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We often see people asking each other in groups or sending messages. Only to ask that “Is Bingo Blitz down?”. So today, we are going to clear this up.

We will shed light on what to do when your Bingo Blitz is working. And also that how to check if the problem is with you only.

There are many reasons that cause Bingo Blitz to not load or connected with your Facebook account.

Although the app itself seems to put a big dent in my battery usage, I still enjoy the bingo. The number display is quite large. So, due to a vison impairment, I have an easy time reading them, although the font style does cause confusion between 6’s and 8’s. It’s not enough to deter me. Available for mobile, tablet and Android TV. The 'Bingo at Home' app is a bingo caller to play bingo at home, among family or friends. When a bingo game starts, the app begins to call the bingo balls. The game can be paused and restarted as needed, for example, to check if the line or bingo.

Sometimes, there can be problems with their servers while maintenance. And this can be the reason why Bingo Blitz can’t connect to the server sometimes.

But mostly, the issue is with the user’s device and internet connected. You will have to briefly troubleshoot it.

Method to Test if Bingo Blitz is Really Down

Although there can be countless ways in which you can test why an app isn’t working. But we are going to list and explain the easiest ones that we have tried ourselves.

1. Check Your Internet Connection First

Often times, we don’t realize that our internet is perfectly working. Even though it’s connected and shows full signals. But there’s issue with ISP sometimes. Or there’s too much load of users on your connection.

In this case, always check your internet by opening a simple web page on your favorite browser. Don’t forget to analyze the speed at which it loads because if it takes a minute or two to load just a simple website that opens in five to ten seconds. Then it’s a red flag and you should instantly know that your internet is lagging. And this is the cause of problem.

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2. Make Sure Your Game is Updated to the Latest Version

When we use an application after too long, there’s a good chances that we haven’t updated the app for a long time. So if your Bingo Blitz Game mobile app isn’t updated. We highly suggest you to update it fast. Because it improves performance, stability, smoothness and fixes many bugs and errors.

Leaving on auto-update is always a good option if you have unlimited access to the internet because it updates application automatically when the update is available. Metrobank savings account.

3. Test the Game on Multiple Platforms & Devices to Ensure If Bingo Blitz is Really Down

If both of the above suggested solutions don’t apply to you because you have good internet and your app is up-to-date. Then you should try opening the game on multiple devices if you have any. Because it will ensure that the server is down and your side is all good. Once you are sure that your device was problematic, try reinstalling the game on that device (make sure to backup your progress by connecting an account).

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And if all other devices are unable to open the Bingo Blitz and it seems down on all of them. Then waiting is the best option as there can be an on-going maintenance.

We hope that you know completely know how to check if Bingo Blitz is down and if it doesn’t connect to the server or Facebook account.

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We wish a good and fun time in the game everyday!