Can You Bet On Sports Online In Texas

Legal sports betting for Texas residents can only be done one way. You won’t be able to find land-based casinos with sportsbooks in them in this state. Rather, legal Texas sports betting must be done online, at an offshore sportsbook. These operators provide the same betting action that would be found at one the best sportsbooks in Atlantic City or Vegas. With a diverse fan base in the state for teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, and Houston Astros, it only makes sense that sports enthusiasts in the state be able to wager on the teams they root for every week.

For instance, the state of Texas is one of the states in which betting on college sports as well as other sports remain illegal. However, it remains to be seen whether this will remain the case or not. How To Bet On Sports Online Legally. To bet online legally, you first need to find a legal and regulated operator. Fortunately, many states have legalized sports betting and have online sportsbooks live, accepting wagers. Sportsbook technology is so streamlined that using them is about as simple as using any other app you access on a day-to-day. Online horse racing betting is prohibited in Texas. Locals can bet on live horse races in-person at any of the state’s authorized racetracks, which also offer simulcasting for betting on races held elsewhere. Texas racetracks have experienced a significant decline since the year 2000. There are no legal ramifications for betting on your favorite sports at online sportsbooks in Texas. Since international betting sites are located overseas, they are not affected by US legislation. This means that sports bettors are able to bet on sports legally online without any risk of getting in trouble. Yes, bettors in Texas can place bets online at Bovada Sportsbook without violating any domestic gambling laws. Bovada operates legally within the industry under the credentials of its parent company, Bodog. There are no state or federal laws that prohibit Texans from placing bets at Bovada.

Texas residents can legally bet on sports when they use online, offshore sportsbooks. Otherwise, they’ll have to take a road trip or fly to another state to have access to land-based sportsbooks. If you’re hoping that land-based sports betting venues are going to come to Texas in the near future you may be right. There have been bills introduced in order to officially legalize and regulate the activity. However, given the fact that state officials have a traditional stance against gambling, we don’t expect it to happen until a few years out. This makes betting on sports online in Texas the only option available for the foreseeable future.

Can We Now Legally Bet On Sports In Texas?

With the repeal of PASPA, residents still have access to the same options for legal sports betting in Texas. Though the state can one-day launch regulated sports betting sites and sportsbooks, there has been no indication given of when this will happen. In the past, Texas has been unsuccessful with most types of gambling expansion. That being said, the sports betting industry generates billions each year and Texas would be smart to take advantage of the additional stream of revenue. While the legislature decides which way to go on state-licensed sports gambling, sports fans in the state can continue using the same trusted sports betting sites for legal TX sports betting.

Residents of the Lone Star State can place bets at any American-facing online casino or sportsbook without fear of prosecution by the state government. Texans in many parts of the state are a short drive away from tribal gaming in neighboring states, but they continue to choose online casinos and books because of the convenience factor. Mississippi sportsbooks are the closest land-based option for TX residents, but still quite a distance away. For example, Biloxi sportsbooks are a 5-hour drive from Beaumont and an 8-hour drive from Dallas. Online sportsbooks are the most convenient option for sports wagering play in Texas.

Sports Betting Laws in Texas

Currently, there are no sports betting laws in Texas. Most states, Texas included, never passed any type of sports betting legislation due to the federal prohibitions that were once in place. Because of this, there are no Texas sports betting laws and there is nothing standing in the way of using online, offshore sportsbooks. Without any laws on the books that even mention using the internet to bet on sports, you can consider sports betting in Texas legal.

Will I Go to Jail for Online Sports Betting in Texas?

Texas has no law against online gambling on the books and we do not see this changing anytime soon. No one has ever been arrested in Texas for playing at online casinos or sportsbooks, and the federal government has indicated that the 1961 Federal Wire Act will be used to crack down on illegal sports betting providers, not online bettors themselves. You should have no worries about going to jail when using reputable sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting.

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Bovada is one sportsbook we have never ignored, as they have never mistreated their players. We have found that Bovada is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable sports betting sites, solely because they provide their users with total security, fair odds, and safe deposits. Depositing into their book is done by way of VISA cards, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Bovada provides their users with one of the longest lists of available sports, including major sports, entertainment bets, political props and much more. This is one of the most complete sportsbooks on the market, and we have long favored them for our gaming. If you decide to join up with Bovada, you will receive a 100% to $250 match bonus upon starting up. This bonus, combined with all of their other features, has made Bovada one of the top choices for gaming.

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BetOnline is another sportsbook that has grown into a substantial competitor in the industry. BetOnline gives their users a solid list of betting odds, covering most sports. Football, soccer, hockey, baseball, tennis, golf and more can all be covered by BetOnline. They do not necessarily cover many non-sports prop bets, but they are very committed to offering straight sports bets. They have a 50% match to $1,000 for new players, and this makes for one of the most significant bonuses in all of online sports betting. To claim the Welcome Bonus, enter code BOL1000 while making your deposit. If you sign up with BetOnline, you will have access by way of Bitcoin, VISA and wire transfers, so funding your account never need be a difficult task.

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Texas is a state full of many sports and there are so many games that go on here which means many betting options. Players know that when they sign up for Mybookie, there will be huge winning possibilities. Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans are just a few of Texas teams that can be bet on MyBookie. Players need to take the time to check out a site like this that has great banking methods, amazing parlay bet options, and live betting options as well. Also, players can use their phones to access their accounts. Check out MyBookie. It will change your life!

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SportBetting is one of the better online sportsbooks out there for gamblers to sign up for. There are so many different bonuses here and this only means more money for players to win. These bonuses could be one of them that could reward a player with free play or extra money. There are plenty of prop bets that will be here as well so more ways that players can make money is more of the reason that players will sign up for Sportsbetting. Make sure to check out the site and there will be more offered like live betting and mobile betting features.

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Can You Bet On Sports Online In Texas Holdem

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You’ve probably heard it mentioned before, as it was the most controversial of the sports betting laws in the US. The now-overturned Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) stipulated that states were not allowed to regulate sports betting. There were 46 states without sports betting as a result of PASPA. Four states were exempt (Delaware, Montana, Nevada, Oregon) but only two of those states actively offered sports betting. Nevada was the only one able to offer full single-game wagering up until the Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional on May 14th, 2018.

You might be wondering why residents who live in Texas don’t just hop on to an online sportsbook based in another state instead of using an offshore book. Well, there’s actually a law that prevents that from happening. It’s called the Wire Act. According to the Wire Act, no person(s) is allowed to accept a wager over a line of communication. This means telegraphs, telephones, internet, the whole shebang. The Wire Act prevents wagers from crossing state lines, which keeps regulated online sports betting limited to just the states that have legalized sports gambling. What the Wire Act does not do, however, is prevent online sports betting at offshore sportsbooks. That is because it does not have jurisdiction over sites based in other countries.

Finally, we have the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The UIGEA is a federal sports betting law that states that it is unlawful for companies to accept wagers or transact funds from US residents. What the UIGEA does is prevent banks from being able to process certain transactions from Texas bettors to online gambling sites. What it does not do, though, is prevent betting from happening. This law does not have jurisdiction over companies in other countries. When you use an online, offshore sportsbook, you’re participating in legal Texas sports betting that is not in violation of these federal sports betting laws.

Each state lays out its own laws when it comes to the age at which residents can legally gamble. The legal gambling age in Texas is 21, no matter what you are trying to do. So just in case you are slow, the legal sports betting age in Texas is 21.

One of the great parts of having an online sports betting account is having access to the corresponding mobile site. These sites are browser-based and able to be accessed by anyone with a smartphone. In Texas, legal sports betting on mobile sites can be done so long as you’re using one that is based overseas.

Will Texas Ever Offer State-Licensed Online Sports Betting?

There is nothing preventing Texas from offering state-licensed online sports betting, but it would likely be a long process. In 2015, two bills for fantasy sports sites were filed but never made it out of committee. In the immediate months post-PASPA repeal, the state has given no indication that any type of sports betting legislation is up for discussion. While regulated Texas sports betting sites are a possibility, it is unclear if and when the state will move forward. Fortunately, there are plenty of online, offshore sportsbooks that offer betting opportunities to Texas Residents.

How Can a Texas Residents Find a Legal Sportsbook?

Texas Residents looking for legal sportsbooks need only hop online and Google USA sportsbooks. Books that accept US players almost always accept Texas residents. You can find out if the book you want to use is a legal Texas sports betting site by heading to their about page.

Can You Bet On Politics In Texas?

Betting on Politics in the state of Texas can be done. Just like with sports betting, though, it must be done at an online, offshore sportsbook. Any form of betting on the outcome of an activity will have to be done at an offshore site, because of the current federal gambling laws that dictate gambling in the state.

Can You Bet On Sports Online In Texas
Teams In Texas To Bet On, Professional And College

As one of the largest states in the US and one of the most populated, Texas has a ton of different teams that you can bet on. At both the Professional and College level, Texas is a leader in producing fun, talented sports teams. Below is a list of the most popular Division I teams and professional teams available for legal sports betting in Texas.

Professional Sports Teams To Bet On In Texas:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Houston Texans
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Houston Rockets
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Texas Rangers
  • Houston Astros
  • Dallas Stars

How To Bet On Sports Online In Texas

College Teams To Bet On In Texas:

  • University of Texas Longhorns
  • Texas A&M Aggies
  • University of Houston Cougars
  • Texas Tech Red Raiders
  • SMU Mustangs
  • Baylor Bears
  • TCU Horned Frogs
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Ultimate Texas Hold’em takes the popular player-vs-player poker format – and makes this into a casino table game. This game involves hole cards, a flop, turn and river. Unlike the original game, you are playing against the house, and not the other players.

With 3 chances to bet on every hand, the rules are more complex than for other casino table games. You can bet more on early streets than on later ones in Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The ability to ‘check’ is also part of the game. This keeps players involved until the end of each hand.

This page covers Ultimate Texas Hold’em (UTH) in depth. Below you will find the rules, set out as a single hand of the game. House edge and the popular ‘Trips’ side bet are covered after that. Strategy, legal online UTH games and a detailed FAQ are also included.

UTH rules: How Ultimate Texas Hold’em works

You need to place 2 bets to be dealt into a hand of Ultimate Texas Hold’em. These bets are of equal size. One is the ‘Ante’ and the other is the ‘Blind’. You also get the option to place a 3rd bet, ‘Trips’. This is a side bet. It is covered in the section below.

UTH is played with a single deck of cards, which is shuffled between deals.

Each player and the dealer are each dealt 2 ‘hole cards’ face down. You only get to look at your own cards. Sharing of hands between players is not allowed. 5 community cards are also dealt, these are all face-down at the start of the hand.

There are three possible betting rounds in each hand. Note that you only get to bet once, after which you simply wait for the outcome.

  • Pre-Flop: Based on your hole cards you can choose to bet 3x or 4x your ante, or check (bet nothing and wait for the flop).
  • On the Flop: Once the flop of 3 community cards is revealed, you get a second chance to bet. You can choose to bet 2x your ante – or check once again.
  • After the River: Next the final two community cards are revealed. You now get to choose between betting 1x your ante – or folding your hand (losing both the Blind and Ante).

Next the dealer and players reveal their hands. There is a dealer qualification requirement. The dealer needs 1 pair or better to ‘Open’ (qualify). Your hand and the dealer’s best 5-card poker hand using any combination of the community cards and hole-cards will then be compared.

Here are how the bets are paid:

  • Player Wins + Dealer Opens: Blind/Ante/Play all paid
  • Player Wins + Dealer Does Not Open: Blind and Play bets paid, Ante is a Push
  • Dealer Wins and Opens: All Blind/Ante/Play all lose
  • Dealer Wins and Does Not Open: Blind and Play bets lose Ante is a Push

In the event of a tie all bets are considered a push.

Winning Ante and Play bets are paid at 1-to-1. Blind bets are different. They are paid depending on the strength of your poker hand. Note that anything below a straight is a push.

  • Royal Flush: 500-to-1
  • Straight Flush: 50-to-1
  • 4 of a Kind: 10-to-1
  • Full House: 3-to-1
  • Flush: 3-to-2
  • Straight: 1-to-1

Other casino table games

Ultimate Texas Hold'em3 Card PokerLet It Ride

Strategy for Ultimate Texas Hold’em

To play optimally, a strategy card is recommended for this game. The requirements for whether to play, check or (after the river) fold are different as you go through the hand. There are some simple rules of thumb which will help with most of your decisions.

  • Before the flop: Bet 4x with any pair, any ace, any suited king, King/5 unsuited or better, Queen/8+ (unsuited) and Queen with a 6 or 7 if suited, Jack + 10 unsuited, Jack with an 8 or 9 if suited. Every other hand is a check.
  • On the flop: Bet 2x with any pair that includes one of your own hole cards, except for 2-2. 2 pairs or better or 4 to a flush (4 suited cards) where one of your own cards is at least a 10 of that suit. Otherwise check.
  • After the river: Bet 1x with any hand better than a pair that includes one of your own hole cards. You should also bet where the dealer has less than 21 ‘outs’ to beat your hand. This is not always clear, with a judgement of how easily you could be beaten by high cards in the dealers hand a reasonable substitute.

UTH is not a game that works by ‘playing blind’ (betting regardless of your hole cards). With so much information available via the community cards, betting before you see them gives the casino a big house edge.

UTH side bets: Trips and progressive jackpots

Unlike many other casino table games, Ultimate Texas Hold’em already include a bonus payout. The mandatory ‘Blind’ bet pays up to 500-to-1 for a Royal Flush. There is also a popular ‘Trips’ side bet. Prizes for this will vary between casinos. Some, including Caesars Entertainment properties, tie a progressive jackpot to this bet.

To play you simply need to place a bet on the ‘Trips’ square before the cards are dealt. If the best hand possible using your own hole cards and the community cards is 3 of a kind or better, you will get paid according to this pay table:


Can I Bet Sports Online

  • Royal Flush: 50-to-1
  • Straight Flush: 40-to-1
  • 4 of a Kind: 30-to-1
  • Full House: 9-to-1
  • Flush: 7-to-1
  • Straight: 4-to-1
  • 3 of a Kind: 3-to-1

All other hands lose this bet. The Trips side bet is completely separate from the hand against the dealer. You could lose the main hand against the dealer, and still get paid on this side bet.

House edge for Ultimate Texas Hold’em

This game is much harder to play ‘perfectly’ compared to other casino table games. While the headline house edge is around 2.2% for your Ante and Blind bets, that assumes a perfect decision every time.

You also need to consider the variable amounts you are betting. A pre-flop Play bet will be 4 units. While the edge on those bets is 0.5%, you’ll be betting 4x your Ante – adding 2% house edge in terms of a single unit.

As usual the Trips side bet has a bigger edge for the casino. This is also a more volatile bet, only paying out for those rare 3 of a kind or better hands.

Where to legally play Ultimate Texas Hold’em online?

There are currently 4 states with legal online casinos where you can enjoy playing UTH online. With many other states legalizing sports betting and others considering casino games, it is hoped that this list will expand soon. The current states with regulated online casinos are:

Online casinos in these states offer table games including UTH via mobile phone (and iPhone) casino apps or on desktop computers via their browser-based casino clients. The casinos have geolocation technology which ensures they only allow gaming from inside state lines.

You’ll find software-based table games at all online casinos. As well as Ultimate Texas Hold’em there are blackjack tables, roulette wheels, 3 Card Poker games and many other variations of popular casino games. Most of the games at all online casinos are slots. These combine the popular games from live casinos with slots developed for casino apps.

Live dealer online UTH games

Live dealer rooms are popular at online casinos. These stream real games in real time from studios based at brick and mortar casinos. You can bet using an overlay, dragging and dropping chips as if you were sat at a real table. A big advantage of these games is the social interaction. You can text chat with the dealers and other players while you enjoy a game.

Rich casino mobile play. Blackjack and roulette are the most popular games at live dealer online casinos. Casino poker variations including UTH and 3-Card Poker can be found in some rooms.

Keep in mind that the bets are a little bigger in live dealer casinos compared to the software versions. You will need to bet before a timer runs down. If you reach the river without responding in time, then you will automatically fold.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em and casino bonuses

There are many bonuses and free-play incentives at legal online casinos in the regulated states. You can take advantage of these by clearing them playing UTH or other table games. Typical bonus offers include small amounts of free play (no deposit needed), or a matched bonus based on your first deposit.

For table games, you need to check which games can be used for bonus clearance. A common way that casinos encourage players to clear bonuses on slots is to ‘weight’ the table games. This means that not all of the money you bet on UTH would be counted towards clearing the bonus. Weightings will vary between casinos. This means it can be worthwhile checking the terms and conditions of each bonus before you sign-up.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em FAQ

How big a casino bankroll should I have to play UTH?

You’ll be betting more units playing a hand of Ultimate Texas Hold’em compared to other casino poker variations. If you play the optional Trips side-bet, there are 3 units bet at the start of a hand. Betting pre-flop will then require 4 more units.

With 7 units per hand, you’ll need a bigger bankroll than the recommended 20 bets for most casino table games. 50 units ($250 at a $5 table) is enough to ride out the swings of this game. Balancing the requirement for a bigger bankroll, when the hands do go your way, you have the potential to win big.

Key to casino bankroll management is only betting money that you can afford to lose.

Is cheating at Ultimate Texas Hold’em possible?

No. The only way you could get an advantage in this game is by seeing the dealer’s hole-cards before they are revealed after the community cards were dealt. This would require marked cards or collusion with the dealer – and would be fraudulent.

Player collusion will give you an idea of which of your outs are still in the deck (for example if you were drawing to a flush). This is against the rules in casinos and is not possible online. Knowing this information would only reduce the house edge – not eliminate it.

With the single deck of cards shuffled between deals, card-counting is not possible.

Can I play UTG online?

Can You Bet On Sports Online In California

Yes. You can legally enjoy Ultimate Texas Hold’em online in states which have legal/regulated mobile casinos. The current list is PA, NJ, MI and WV. With gambling regulation rapidly expanding, it is hoped that more states will join this list soon.

What are the pros and cons of online Ultimate Texas Hold’em and live games?

Online UTH games can be enjoyed for smaller stakes than the live equivalent. Software based games have stakes starting at under a dollar. You can enjoy these casinos on the move (via an Android or iPhone Casino app) or a desktop.

Live games include a much bigger social element. You can also find side bets with giant progressive jackpots at some live casinos.

How does UTH compare to Texas Hold’em poker

The original form of Texas Hold’em poker is a player-vs-player game. This is a game of skill and chance, with a big bluffing element. To win a pot you either show down the best hand – or get your opponent to fold.

UTH is very different from the game invented from poker in Texas. It uses a similar format, but is a casino gambling game with a long-term edge in favor of the house. The shared element is that the best 5 card poker hands are made from your hole cards and the 5 community cards.

Wrapping up: Ultimate Texas Hold’em

UTH is a popular game at both live and online casinos. Strategy is relatively complex compared to other casino table games. This keeps things interesting for players. A big attraction in Ultimate Texas Hold’em is that you can win extra for making the best poker hands.

Keep in mind that you’ll bet up to 4 units extra to raise on many hands. This means a bigger starting bankroll (or smaller bets) is needed compared to other casino poker games.