Betswagger Sportsbook Review

Where can we bet securely and which are the leading bookmakers in Romania?

Betswagger Sports Betting Review. Sportsbook Bonus. Betswagger Sportsbook Screenshot: Visit Betswagger Bookmaker: Bookmaker Reviews. Bet Swagger Casino Review Bet Swagger Casino offers a casino, live casino, and sportsbook. The site strives to provide quality entertainment, and they also offer sexy adult content alongside their traditional betting services. That is the most pronounced in their live casino, where sexy dealers host all games.

If you are looking for a reliable online betting website, the table below shows our recommendations for Romanian customers. All of them have strong positions in the gambling world and will not disappoint you.

18+ T&C apply Play Responsibly
18+ T&C apply Play Responsibly
New customer offer. Place 5 x €10 or more bets to receive €20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum €100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. Payment restrictions apply. T&Cs apply.


Betting in Romania has a long checkered past, but is now fully legal and regulated. Punters can enjoy a full range of online betting and can benefit from the highly competitive market for vendors, who are constantly trying to offer the best services and best odds, in an attempt to win more customers.

Interesting Facts about Betting in Romania

  • In Romania, there are 18,300 churches, but there are over 30,000 gaming venues.
  • The gambling market in the country is worth over €1.2 billion annually.
  • One of the earliest forms of gambling in Romania was dice games when Roman soldiers occupied the country.
  • The first form of gambling that was legalized, the national lottery, was used to fund social programs for education and health.
  • Poker, football betting and slot machines are the most common forms of gambling in the country.
  • 1.5 million people are believed to gamble regularly on slot machines alone.

Gambling Legislation and Laws

Gambling has been around in Romania for centuries but has only been regulated somewhat recently. With the reintroduction of a democratic government after communist rule, Romania legalized all forms of gambling in physical spaces.

The Romanian government only technically legalized online gambling in 2010, prior to that it occupied a somewhat grey area. Now, all companies that obtain licenses can operate within the Romanian market, and punters can use them to play. Because Romania is part of the EU, they are required to open their market up to international betting companies, which gives the betting population more variety, but also limits the control that the Romanian government has over online betting activities.

Top online betting websites in Romania

The Romanian online betting market continues to grow exponentially, as new companies obtain licenses and more punters become interested in the pastime. Here are some of the larger, more reputable sites that are available for punters in Romania:

Founded in 2000, Betfair operates slightly differently to traditional bookmakers, in the sense that it is a betting exchange. The innovative betting exchange means that punters bet against each other, as opposed to against the house. This allows Betfair to charge smaller margins, and bettors are usually offered better odds. Aside from that, the site has a diverse range of betting options and markets for both sports and casino betting.

The company 1xBet is a successful Russian betting site that has been growing in popularity in recent years. One of the main draws of the site is that it offers highly competitive odds and very interesting promotions for both the sports bettors and the casino fans. The diverse range of betting options also deserves the attention of the Romanian players. They are dedicated to ensuring customers have the most enjoyable time and offer live streaming on all of their main events.

One of the most recognizable brands in the world – 22Bet is another relatively new betting site (it was only established in 2017). However, they are quickly gaining a large following all over the world. The site was developed by people who were already working in the industry, and know exactly what customers want and need in order to have a great betting experience. The site offers both sporting and casino betting in one place and has been designed for ease of use.

Competition between Operators

Offline, there is no monopoly for betting providers. The country is relatively relaxed in its laws and provided people to pay the necessary taxes and licensing fees. Anyone can offer gambling services. This is evident in the tens of thousands of different betting venues all around the country, owned and operated by different people and companies.

Online, there is no monopoly in effect, due to the fact that the EU demands that all countries open up to international companies. This ruling has affected a number of betting markets, not just Romania’s. Although this means that the Romanian government has slightly less control over the safety of punters, it also means that bettors have a far wider variety and choice when it comes to finding betting sites, and the specific types of betting they are interested in.

Bonuses from Romanian Bookmakers

Because there is such a high level of competition within the Romanian market, one of the ways that companies attempt to stand out is by offering a number of great bonuses and promotions. Bettors will be encouraged to sign up to sites with offers of extravagant welcome bonuses, given to new customers as soon as they make an account, or when they make their first deposit. These welcome bonuses initially look incredibly good – they are often around the value of €100 or €200, but punters should also be aware that they generally come with strict wagering requirements, which can somewhat limit the winnings that can be gained from them unless you are incredibly lucky.

Aside from welcome promotions, there are also a number of different bonuses for existing customers, in order to encourage continued playing. These bonuses are generally far more varied and diverse in comparison to the welcome bonuses (which are similar no matter what site you choose to sign up with). Customers can receive higher odds on certain matches, free spins on certain slot machines, even free cars or holidays, just for betting on a certain event. These kinds of promotions are also often changing, so punters should frequently look at the new promotions that are available, in case there is something they might benefit from.

Betting Features and Options in the Romanian Bookmakers

Romanian bookmakers are always updating their sites in order to provide the latest features to punters, in order to improve their betting experience. Some of the most popular and handy features include:

Live Betting
This allows users to continue to bet on an event even once it has begun. This means that punters can see how an event progresses, and make bets based on what is happening, using odds that are changing in real-time.

Live Streaming
Many sites will offer live streaming services on their biggest sporting events so that punters can watch the match through the site. This is especially helpful for events that are not televised in the country and would be otherwise unwatchable. Most sites require a bet on the event in order to unlock the streaming services, but this should not be an issue for those who were going to bet anyway.

Live Casino
The live casino feature is designed to mimic the experience of being in a real casino. Punters can play games against other players in real-time. This adds a social element back into online betting, and customers can communicate with other players from around the world.

Many sites now will use geolocation services that mean that local betting opportunities are advertised, even though they might not be the biggest events. Punters do not have to search through all of the events available to find the one that they want, rather it is one of the ones that comes up first, even though globally it might not be so popular.

Cash Out
This is an option that allows users to exit a bet early if they believe that they might lose. Punters can cash out their bet, taking winnings based on odds at that moment, regardless of the final outcome of the bet. This is not a method of withdrawing money from the site, simply from leaving a bet before the event is over.

Bet Builder
This feature has a number of different names depending on the site that is offering it, but it is essentially the same concept. Punters can combine a number of different bets, increasing their odds for each, and if all of the bets are successful, they win more than if they had placed individual bets. This chance of increased winnings does come with increased risk though – if one of the bests is unsuccessful, the whole bet builder is. But this increased risk is what makes it so exciting for a number of players.

Available Payment Methods

Romanian bettors can take advantage of a number of different payment methods when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money from their online accounts. Most sites accept bank cards such as Visa and Mastercard, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, as well as some cryptocurrencies and bank transfers. Most of these options are free and instantaneous. However, bank transfers can take up to a few working days to clear. Punters should always check specific sites for accurate lists of payment methods, as well as the minimum and maximum amounts that can be deposited and withdrawn.

The currency that is used in Romania is the Romanian leu (RON). Unfortunately, this is not accepted as a form of currency to bet with on many international gambling sites. Punters can still deposit it. However, they must convert it before they can bet. Many gambling sites offer conversion services, but these can be costly. Punters should do their research before they sign up to a site so that they know they are getting the best possible conversion rates, allowing them more money to gamble with.

Mobile Betting in Romania

Due to the accessibility of smartphones, mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular within Romania, as well as globally. Most betting sites offer free apps to download on Apple and Android, as well as Windows devices (although not all sites offer Windows apps). These apps make the site easier to navigate on a small touch screen and are designed to be used on the go with data, so there is often less downloading involved than if a punter was constantly using the full desktop site. Occasionally, betting sites will offer separate apps for sports betting and casino betting, which means that the app becomes more targeted to a certain type of betting.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are legal in Romania, and there are a number of different betting sites that are licensed to offer this form of betting to punters. Romanians can enjoy slot games, card games like poker and blackjack, as well as live casino events.

Leading Sports for Betting in Romania

Sports betting enjoys relative popularity in Romania, and here is a list of the most popular sports to bet on in the country:

  • Football
    Arguably the most popular sport in the world, the population of Romania is also heavily involved in the sport, not just on the pitch, but also in the bookmakers. All sites offer a range of different games to bet on, encompassing a number of different local and international tournaments, as well as different types of bets.
  • Basketball
    Although not as popular as the NBA, the Romanian basketball association enjoys a solid following within the country. Some betting sites offer coverage of games within the country, but many don’t. However, punters can still bet on international games that include the Romanian, as well as other more popular basketball championships.
  • Volleyball
    Betting for this sport peaks during the Olympics, but there are also other opportunities for betting on volleyball during other events as well. Both men and women teams achieve relatively well on an international level, and many betting sites let Romanians back their favourite local team to win.
  • Handball
    Handball enjoys relative popularity within Europe, and Romania is no exception. The sport is not necessarily fully covered on all betting sites, but many will offer bets on the largest matches and tournaments. If punters are really into betting on this sport, they should take their time choosing a site that can provide them with the most coverage possible.
  • Tennis
    There are a number of hugely popular tournaments that Romanian punters can bet on, notable ones such as Wimbledon and the French Open. Although Romanian players may be limited in terms of local games that they can bet on, international sites offer decent coverage of the sport played overseas.

The Profile of a Romanian Bettor

Betting in Romania has always been a popular pastime, even before it was technically considered legal. Much like the rest of the world, Romanian bettors are increasingly turning to online betting, because it is so accessible anywhere, any time. In saying that, Romania has tens of thousands of physical venues dotted around the country where gambling activities are legal. This is a lot more than most countries, and this physical access means that many punters are still choosing to bet in brick and mortar establishments, compared to other countries where these kinds of options are limited.


Yes, online gambling is legal in Romania. Punters can legally access a wide range of different betting sites, and they can partake in all kinds of betting.

Are there any taxes for Romanian players on their winnings?

Yes, winners are taxed. If punters receive less than €15,000 they are taxed 1% if a punter wins more than that but less than €100,000 they are taxed 16%, and if someone wins more than €100,000 they are taxed 25%.

Yes, because most sites do not accept RON, sites will allow Romanians to register, and offer them services to convert their currency to EUR to play. If you already have EUR, this is generally considered better to bet with because it is so widely accepted.

Yes, if a foreign website is licensed to operate within the Romanian market, then it should be safe, regardless of whether it is foreign or not.

Yes, there are a number of licensed bet exchanges such as Betfair that can accept Romanian customers.

Which are the top bookies for sports betting in Romania?

Aside from the bookmakers already previously mentioned, 888sport and Unibet both have very high-quality sports betting services, and are available to Romanians. All of these sites are reputable, are known to have good customer services when they are required, and the sites are safe, meaning a breach of personal data is unlikely. But most importantly, when it comes to deciding who the best bookmaker is, it really comes down to personal preference. While all of these sites are excellent, they all offer slightly different services, and it is up to the individual to find the best fit for them.

Are there any betting restrictions for Romanian customers?

No, the Romanian betting market is relatively free, there are different sites they can bet on, and they can engage in all forms of gambling. Perhaps the only restriction is that not many sites accept the local currency – it must be converted before punters can place bets.

Our Verdict

The Romanian online betting market is relatively free and open, despite the fact that the government attempt to regulate it. Like other countries in the EU, they cannot stop citizens from accessing international betting sites from other EU countries, because this is seen as limiting the opportunities of these private businesses. As a result of this, punters can browse a range of high-quality options, and bet using the ones that are right for them.

There is always room for improvement, however, and many betting sites, although they accept Romanian punters, are not very welcoming. Many sites do not accept local Romanian currency, sites are not offered in Romanian (the language), and local sporting event coverage can be somewhat limited. Despite these shortcomings, punters are choosing to bet online in increasing numbers, so it is likely that the market will continue to grow anyway.

Bet Swagger Erotic Casino Review

The Bet Swagger casino launched back in 2018. Its inception was part of the PH network, which is one of the biggest adult companies in the world. They have been creating casino brands over the last few years to try and implement their adult twist on the world of online casino games.

One thing that has been impressive to see from these networks of sites is that they are incredibly consistent. They don’t have the usual games that most casinos have, which makes them unique, plus their angle of “adult” themed games is one that few casinos are taking.

BetSwagger reviewBetswagger Sportsbook Review
18+ T&C apply Play Responsibly
  • Classy and Hot Live Dealers
  • Sexy-Themed Slots
  • Variety of Casino Providers
  • Convenient Payments
Video Poker
Demo Games

What Makes Bet Swagger Casino Unique?

Likely, you’re not all that aware of the PHub styles of the casino. In fact, you might not be aware that Bet Swagger was linked to them at all, but they are. The other sites in the network have a hardcore feel to it (no pun intended). There are erotic slots and naked live dealer games that you can access.

BetSwagger is a lot more toned down than this. Yes, it’s still an adult casino, and there are games where they push the boundaries of erotic, but it’s a lot classier than the other casinos within the group.

Take the live casino games as an example. The dealers in the game are no more revealing than you would find at any mainstream online casino. They are dressed nicely, a little suggestively even, but it’s not tacky, and it provides an excellent gaming environment as a result.

You’re also going to find that the bonuses on offer are some of the best going. Their wagering requirements are superb, and it makes them accessible to players of all bankrolls. Online gaming app to earn money.

How to register at Bet Swagger Casino?

  1. You will most likely see the registration form in the minute you load Bet Swagger in your browser.
  2. If not, click the ‘Sign Up‘ button in the upper right corner of the webpage.
  3. The registration process here is really straightforward. You will only have to fill in a few details.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation email which will help you activate your profile.

BetSwagger Erotic Casino Games

The casino enjoys a substantial range of games to choose from. With around 300 titles, it’s not the most prominent casino you will find, but it’s of a more than decent size. What we will add is that Bet Swagger and changing their line up on an almost daily basis. They already use a host of game developers, and they like to chop and change pretty frequently.

The developers in question are a nice mix of some mainstream brands and then some smaller companies as well. These include the likes of Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, Zugi and Vivo Gaming.

Each the developers have their role to play at the casino as well. For example, Evolution Gaming power a large part of the live dealer section, where Betsoft makes up the numbers in the slots area of the casino.

The platform that is used is Usoftgaming, who themselves are growing in stature as well. The design that they offer up for Bet Swagger isn’t great if we are honest. It all feels hectic, and there seems to be odds and ends lying all over the place. The FAQ section is a total nightmare!

Having said that, once you start to dig a little deeper into the games, you will find free play options with pretty much all of the major titles. Also, as you get into playing the game, the cluttered layout does disappear, and then you are locked in your world with your game for however long you choose.

Live Dealer Games

The live dealer section of the casino is an area that pretty much all of the network’s casinos excel in, with Bet Swagger being no different. This is, however, the area where you can pick apart the brands and the lack of hardcore live dealer games is noticeable from the outset.

We spoke earlier about more of a classier feel at Bet Swagger, and nowhere do you notice is more than within the live dealer games.

Evolution Gaming powers the majority of these games. If you aren’t family with them, then they are probably the biggest distributor of live dealer games in the industry right now, and they are setting the bar high for these game types.

While there is no “erotic” feel here to these games, they are still seductive enough to know that you’re on an adult casino (not that you would get a child casino, of course). The games include sexy live dealers that are dressed smartly for the most part but are still revealing. They also include male dealers here as well, which will be welcomed given the multi-cultural society that we live in these days.

In terms of the games, you get a good mix. They include roulette, blackjack, three card poker, dragon tiger, lottery, casino hold ’em and Caribbean stud poker. Plus, most of these have different variants as well, taking the total number of games to over 25.

They are relatively accessible games as well, with lowest bet amounts starting from just €0.10. This is about as low as you will find for these types of games.

First Deposit Casino Bonus – 100% up to $500

When you register a new account with the casino, you’re going to be able to get access to a welcome package worth up to $500. The bonus works as a match of your initial deposit. This is a 100% match, which means that they will double any deposit from $10 up to $500. You can, of course, deposit more than this, but only $500 will match as your bonus.

To claim this offer, you need to enter the bonus code “FIRST“. You do this when you enter the payment method of your choice within the cashier section, accessed at the top of the casino.

Once the casino applies the offer to your account, you then need to wager through both your bonus and your deposit 15 times. This is an exceptionally low wagering requirement for an offer like this, which is why it makes it one of the best.

Games that contribute to clearing are limited, however. Slots will contribute 100% towards clearing and live dealer blackjack, just 25%. Games such as roulette, blackjack, all poker and sports bets will not contribute to clearing this offer. The max contribution per hand is $20.

Swagger Cashback VIP

Sportsbook Review

Getting cashback from any online casino can only be a good thing. BetSwagger offers their own version (actually the same across the entire group) that allows you to claim up to 12% cashback on all losses within the casino. This means that every time you lose, you win!

There is a bit of a catch, though. The problem is that you need to wager an awful lot to get anything meaningful back.

The VIP program starts at the Copper level, and this is the entry-level that all players will initially be able to access. To get to this you need to wager $30,000, and in return, you get a 2% cashback allowance.

All levels will come with a maximum amount that you can claim each day and each month. Copper is maxed out at $2,000 per day and $5,000 per month. Payments are processed within 24 hours.

As you move up through the ranks, the amount of cashback that you can claim starts to increase. To give you an idea, the middle of the deck is that of Gold and to get here you need to have wagered $500,000 at the casino to get 5% cashback.

The top-level is that of VIP, and this gets you 12% cashback. You need to have wagered an eye-watering $7,500,000 to get here though, and we guess there are few if any that are on this level right now.

It’s tough to complain about something that is entirely free and rewards you when times are bad, but the Swagger VIP club is going to be a tough one to break for most.

Bet Swagger Community

The community is an area that has been a refreshing addition for the Bet Swagger brand. It links up players from all over the network and allows you to chat and interact with people from around the world.

We feel that this is a bingo vibe that has come across and started to work within the casino sector. You can see people who have had big wins and also the games they were playing to hit those wins.

You can also follow the most popular members on site as well. It allows you to keep track of when they are playing and then have the chance to sit and play with them if they are on any live dealer games.

If we are honest, this can all be a little intrusive, and it’s not a standard casino feature that most will be used to. As a result, we were pleased to see you could toggle the amount of info that your account shares within the casino from your account settings tab.

While the feature is pretty cool unless you’ve got a group of friends that you want to hang and chat with, the community feature can become tired quite quickly.

Bet Swagger Sportsbook

Linked to the casino is the Bet Swagger sportsbook. We will be honest in say that it’s not the biggest sportsbook that we’ve tested to date, but it works as a nice add on for the casino side of things.

The layout of the site is pretty decent as well. We liked the black and yellow colour scheme a lot and while it lacks a little in features, as a basic platform, works pretty decently.

What Sports Can I Wager On?

It comes with 38 sports in total, which is an excellent range for a bookmaker this size. The most notable omittance is that of horse racing. It probably highlights their target markets as much as anything, but given that, even across Europe, it’s one of the biggest sports in the world for betting on, it is a shame not to see it included.

American based sports are worth a mention here, and they have good coverage throughout. American football, ice hockey, basketball and baseball are about as good as you will find when their respected seasons are running.

What is the Betting Coverage like?

Betting coverage is pretty good. Football is always a useful marker for this at it allows you to see how healthy their biggest sport is. Top-flight games are getting well over 200 markets to bet on, and the range of leagues that they cover is impressive.

In terms of odds, they are erratic at best. We like to test them against a range of other bookmakers, and they didn’t perform all that well. The frustrating thing here is that their margins are relatively low, but their pricing is way off on some markets.

Do They Have Any Useful Features on Offer?

The site is pretty basic if we are honest. The in-play section is the best feature for us, and here you can access a vast number of games. Within it, you get a host of markets and then a brilliant match centre, along with statistics as well.

We also liked that you could change the view of the bookmaker from Euro to Asian. This means that as standard, the markets that you see for each game will be much more Asian focussed, especially for things like scoreline and total goals in football, for example.

Sports Welcome Bonus – 100% up to $100

If you would rather claim a welcome bonus that is targeted towards sports betting instead of a casino, then this is going to be right up your street. The welcome offers is a 100% match on your opening deposit of $10 or more and worth up to a maximum of $100.

Betswagger Sportsbook Review

You will need to enter the promo code “SPORTS” when you make your deposit to trigger this offer.

In order to clear the bonus and then be able to withdraw the funds, you need to wager through both the deposit and the bonus amount five times. Qualifying bets can be made on any sport or market but must be priced at odds of 1.40.

This is one of the lowest wagering rates that you will have for an offer like this, which means that it’s one of the best that you can claim.

Mobile Casino

There is no dedicated app for the mobile casino at Bet Swagger. Some see this as a negative, but we think that it doesn’t make a considerable amount of difference in the grand scheme of things. The site is fully mobile compatible though, and with it, you can access a vast range of games on your phone.

The layout of the casino is one that works well. To be honest, the site looks better on mobile than it does on the desktop. It has a less cluttered feel, and it’s easier to navigate.

The only downside is that you don’t get access to the full range of casino games on mobile as you do on the desktop. This is through no fault of BetSwagger, but not all of their game providers offer a mobile version of specific games, which is a shame.

Payment Options

One of the highlights about Bet Swagger is that they can offer a wide range of payment options. What you can access will depend on where you are located in the world, but we’ve tested within several different countries (via VPN), and for each, they offer a decent range.

  • Deposit Methods
  • Withdrawal Methods
Paymenth MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for DepositFee
Skrill€10not specifiedInstantFree
Paysafe Card€10not specifiedInstantN/A
Bitcoin€10not specifiedInstantFree
Qiwi€10not specifiedInstantFree
Payeer€1not specifiedInstantN/A
AstroPay€10not specifiedInstantFree
Neosurf€10not specifiedInstantFree
Interact e-Transfer€10not specifiedInstantFree
Monero€10not specifiedInstantN/A
Paymenth MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for WithdrawalFee
Visa€10not specifiedInstantFree
Neteller€10not specifiedInstantFree
Skrill€10not specifiedUp to 24 HoursFree
Paysafe CardN/AN/AN/AN/A
MasterCard€10not specifiedInstantFree
PayPal€10not specifiedInstantFree
Bitcoin€10not specifiedInstantFree
Qiwi€10not specifiedInstantFree
Interact e-Transfer€10not specifiedUp to 24 HoursFree
Qiwi, Interact e-Transfer, Payeer, AstroPay, Paysafe Card, Bitcoin, Neosurf, Neteller, Skrill, Monero
Qiwi, MasterCard, Payeer, Bitcoin, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Interac

Security and Regulation

The casino and sportsbook are both licensed by the Curacao eGaming authority. They are one of the biggest in the sector right now and to obtain these licenses, a strict series of procedures must be followed.

Player safety is also increased by the inclusion of SSL on the casino. This basically means that when you enter and personal details, such as username and password, they are not stored on the site, so cannot be obtained.

Bet Swagger Affiliate Program

Bet swagger comes complete with their own affiliate program, which is actually no surprise. Pretty much anyone can join up and then you will be rewarded with 60% commission for the players that you are able to refer to the casino.

Betswagger Sportsbook Reviews

This is one of the largest commission rates that you will find anywhere in the industry, and it’s one that is proving popular.


No, only one account per person. You can only claim one of the first deposit bonuses per account as well.

How do you remove your profile from featuring in the community?


Go to Preferences >Privacy Settings >Never Display Winnings


Simply search for the person that you want to follow and then click the “Follow” button under their name.

Yes, all of the offers on this page will need to the bonus code included.

Do not make a wager and contact customer support. They may be able to add the bonus to your account after you have made the deposit, but not after you make a deposit and then make a bet.

Bet Swagger is a lot more conservative compared to other casinos within the group, however, the games are classed as adult-only.

Company Info

Bet Swagger is part of the PH group. The group is one that is starting to grow within the gambling sector. They have been able to try several different casino brands up to now, wit Bet Swagger being one of the more restraint casinos.

Bet Swagger has only been online since 2016, so it’s still very young in terms of development. We would guess that given the site is a little more conservative, and it will turn out to be one of the PH groups biggest casinos, offering a balance between the more erotic games and also mainstream casino games.

Location Restrictions

One of the best things about Bet Swagger is that the site is quite open when it comes to accepting players from all over the world. There are some omissions, however, and some of the we have outlined below:

Comeon Sportsbook Review

  • Netherlands
  • Costa Ria
  • France
  • United States
  • South Africa

Customer Support and Contacts

The customer support section is one of the weakest parts of Bet Swagger. All you get is an online form, which initially looks like it might be a live chat, but it is not. We found they respond within 24 hours, which is not too bad, although it can take a while if you need to go back and forth for anything.

Overall Rating and Conclusion

Bet Swagger will be a decent addition for the PH group. The site is a lot more restraint than the other casinos within their group and as a result, we think will do well.

It lacks the depth that some of the biggest brands have, and this comes from the range of game providers they use. Their live dealer games are their standout feature though, as these are excellent throughout.

They have a great promotions section, and the welcome offer clearance rates are as low as you will find.

Overall, not a bad effort, but they need a little more depth in the games department, plus a few more refinements with things like customer support to challenge as one of the top casinos in the industry.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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