Best Way To Win At Keno

  1. As you know, keno is a lottery-style game, and Caveman keno falls into the same category, but a few exceptions apply. In conventional keno, you choose your numbers and wait for the random number generator to determine the winning ones. Despite the high house advantage keno is notorious for, solid winnings do not happen once in a blue moon.
  2. Find the Best Keno Bonus Games. The best way to optimise your game time is to play Keno games.
  3. The Best Keno Games Online! If you are looking for misleading content on ways to win at Keno, I am sure you can find plenty of Keno strategies that are created to make you lose every time.
  4. Every casino and lottery gaming authority has its own keno rules. If the game allows 10 picks, the best odds are usually found for the four-spot, five-spot, and six-spot picks. Some players say the seven-spot picks are also good. If the game allows 15 to 20 picks, the odds may converge on a different set of “middle” picks.

Keno game is one of the most popular games to be played by Canadians. Almost all the states of Canada offer Keno lottery games be it Atlantic Keno, Daily Keno OLG, WCLC Keno, and others. Most of the real land casinos of Canada also offer Keno games like the Casino de Montreal, Casino Niagara, and more of the high rated real Canadian casinos. Here are some real Keno game secrets for you.

Keno is a fun game that is easy to play and there are some keys to winning The game. However, it is a game of luck and while there are some solid Keno tips to follow to help you increase your chance of winning there is not a way to beat the house edge.

While playing Keno lottery games many people use strategies to pick the winning numbers and beat the odds but as Keno is a game of chance people still want to find out the ways and means to hit the right winning numbers.


Here are the six keno game secrets that most of the players use to try and win the game of Keno and let’s explore them and find whether these magic tricks work or not for a win-win situation in the keno board.

#1. Betting on a 10/10 in Keno is useless

This hidden Keno game secrets is true because 10/10 is so uncommon. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you cannot give it a try. Because if you came to win thanks to this combination, all your doubts will be melted on this betting 10/10 secret, give a try and see.

#2. Trying out 4/4 keno cards give you small and frequent wins

This Keno game secret works best if you also as a player play the game of Keno for a short period. Some players are used to buy about twenty keno cards with four numbers each at the beginning of the draws. But in the long run, this strategy is inefficient because one day or another, they will end up losing the small gains that they succeeded in amassing by chance.

#3. The 6/6 keno cards are the players choice

Most players choose 6/6 cards because they trust the mathematical calculations on odds. They say that the likelihood to win using a 6/6 card is one out of 3383, which still represents a lot more than the odds associated with a 7/7 card. By mean of comparison, the probabilities to win with such cards are only one out of 15464! The only thing that they do not tell you is that if you decide to play at random, you could fairly earn money only once out of 3833 times. But this means that when playing a bit more smartly than average, these figures wouldn’t even be worth a penny.

#4. Keno card that is most profitable is 7/7

According to Keno experts, the one card all players should choose is the 7/7 provided you can use it adequately thanks to a good strategy. Many game experts compare video keno with video poker games and look at the odds of hitting versus the payout of hitting. Remember in video poker that you need to be betting 5 credits to get the best payout on the royal flush and for the odds of hitting going 7 for 7 has some pretty similar odds (about 1 in 41,000 chance) but we’re betting 5 quarters in video poker pays 4000 credits back, betting 5 quarters in video keno and hitting 7/7 usually pays up around 35,000 credits back ($8750)

That’s from the odds perspective. If you want to compare via the payout side of things hitting 5/5 usually pays around 800 credits, so betting 5 credits at a time will payout 4,000 credits, which is the same payout for hitting a royal flush in video poker, except the odds of hitting 5/5 is much lower at a 1 in 1550 chance – so you would hit that a lot more frequently than you would a royal flush (about 25 times more often). It pays to have an edge by knowing profitable patterns to 4 card keno.

#5. Play for fun and maintain a balance

For many of you, this might not be good advice but this can be one of the Keno game secrets revealed many winners. Keno winners who played for fun picking numbers on the ticket, and then feeling the suspense waiting for the winning numbers to be drawn were surprised that they won the game. They decided how many numbers to select on keno ticket as the more you do so you could win for the more numbers get a match to win something.

Many players go by the Chinese principle of Yin Yang making the balance of opposites. Apply the principle when selecting numbers on your keno ticket by selecting an even amount of numbers from the ticket’s top and bottom halves.

#6. Keno’s Lucky Eleven

A quick way to win at keno is to select 11 numbers on your ticket. This is one of the Keno game secrets. The reason for this is that a ticket with between seven and 11 numbers needs at least three matches to break even.

Best Way To Win At Caveman Keno

You have better odds of getting three matches out of 11 numbers than you do out of seven numbers, and the potential payouts from an 11-number selection are higher than from seven numbers.

Remember that many players talk of hot, cold, and repeating numbers and many players go to great lengths to study comprehensive lists of numbers that were drawn over time, and try to determine patterns based on these lists. The conclusions they reach are pretty much the same but their actions differ dramatically, as some prefer to play the hot numbers, while others assume that the cold ones are due. Avoiding or hunting specific numbers doesn’t increase the chances to win, and regardless of past events all of the numbers have the same chance of being drawn.

Many even believe that buying keno from a lucky outlet or retail store has more chances for them to turn into winners. But the best-known secret among all of the above finally is to play the game for entertainment, the way you want to with your hit strategy and leave the rest to your destiny.

Other Tips to Win Keno

There are some other tips also that you can follow to win Keno or at least increase the chance of winning the game:

1. Find the best casino

Due to the pay-out percentages being very high, Keno is a much more profitable game to play online than in a real-life casino. However, you need to shop around to find the best casino for you and this does not mean that all web casinos are equal. We, at Playkenocanada, provide you with all the information you require to find the best no deposit Micrograming casinos.

2. Try out a few free games

Many sites will let you play for free which is a good start even if you did play Keno before. This will help you get on the right foot with the different pace of playing on the web as well as the online interface before you start putting money on the casino for real.

3. Do not pick more than six numbers and play online keno for real money

New players often believe this myth of getting better chances of winning of they pick more numbers. However, it is the polar opposite f that. Your odds decrease when you pick more numbers. However, the bigger is the potential jackpot, the more numbers you cover. Keeping this in mind, picking six numbers shows a good balance and control over the game.

4. Try a multi-race card

Several Microgaming sites utilize a multi-race card feature. This feature allows you to select numbers only once and then can be repeated along with the game as you play. This saves the issue of re-entering on every turn if you have some lucky numbers in your life.

5. Keno is random, but you don’t have to be

You need to be sane to be consistent if you are planning on playing your lucky numbers. We have, however, also heard of the rumors coming from the players that due to RNG their lucky numbers never popped up more than once and hence they decided to play a different sequence from then.

Keno can be one of the most unpredictable games online and hence, make sure to find a site that has no deposit Microgaming. You can try this at NetBet.

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Whenever you’re gambling, no matter the game, you’ll eventually lose a wager. But avoiding loss isn’t actually about winning or losing. It’s about not spending your entire bankroll on a proposition.

Keno critics are quick to say the game isn’t worth playing, yet thousands of people sign up for poker tournaments. 85% of poker tournament players win nothing in any given tournament.

All criticisms and rebuttals aside, if you’re not playing in a tournament to the bitter end, you always have the option of not placing another bet in any game.

Common sense tells us to manage our budgets and keep losses to a minimum. When players are totally dependent upon random luck, like in the game of keno, the time to stop playing is when it stops being fun.

If you lose $1000 at keno but you have a great time and won’t miss the money, did you really lose or did you have $1000 worth of fun?
Best Way To Win At Keno

I won’t include any psychological or motivational talking points in the seven ways to avoid losing keno below, but the way you look at gambling is important. If you’re only paying for entertainment and you always have a good time, you walk out a winner every time.

Keep in mind, keno payouts do range across the board. If I talk about doubling your money below, that’s based on a specific pay table. I also refer to the worst payouts so, hopefully, the games you play will pay better. Keno pays whatever the game runner decides.

1 – Never Bet the Bank

Betting theory is not my thing. I’m sure someone has studied all the angles. A friend once said to me,

“your chances of winning are the same whether you bet all your money or only bet a little.”

I’ve never seen him make a bet that big. The point is well taken. In a fair game, you have the same chance to win regardless of how much you wager.

Best Way To Win At Ohio Keno

Some older slot machines changed your chances of winning if you played fewer paylines. The advertised payouts were based on maximum payline betting. Hence, eliminating some of the paylines to save on your bets was a negative proposition. Betsoft gaming casinos. Each bet cost you more in the long run because it was less likely to pay off.

All things considered, I’d rather not spend my last $20 on a keno bet. I wouldn’t put my last $20 on any one bet. If there’s a smaller bet than your casino bankroll that has the same chance of winning, play the smaller bet and live to gamble another day.

2 – Play the Spreads

This is a controversial idea. It probably comes from people who belittle keno players. “Spreads” are the patterns players use to pick their keno numbers.

Spreads are not unique to keno. Sports betting fans are familiar with point spreads. Lottery game spreads work differently but come from the same idea.

The bettor believes that the game’s outcome will fall into a certain region of the number line. Keno players who use spreads hedge their wagers by betting on multiple spreads.

It’s pretty simple to do this. Since the game is drawing 20 numbers out of 80, you think about which numbers you’d like to see come up.

Some players use the “hot” and “cold” numbers as bases for their spreads. Since the drawings are random, there’s no guarantee that any one number will come up in the next game. But “hot” and “cold” numbers are real statistical patterns.

3 – Play the Middle Picks

Best Way To Win Club Keno

There’s no simple way to define the “middle” picks in keno. Every casino and lottery gaming authority has its own keno rules.

If the game allows 10 picks, the best odds are usually found for the four-spot, five-spot, and six-spot picks. Some players say the seven-spot picks are also good. If the game allows 15 to 20 picks, the odds may converge on a different set of “middle” picks.

The smart player wants enough numbers in the pick to win on partial matches but not so many numbers that the big prize is impossible to win.

A five-spot game is comparable to playing most major lotteries. A seven-spot game goes beyond the major lotteries in number of main spots.

4 – Only Make Minimum Bets

This strategy is not quite the same as “never bet the bank.” If you never bet the bank, there’s nothing to stop you from betting half the bank.

It’s easy to overthink your wagering strategy. If you only bet half the bank, should you bet the second half if you lose the first bet or divide it in half again?

These trick questions are clever ways to confuse people who lack experience. When you’re down to the last dollar you can bet, you either finish paying for your entertainment or you walk away.

When you only make minimum bets, you buy more chances to win. The prizes may be smaller, but the idea is to win more prizes (if you can).

I’ve had nights where my bankroll bobbed up and down by 10% to 20%. I thought those were good nights. I didn’t lose much and I won a little.

Minimum wagering is less fun than maximum wagering. It’s a survival strategy. Some people only want to make minimum bets so they can spend more time in the casino.

5 – Play the Small Picks

If you’re only making minimum bets, then play the small picks. Remember that every keno game has its own rules. These examples are only for illustrative purposes. Check the odds and payouts in each game you play.

Players can double their money or better if they win a one-spot game. The chances of any number being drawn are 1 in 80. Because 20 numbers are drawn, the player’s chances of picking any of the 20 numbers are 1 in 4.

Best Way To Win At Keno

That’s the best probability you’ll ever get in keno. Other picks that may pay double include catches on:

  1. Five numbers in a 10-spot game
  2. Four numbers in an eight-spot or nine-spot game
  3. Three numbers in a five-spot game
  4. Two numbers in a three-spot game

The math is simple. If you only want to double your money (not a bad payoff but not great), then your best bet (literally) is to play one-spot games.

Your bankroll lasts longer if you only make minimum wagers, but that’s not a requirement for this strategy.

6 – Play the Maximum Minimum Payoff Games

This is almost the opposite of the previous strategy. On the assumption that you’re going to lose more often than win, the idea is to get the most bang for your buck.

In this strategy, you play the two-spot game. You must catch two numbers to win but the odds are about 1 in 17. That’s not bad for keno.

Many odds tables claim better odds for winning on higher spot games. Don’t fall for that trick. Those odds are for winning ANY of the prizes on the ticket.

A four-spot game has better than 1 in 4 odds but there are three prizes. To match or beat the payoff on a two-spot game you need to catch all four numbers. That’s about a 1 in 36 chance.

You’ll never get a payout that matches the odds in keno. I’ve never seen such a game. But the odds for the best payouts arguably get worse as you play more spots.

7 – Back Other Players

Instead of playing your own keno game, pay others to play it for you. As long as they’re not choosing the same numbers, you are spreading your risk.

For this strategy to have any chance to pay off, you can’t provide the entire bankroll for the other player.

Agree to a percentage in advance and get it in writing. If they have a bankroll of $500 and you add $250, you get 33% of whatever they leave with.

Staking a keno player is not like playing poker. You’re not betting on someone else’s skill. You’re betting on a wider spread of choices.

Three players could cover 60 numbers for you. The only drawback is that you don’t get to combine the numbers from their tickets for maximum prizes.


Because you’re betting on purely random events, keno bets are prop bets. It’s surely easier to guess who the next President of the United States once the field of candidates narrows. In lottery games, the field never narrows.

One reason why people play keno is they have more time to think about their betting strategies. Some keno players will never hit the roulette tables even though they get better odds there.

How To Beat Keno

If you’re curious about keno, it’s worth an experimental dip into the numbers, but you’ll have better odds and payouts betting on single numbers in roulette.