Can You Make A Living Off Sports Betting

Check this out Get the z-code system betting system.One of the top rated winning picks programs! Make a living from sports betting - the hard way to make easy money Published on October 9, 2017 October 9, 2017. 13 Likes. 6 Comments. For many occasional gamblers, especially those who are less than happy in their nine to five jobs, the thought of becoming a professional gambler is their idea. Can You Make A Living Betting on Sports? Sports betting across the globe has seen an explosion of interest and a boom in active members wagering on.

Have heard many people asking the question: is it possible to live on sports betting? And more often than not, they keep getting told that it is not possible, and at best, they can only make money off sports betting once in a while.

But we beg to differ. And for good reasons.

In case you haven't noticed, some live on the income they get from sports betting. Yes, sports betting is not for the fainthearted, and nothing is guaranteed. But with a well-devised plan and playing strategies, some people have been able to win consistently, and up to a level where they live off sports betting.

But please mark those words - 'well-devised plan and playing strategies.' I know you probably have heard about playing with strategies before, but how often and how accurately have you been using strategies?

Can you make a living off sports betting

Whenever you remember to or every time you play? In a given order or haphazardly? Well, for most punters, I guess we all know what the answers to those are - they use strategies once in a while, and even when they do, they do it haphazardly.

But that's got to change. Here are the best betting strategies you need to adopt and in the given order if you want to make money off sports betting in 2020.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a type of betting whereby players take advantage of the free bets & promos advertised on betting sites. For punters looking to make a living off sports betting, this is the first step in the right direction.

With matched betting, you'll be playing a mathematically risk-free bets that include promos, bonus offers, free bets, and refund options. And before you begin to ask where you can find a matched betting opportunity, please note that they can be found on all betting sites.

It is advisable to start your sports betting journey with match betting because most of these enticing offers are usually made available to new customers. For example, you may find an advert on a sports betting website that says 'bet $30 with us, and we'll give you a $30 free bet!'

Offers like these are quite common, and you'll always find them lying around on different betting sites like The only question is, how many betting websites are you willing to try? Nobody is going to stop or question you for using as many as you like, so I guess you need to take advantage of this opportunity as much as you can.

Arbitrage betting

Following on from the step above, the next line of action is now for you to begin to arb. What's arbing? You may wonder. Well, arbing is the process whereby a player arbs sports betting sites by covering all outcomes of an event, in order to profit from the difference in their odds.

What this means is that a player will bet on an outcome of a given match on a sports betting site and will bet against this same outcome on another site, provided there is a glaring difference in the odds offered by the two sites.

However, it should be noted that arbing opportunities don't come around too often, and although you can find them in virtually all sports, including football, tennis, horse racing, etc., they don't stay up for too long. Once a bookie spots that their odds differ from what the rest of the market is offering, they'll quickly adjust theirs.

But in order to stay ahead of them and to guarantee that you're always on hand to take advantage of an arbing opportunity, you can use some popular arb finders like Bet Burger, Rebelbetting, Oddstorm, and Oddsmoney.

Value betting

By now, you should have built up a bankroll from the risk-free methods of matched betting and arbitrage betting. Now it is time to start using that money you've earned from those risk-free approaches to make some calculated risks and earn even more money.

In value betting, players look for those games where the odds suggest that the selection isn't as likely to win as it really is. By picking value odds, the 'edge' is in the player's favor.

To find a value bet, you just need to look at the games available for that day (across different leagues, countries, and competitions) and assess the probability of an outcome as more likely to occur than the probability implied by the bookmaker's odds; it is a value bet.

For example, let's say in a game involving Manchester United, the bookmakers have decided to give Manchester United a 2.50 odd to win against Real Madrid. In percentage terms, this would mean that Man United have a 40% chance of winning the game.

Now let's say you have done your own assessment and research through the respective teams form guide, history, weather forecast, injuries, and lots more, and you've concluded that United have a better chance than the bookies are giving them. In fact, you feel as though the game should be a 50-50 one, with United boasting a 50% shot. Provided your assessment is right; this is a value situation, one that can earn you some cool cash.

But, of course, it carries a significant risk, which is 'whether or not your assessment is right.'

After reading the stories of players who have successfully made bets over the years, we can distinguish among them repeating distinctive features that allow them to regularly make the correct bets. Both beginners and already experienced can take these moments into their arsenal and significantly improve the quality of their bets, which can affect both a short distance and in the long run.

The choice of a bookmaker


If you expect to play successfully on bets, then only the most reliable, proven bookmakers will suit you. These are reputable offices that have been offering players to place bets for many years.

Such offices do not obstruct players who successfully place bets on them. In the end, the owners of such offices understand that not all players only lose, there are competent experienced players who either have a well-developed betting system, or players who are well versed in their chosen sport, or they are special successful people who just feel where set, understand the sport and psychology of athletes, they are lucky. There are few such players, but they are.

For such successful players, the reliability of his bookmaker comes first. In the end, it is not so important for a successful player who will pay him a win, the main thing is for this to happen, and you can be sure of it. Such players have accounts in 2-3 proven offices and put there for many years.

Arblift Players

There is a separate category of successful players who must have accounts in a large number of bookmakers, simply because their game system is built on bets in many offices. These are arblift players. They analyze the odds of all bookmakers and put on time the good odds, take profits for any outcome of the matches.

Such bets are specific and require a lot of experience and knowledge from the player, in addition, special computer programs and tools, services are needed that allow you to compare the lines of different bookmakers, and you also need to quickly make these bets, which also requires skill.

Despite these inconveniences, such players do not actually bet, in fact they do not risk betting, there is no danger of losing everything, especially having mastered this direction of betting. Players using game strategies and systems depend on the outcome and results of the matches, their task is to evaluate the strength of the teams and either give predictions for specific matches overweight on the line or make bets that are successful over the distance.


For players making single bets, in addition to reliability, the convenience of placing bets is also important. As in any business, speed and comfort are important. Successful players place bets mainly from computers, as you need to analyze a lot of information. In this regard, the sites and services of offices should work quickly, clearly, not freeze, always online.

Like any other, the work of the bettor should occur as quickly as possible, time is money. The player needs to quickly get the line of the office, quickly make a bet. All leading offices also understand this and try to provide players with the best services.

Bet specialization selection

Successful players concentrate on some main area of ​​betting. The world of sports and betting is huge. Each sport has a large number of players, teams, everywhere its own specificity and its own characteristics. For each sport, you need to separately adapt and develop your own system.

Over the years, experience has been accumulated, the player better understands the strengths and weaknesses of players and teams in a sport, he becomes a professional in this matter and shows the best results in it. This is the case in ordinary life.

If you work in many directions at once, a bettor will lose sight of many important points in each sport, will scatter his attention, he will not concentrate on all the intricacies and aspects of why the quality of forecasts and bets will fall.

In addition, choosing several areas of your betting activity at once, you will need to devote much more time to a good result.

As a result, all professionals come to the conclusion that you need to concentrate on one direction.


In any business, including in bets, the player must have the goal he is striving for. For fans of betting, this is usually some kind of financial guideline. The player tunes in to this landmark and tries to achieve what he wants, thinks about it, and is motivated by a goal. Once the goal is achieved, you can relax, switch, do something else, you can spend the money you earn to really see the result of your work. Next, you can think about a new goal.

The goal is good because the player understands and realizes the meaning of what is happening: why does he make bets and what is he striving for. If there is no goal, the player does not think about anything and does not understand his path.

The goal at first glance seems to be clear and obvious. Many people say that you need to have a goal in life, to move towards it, but this is some kind of abstract concept. But to set a goal, for example, is recommended by psychotherapists in their practice. There are no empty recommendations in the treatment of people, so there is no doubt about the importance of the goal.

Most players, unfortunately, do not have a financial goal. The player simply makes bets, hoping to win something. Many players simply lose, largely because they have no goal. In case of failure, a purposeful person should analyze his work, draw conclusions, understand the reasons for the failures. The goal involves subsequent analysis.

In the event of a loss, an ordinary player will simply be upset, write off the blame for simple bad luck, bad players and teams, and after a while, perhaps, he will make the same bets again, again without a goal.

Successful players always set themselves the goal. They are trying to achieve it, are making efforts. If it does not work out, analyze the errors.

Bid amount

Many successful long-distance betting players agree that it is worth betting according to their financial management.

Typically, the term financial management refers to the size of the rate. Often successful players make bets of the same size and clearly adhere to this rule throughout all their bets as they move towards the goal.

Fixed rate bets (flat) are good in that the risk of losing everything is reduced. Typically, a player allocates some percentage from his bank, which is considered a flat, for example, this is a rate of 5% of the bank. You can constantly take into account the percentage of a changing bank, or you can agree to place bets of the same size until you reach the goal, for example. It is more comfortable.

The player makes all his bets of a small size and does not experience much psychological stress. Many ordinary players constantly change the size of bets. If a player has won a good amount, he does not know how to bet further. Often he has no purpose in addition. He is confused: either to put something further, or to withdraw.

Can You Make A Living Off Sports Betting As A

If a player has lost a large part of the pot, he may be upset and can put everything that remains on some next bet and seriously risk losing it.

The player is with a fixed rate that in case of a win, which in case of a loss simply makes the next bet according to his financial management.

No attempt to recoup

The desire to recoup is a very big problem for most typical players. Being upset, a person in any situation can do stupid things, and even in the rates it is easy to do. The player loses the bet, then excessively overstates the next one, and as a result loses the entire bank.

It must be remembered that bookmakers have very high maximum bets. They can accept a very large amount, but the player usually has modest amounts. When making a large bet, the player risks a lot, but the bookmaker does not.

The desire to recoup is a psychological moment. Here you need to work on yourself. The best moment is, after much chagrin of losing a bet, do not bet at all, turn off the computer, go for a walk, switch. But it’s harder to do than say.

Players who make bets as a percentage of the pot or flat are not at risk of losing much. It is also a good option to initially set a bet amount for yourself, above which a player will not place bets under any circumstances.

Following your system

Successful players have a specific goal, specialize in their sport, use financial management in betting and clearly follow their betting system throughout the entire period of work until they reach the goal.

It is important to comply with all these conditions and not to change the rules during the game. By initially establishing such rules, making bets becomes easier because the player preliminarily excludes risk bets from his game with a large percentage of the bank, makes bets only on the events of the sport that he knows well. Bets are no longer random, and the likelihood of losing is reduced.

A rare game in live

Successful players in their work most often put before the match. Their objects may be long-term bets, for example, on any major tournament. Ordinary players do not make such bets, because wait too long for the tournament to end, and an experienced player, on the contrary, is always ready to make a long-term bet, for example, on his agreed several percent of the bank.

Playing live is rare for successful bets. Live requires a player to have a very high psychological preparation and stability. During the match, the situation is constantly changing, the odds are jumping like a roller coaster. One player or team hangs in the balance from defeat, but in the end they can recoup. At one point, the bet wins, an important event happens, for example, a goal in football, and the bet is already in the red.

It is very difficult to keep calm for any player in such nervous situations. People by nature find it easier to be in a pleasant comfortable environment, and not in constant stress. And the game in live is all built on these constant changes.

One of the main problems in live is also the lack of time. The situation in matches is changing rapidly and you need to make a decision as quickly as the player what to bet. You can’t pause the match and sit quietly to think for a while. A sharp impulsive decision must be made, and often it turns out to be wrong.

Successful players often do not get involved in live for these reasons, and are looking for their chances in the match odds. In addition, the bookmaker’s margin is calculated in its own way in the live, mainly not in the player’s favor, so the winnings are even less than the potential regular bets.

Personal qualities

Success in betting requires special personal qualities of the player. Not every player can be successful in betting simply in principle. This must be understood before starting the game.

Many people are initially inattentive, sloppy, mistreat their things, constantly forget something, lose, are late for work on time, and even cannot always count simple arithmetic operations in their minds. People with similar disabilities should not count on success in betting.


In sports, the strongest do not always win. To win, you do not have to be the strongest, fastest and most agile. You can be smart, organized, clearly carry out the installation of a coach, competently put your strength in the distance, and achieve victory.

The same qualities are necessary for successful players. There must be a clear system of work, the player must have an action plan, understand what and how he does.

Persistence and tenacity

Every successful player once started from scratch. No one immediately wins all bets on bookmakers. Everyone stuffed their bumps before becoming a successful player.

Most bettors either quit the game after several failures, or continue to bet, but are not seriously plunged into this matter.

A successful player has strong personal qualities. He is ready to work hard, to make efforts on the path to success, failure hardens him, gives food for thought. Successful bets are also analyzed.

Sports knowledge + ability to bet

For successful bets, it’s good to have a rare combination of ability to understand all the intricacies of your sport and an understanding of all the mechanisms of sports bets. 60 to 1 odds.

The ability to understand sports is one of the key qualities that a bettor should have. You need to be a professional in this matter. It depends on how the match ends, which bets will win and which will lose. Sport therefore stands above the stakes.

But sports knowledge alone is not enough. You need to be able to understand the whole organization of betting in principle. You need to understand the power of low and high odds, to understand bookmakers — why the odds are different for them.

You can be an excellent forecaster and specialist in your sport, but it can often turn out that a very predictable result is often given very low odds, and if you make a lot of such bets, some of them will still lose, and there may not be a positive result. You can, on the contrary, constantly chasing very high odds, but they will lose over and over again.

A successful player is capable of both being well versed in his sport, and having his own work strategy, an understanding of the odds, the same financial management. A successful player is a hybrid of various components in the bets. We need to work in several areas and develop in them.

Examples of successful players


As mentioned above, one of the categories of successful players is arblifts.

The advantage of this game is a low risk. The player, in fact, does not really risk losing everything, because he is not dependent on sporting events. He should not become a master in forecasts and alignments of forces of teams and players.

Cons — high requirements for technical training and equipment arblift. You need to have a good computer, connect special services — arb scanners, and if you find the arb quickly put it down.

The main problem is that you need to deal with several bookmakers. One of them may no longer accept the bet, changing the initial winning odds to lower ones, which will no longer give the winning bet. Worst of all, when a bookmaker can accept a bet, but give a refund on it.

As a result, there is some danger to put on arbs. You need to be an experienced player in this matter.


This category of players is based on a competent determination of the outcome of matches, specifically bets. Bookmakers offer their odds, but this is only the probability estimated by experts of bookmakers. They often are not right, it is a common thing. In general, experts at bookmakers do not try to calculate the options as accurately as possible. Players will still bet on everything.

The advantage of forecasters over bookmakers is that they can work precisely on each bet, carefully evaluating teams and weighing all factors. The forecaster can take a day off at any time and not engage in bets at all.

Bookmakers are always forced to give their quotes, they have no days off. They must bet on all sports, all teams 24 hours a day.

Successful forecasters replay line offices due to the quality of their work.

Value players

Unlike forecasters, value players primarily look at odds. For them, the most important indicator is how much you can win on the bet. Even if the dealer sees a good bet, he will not place it if the odds on it are too low.

How To Make A Living Off Sports Betting

The easiest way to work for value players is with the odds around 2. The market is chosen from two simple events, for example, which player will win in tennis, or will total 2.5 goals be broken in football, and if the odds are around 2 or higher, and the outcome itself seems to the value players very promising, he will make such a bet.

Can You Make A Living Off Sports Betting

Long-term rates can often be valued.

Match traders

This category of players makes bets on the movement of match odds. Most often, the main area of ​​work for traders is football. They track the composition of the playing teams. This work begins long before the start of the matches, often as soon as the first odds for the match appear (a few days before the game).

Information from the teams that accompanies the upcoming match makes adjustments to the odds. There is information that some players will not be able to play due to injuries, or their participation is in question, and this affects the odds.

Can You Make A Living Off Sports Betting Online

For ordinary players, such work is not familiar and not understandable, but such bets yield results.

Can You Make Money Off Sports Betting


Can You Make A Living Off Of Sports Betting

Becoming a successful betting player is not easy. Only a few percent of the players consistently win at the bookmakers. To do this, you will have to make an effort, you need to have your goal in betting, a good strategy for achieving it, use financial management and be organized by a person with a strong character.