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Online casinos are getting closer and closer to giving you a live casino experience from the comfort of your computer screen, and VR Casinos are the cutting edge. Combining colorful graphics with the immersive experience of virtual reality, VR Online Casino takes the online casino. This Online Casino is a free-to-play website with no real money online gaming. Search for Online Casinos Explore a Vast Range of Solutions.Otherwise, virtual casino online you can play games gratis using a. Online Casino Games. This online casino game guide offers players a free 101 course on the internet/virtual casino games marketplace. The casino guide was designed to be both comprehensive and concise, organizing information about online.

The gambling industry is no stranger to technology, and two of the latest developments that gambling operators are interested in are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Let’s take a deeper look at these digital tools and what they have to offer to gamblers and online casinos across the world.

What is augmented and virtual reality?

While fans of the latest digital technology may be extremely familiar with both augmented and virtual reality, these two developments are still rather niched when it comes to the number of people that actively use them, so people may not be familiar with what they are.

Augmented reality, or AR, is the enhancement of the real world using digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or smart glasses. These devices can “augment reality” by adding visuals and sounds to the world around you that you can view and interact with through the device.

People less familiar with this technology may remember the Pokémon GO craze that hit mobile phones in 2016. This game is an example of AR, as players make their way through the real world with their smartphones catching Pokémon, battling against other players, and completing other tasks in the “augmented reality world”. Others may remember the headlines Google made with the now-discontinued “Google Glass” project, which promised to bring augmented reality to the masses in the form of bulky and not-so-flattering spectacles.

Virtual reality, or VR, takes things one step further by not just augmenting reality, but giving you a whole new digital world to immerse yourself in using stand-alone VR headsets, or headsets linked to computers or video game consoles.

VR is a more familiar concept to most, having featured in movies and other media for many years. However, it’s only recently that this technology has started to become affordable and accessible to mainstream consumers. The Oculus Rift may have been expensive when it was first released in 2016 at $599.99, but it ignited interest in VR and resulted in the development of the far more affordable and advanced headsets we can buy today.

Great ways to experience AR and VR

If you’re interested in AR and VR right now, here are some great devices that you can use:

  • Microsoft HoloLens 2 (AR glasses)
  • Magic Leap One (AR glasses)
  • Google Pixel 2 (AR smartphone)
  • Google Pixel 2 XL (AR smartphone)
  • Asus Zenfone AR (AR smartphone)
  • HTC Vive Cosmos (VR headset)
  • Oculus Quest 2 (VR headset)
  • Valve Index (VR headset)

How could AR and VR work in casinos?

Now we understand what AR and VR are, and what devices can provide us with a great AR or VR experience, it’s time to look at what these technologies could offer casinos.

When it comes to real-world casinos, augmented reality could be used to supplement the gaming experience, or add to the casino environment. For example, casinos could include all kinds of stats for certain games. Imagine pulling out your phone in front of your favorite slot and seeing when the last time it paid out on its progressive jackpot, or doing the same for roulette and seeing where the ball landed on the last five spins. AR could also allow you to view digital promotions, bonus offers, or even games and characters that you couldn’t see or interact with without an AR-enabled device.

Virtual reality will undoubtedly have a lot more to offer online gamblers, with the technology literally able to transport you to beautiful and exciting virtual casinos, packed with hundreds of other online VR players, each with their own complete custom 3D virtual avatars. Not only that, but there’d be an unbelievable number of games for you to play and interact with. Just think, when you play slots in a virtual casino, you don’t just sit with a screen in front of you, but a fully three-dimensional slot machine that you can interact with. When you play at a virtual online poker table, you’ll be able to look around at the players around you, share some friendly banter, and even directly interact with the cards.

As VR technology continues to advance, it’s also possible that players won’t have to rely on awkward VR controllers to interact with these virtual worlds and casino games. Instead, these headsets will be equipped with powerful enough hardware to accurately track your hands and fingers (which is already possible to some degree today with devices such as the Oculus Quest 2). Imagine playing poker at a VR casino and not having to push buttons to interact with the cards in front of you, but simply use your hands like you normally would?

What’s more, because these spaces are virtual, you’ll be able to connect with them from anywhere, as long as you have a VR device and a reasonably fast internet connection. Imagine popping into a virtual casino to have a chat with your friend who lives 250 miles away, and then having a few rounds of poker with them and some other poker fanatics before calling it a night? Virtual reality makes all this and more possible in a virtual casino.

Casino Internet Virtual

But what if virtual casinos are not exactly your thing? Virtual reality could be used to take the live dealer experience to another level, with players able to “visit” certain real-world casinos and play specific games without ever having to leave their homes, thanks to the power of VR and 360-degree cameras. Sure, the player may not have the same degree of freedom as they would at a virtual casino, but they’d be able to watch and take part in real-life casino games, thanks to set-ups at the tables or games themselves. Who knows, maybe at some point players will be connected to robots so they can move around the actual casinos themselves?

While we may be a few years away from mainstream adoptions, there’s no doubt that as AR and VR technology gets more affordable and more powerful, what is seen as a niche hobby may soon become the primary way to experience online casino gaming.

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Internet Virtual Casino

Island Online – The Newest Gaming Technology
On October 4, 2011, leading casino systems supplier Aristocrat Technologies announces that it has secured a new, major contract that will bring its recently released online “play-for-fun” solutions to tribal gaming for the first time by developing a complete virtual casino site for its long-term Oasis 360™ systems customer Island Resort & Casino.
Island Online was launched on September 28, 2012 and provided guests of the site unprecedented access to the newest slots and table games from practically anywhere. Dubbed as “Your Total Online Experience” Island Online would provide yet another facet to the Island Resort & Casino’s “Your Total Experience” brand.

To register for Island Online, you will need to access Island Online’s Registration Page and be ready to provide the following information:

  • User name
  • Email
  • Password
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Address (city, state, zip & country)

It is important to know that all Island Online accounts will be verified for age as site users must be at least 18 years of age to register. Additionally, all information should be entered EXACTLY as it appears on your photo ID in order to prevent errors during the verification process.
Your Total Online Experience – Living Up To Our Promise
Congratulations! You are now a registered guest with Island Online, and as such, you will have direct access to the most competitive bonuses and promotions around! From daily log-in bonuses to player promotions and rewardsWhere to bet on the world cup. , you’ll need to look no further than Island Online! Check out some of the current promotions available to guests of Island Online:

  • $3,000 Virtual Credit Registration Bonus Create an Island Online account and receive a $3,000 virtual credit bonus which can be used to play any of the online slot and table games.
  • $2,000 Virtual Credit Daily Log-In Bonus Log-in to your Island Online account and receive a $2,000 virtual credit bonus (limit 1 bonus every 24 hours) to be used to play the newest online casino games.
  • Triple Summer Bonanza Your $2,000 daily credits have been tripled from June through August. Receive a $6,000 virtual credit bonus by logging in every 24 hours.

Play Your Favorite Casino Games From Anywhere!

Now that you have :

Internet Casino Site

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It’s time to let the fun begin! Island Online offers 24 hour access to the newest slots and table games from the convenience of just about anywhere! Our virtual slot floor has some of the best online casino games such as:

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Recent additions to our online slot floor include such great games as “Lucky Count” and “Thunder King”. For a “sneak peak” of some of Island Online’s featured games, please visit our “Official You Tube Page”. Not a slot player? No worries…we’ve got you covered! Island Online has some of the most popular Vegas-Style table games such as:

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Let The Games Begin!
Now that we’ve walked you through the basics, we invite you to try Island Online for yourself! To access Island Online directly, please visit: