of you have taken great risks on myorders, and your service reflects the best qualities of America. Youhave been brave in the face of danger, unshakable in the times oftesting, and generous to those in need. Some in your units havesurvived terrible injuries, and a grateful America will do everythingwe can to help them recover. Some of you have said farewell to somefine Americans. They represent a new generation of heroes, as great asany who have come before. Their example of unselfish courage inspiresall who serve. And America will honor their names forever.(Applause.)

The sacrifices you have made will change the world for decades tocome. By fighting terrorists in places like Baghdad and Karbala andTikrit, you are making sure we do not face those enemies at home. Byhelping captive peoples gain their freedom, you have made a criticalcontribution to the history of liberty. And that means the world willbe more peaceful, and our children and grandchildren will be moresecure. Your success is sending a clear message throughout the MiddleEast, that the only force powerful enough to stop the rise of tyrannyand terror, and replace hatred with hope, is the force of humanfreedom. (Applause.)

You are serving in a critical period in freedom's history, andthere will be more difficult work ahead. Yet I'm optimistic about ourfuture, because I know the character of freedom's defenders. I knowthe history of those who have defended our freedom. Fifty years agothis summer, the Soviet Union imposed a blockade on West Berlin.Keeping free Berlin alive seemed an impossible task, yet America andour allies refused to give in. From this airfield, American pilotslaunched dangerous missions to supply Berlin, and they continued thoseflights, at great risk, for 11 months. The heroes of the BerlinAirlift saved that city. And with their early resolve, they helpedfreedom triumph in the Cold War.

Today, America is again called to defend freedom. And once again,our military is answering the call. I have hope for our country, andfaith in our cause, and great confidence in the men and women who wearour nation's uniform. (Applause.) With your courage, with yourdetermination, and with your skill, the cause of freedom will prevail,and we'll achieve the peace that we all want for future generations tocome.

Thank you for letting us come by. Thank you for serving our greatland. May God bless you, may God bless America. (Applause.)

END 5:18 P.M. (Local)

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