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As online bingo grows rapidly, players are loving this amazing game. From rapid bingo to classic versions, this is a seriously interesting game that people across the globe are starting to play regularly.

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Host your own Music Bingo games. Print bingo cards, play music from playlists. The party is in your hands and ready to go. Your favorite categories and themes, such as 80s Hair, 90s, Golden Oldies, Antonyms, Anagrams, and more! This is the most standard Bingo variation used. Music Bingo (Help ’em Out) – While the songs are playing I can show the song title on the big screen to take the guess work out of more obscure songs, or to make it fun when doing music bingo sessions with young people. Alternatively, I can scramble the text to add even a further exciting element to the game.

Bingo sites are more secure than ever, and the social side of bingo is a big draw for many, with the opportunity to have a drink and a chat with friends irresistible. Music is a big part of this, with the perfect soundtrack of real importance when it comes to crafting a unique vibe.

In this article, we will take a peek at three music playlists to consider when playing bingo. From intense to relaxed to classical, we will cover it all right here.

Let’s get going with a look at the first type of music on our list of soundtracks to enjoy when playing online bingo.

Intense music to consider when playing online bingo

Upbeat tunes can be great to help get into the intense fun of online bingo. Whether classic rock from the likes of Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd or you enjoy the electronic grooves of Armand Van Helden, getting the adrenaline going before a game of bingo can really help performance. Casino slots tips and tricks.

Get things kicked off with something more chilled before going onto intense tunes for online bingo fun! Let’s take a peek at some of our top tips for chilled tunes to get things started at the beginning of the night.

Chilled music to consider when playing online bingo

The best bingo sites offer their very own built-in soundtracks, yet these are not always available. If you are not sure which one to select, you can click here to view a list of top bingo sites.

In terms of music playlists for online bingo, chilled music can be a top choice. Whether something from the old school like Ella Fitzgerald to help whip up that retro Vegas charm, or contemporary chilled notes from the likes of Arlo Parks, keeping things chill is a top way to accompany your online bingo.

In truth, there is evidence to show that online bingo can be a great method to relaxation. As an intense game that requires your full attention, bingo can be a deeply therapeutic game.

Classical music to consider when playing online bingo

Another option for a playlist when playing online bingo is to enjoy some classical music. Studies show that classical music can be a big help when it comes to maintaining levels of focus. What’s more, the sound of such refined music will no doubt leave you in a great mood during and long after your game, no matter the outcome!

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Overall, it can be said that the top music playlists to consider when playing online bingo are the types that help you enjoy the game to the best of your ability. Whether intense or chilled, the top priority should always be to have fun! Online bingo is based on enjoying your time and if the music can boost this, then go for it!

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What to expect

Bingo, music, prizes, dancing grannies!

Indeedy Musical Bingo is like normal bingo, but with songs instead of numbers! Cross songs off your bingo card as you hear them, and compete to win amazing and hilarious prizes.
Prizes range from sandwich toasters, inflatable bananas, and bottles of bubbly!
With fun party music, dancing grannies, and side competitions like dance-offs, lip sync battles, and air guitar performances, our show promises an unforgettable night out!

The music

Our music ranges through genres, decades, and themes, and is always chock full of crowd-pleasers. We have over 60 themed rounds, so it’s never the same night twice!

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Music themes include:
90s / Pop / Dance Anthems / 80s / Girl Power / Musicals / 00s / Rock Anthems / Lovin’ / 70s / Animal Magic / Yacht Rock / 50s / Numbers / Hip Hop / 60s / Soul Classics / Rainbow / Soundtracks / Motown and many more!

We also make bespoke rounds for corporate and private events, with customised music selections and specially designed bingo cards for product launches and weddings.

The magic

Come party with us!
You can find us at various venues, festivals and private parties across the UK, Europe, and the USA. For full listings of our public shows, please check out our events. To get a newsletter with prize previews and fun updates from our founder Jess Indeedy, sign up here.

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Most people tell us they had no idea how fun it was until they experienced our show. So while we do our best to explain the magic, we welcome you to please come and experience Indeedy Bingo for yourself! We forecast a 100% chance of happiness.

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Welcome to the Vortex of Positivity!