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2021's Top Mobile Blackjack Games and Apps - Find the best casinos for your device. Read our step-by-step guide for playing blackjack on mobile here. 21pro(paid version) good app to practice counting in a game but I'm emailing back and forth with the developer because it's true count conversion is off(it seems to divide by total decks in game instead of decks left in shoe) this has made to index play warning option useless.

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Card counting systems have been devised to tell the player when the odds are in their favor (so that they can bet more), and when the advantage shifts to the house (so they can decrease their wagers). All such systems are based on the logic that the more 10-value cards and Aces remain in the shoe, the bigger is the chance that player gets dealt a Blackjack and that the dealer goes bust. Available systems differ in terms of complexity, accuracy and efficiency. Even the simplest ones will take time to master if you’re a beginner, so no wonder the interest in Blackjack card counting software is high and the offer fairly big.

What does Card Counting Software Do and Who is it For?

Let us clear one thing right from the start: card counting software does not come in the form of a discreet device disguised as a James Bond weapon, which you can take and use in a land-based casino without anyone noticing. It functions primarily as a practice tool which will train you in different card counting techniques and help you improve your skills. But it’s not just the novices who can benefit; experienced card counters may want to learn a new system, other than the one they’ve been using for years, or advance in terms of speed and accuracy.

Do a bit of Googling and you’ll find plenty free options, including many apps for iPhones and Android devices. The fact they are free doesn’t necessarily mean they’re crap, though one would expect a truly outstanding product to come with a price tag. And it does! Let’s have a look at a few options worth checking out.

Best Blackjack Card Counting Software

Blackjack Apprenticeship website offers a comprehensive video course which will teach you how to count cards in the best possible way, at the same time providing drills to practice your Blackjack card-counting skills and improve your game. They also host a forum where one can discuss game strategy, learn tips and tricks, and get access to pros who have already won millions. Services are offered via 3 packages ranging in price from $12.50 to $29 per month.

Why should you trust them? Well, the guys behind this project have got some impressive experience to boast of. Colin has been counting cards for almost 15 years, played on all levels, travelled around the world as a full-time professional, and run a multi-million dollar Blackjack team consisting of 30+ players. He’s been featured in New York Times, CNN and The Colbert Report, so his background and qualifications are fairly easy to check. The other guy, going by Loudon Ofton, has been counting cards professionally for the last 7 years and is currently closing in on his millionth dollar taken out of the clutches of US casino (which, incidentally, has labelled him the most notorious player). Fancy learning a thing or two from these guys? Then check out their website!

40 free spins no deposit 2018. Card Counter 4, recipient of above average reviews, offers tutorials and practice modes which will take you through easy, medium, hard and expert levels. The software features all popular card counting systems, namely Hi-Lo, Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, KISS III, KO, Omega II, Red 7, Silver Fox and Zen Count. The software is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, with a Free version which will bombard you with ads, offer one rule system and easy to medium tutorial levels, and Pro version with no ads, multiple rule systems plus custom, and access to all levels.

The software was developed by TMSOFT, a company which was founded in 2008 and is not specialized in Blackjack, not even gambling. Their mission is, in fact, to “create and publish unique mobile apps for smartphones”, and their biggest success Health & Fitness app called White Noise, which reached the #1 overall position on iTunes when it was released and continues to be a top-ranked one in its segment. Why should you use their card counting solution? Because these guys clearly know how to develop a good app, and their product is simple enough to please beginners who might get intimidated by more bulky propositions.

And now, drumrolls, please! The solution which seems to be light years in front of all others is Casino Verite – a complete set of tools allowing you to practice card counting while it adapts to the user. Beginners will be able to master the basics, intermediate counters can work on their specific area of weakness and increase their speed and accuracy, professionals can practice cover strategies, add side counts and more, and tournament players get to take advantage of a dedicated mode which enables them to develop specific tournament- related skills.

Casino Verite comes with several modules, each allowing you to practice play and count cards in a super-realistic casino environment. CVBJ is created to cater to all levels of players, allowing one to start simple and keep adding more expert methods at their own pace. CVCX includes risk and bankroll calculations, game comparisons, card counting strategy comparisons, 150,000 card counting simulations, and has a built-in ultra-fast simulator. CVData is advanced simulation software featuring expert methods, supporting highly complex cover play and error simulation, and featuring modern card counting index generator. CVSH is a shuffle-tracking practice and analysis software enabling Ace Sequencing practice and analysis.

All Casino Verite programs boast the following features:

Blackjack Apps Free

  • 3D realistic graphics
  • User-friendliness, with an animated talking guide and content-rich online help
  • All common counting systems preloaded
  • Ability to mimic most games found in casinos worldwide, including Super Fun 21, Double Exposure, Royal Match side bet, etc
  • Searchable database of 700+ casinos, allowing you to duplicate the game found in any of them
  • Endorsement by highly respected gambling writers
  • Availability on PCs as well as Android and Apple mobile devices

A downloadable demo version of Casino Verite is available free of charge, but in order to get full access, you’ll have to pay about $90, which to us seems like a fair deal.

If you are looking for a place to test your skills, check out our list of reputable Blackjack online casinos.

Best Blackjack Practice App

If you want to enjoy Blackjack, one of the most popular table games in the world, but don’t want to feel the pressure that comes with real money games; Or if you are just getting to know the game and want to practice blackjack in a real life environment, and learn the rules of the game, then you have come to the right place.

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Blackjack Classic

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We are here to help you master the game: learn the game's history, basic rules and terms. You can learn and memorize, or get a printout of our Basic Strategy chart, or learn about the different variations of the game. And most important you can use the free practice tool that looks and feels just like a real life casino table.

Our site offers you all the information and tools you need to get you started in this great game. From the great practice tool, to our How to Play section, and of course our winning list of online casinos, our entire site is aimed at your convenience and delight.

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Blackjack Trainer

Blackjack apps free

Best Blackjack Practice App

Use the Blackjack Trainer on the home page of our site to perfect your gaming skills. It requires no download or any other action. All you have to do is start playing. It is recommanded, however that you play the Blackjack Trainer after reading our tutorials, where you can learn the rules of Blackjack so that you are more effective in improving your game.

Blackjack Strategy

It is also really important to use the Blackjack Strategy Chart when you play the game. Whether it is in our trainer or around real money tables, the Blackjack Strategy Chart offers the best moves in any given situation and therefore improves you chances for winning. So don't forget to at least take a look at it before you start playing the game.

Card Counting Practice

Now, this is for the more advanced players in you. When done correnctly, card counting can dramatically increase a player's chances for winning. But it takes a lot of skill and practice. Before you decide if this is your thing, you should read the counting cards article. Then if you decide to go for it you should do a lot of Card counting practice.

Best Free Blackjack App

Feel that you have had enough practice and you want to start playing for real money? we will introduce to you the best casinos in the online sphere, where you can get a great sign up bonus.

Blackjack Practice is the best online space for learning, practicing and mastering the wonderful game of online Blackjack.