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Online casinos and betting sites are now becoming more competitive than ever before. However, as online casino gaming is still in its infantile stages in the US, both new and experienced players have to be wary of rogue operators. Here is a list of USA casinos that accept UK players: Wild Casino; Rich Palms.

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Latest Casino Bonuses

  • Fanduel Derby First Bet Up To $200 Risk Free

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You will also automatically be entered into the “Oaks & Derby Day Money Back Special” where you will receive up to $10 back on selected races at Churchill Downs if your horse comes 2nd or 3rd.

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Only available in participating states and available between 27 Aug and 5 Sept- you then have 15 days to place a wager.

Only single horse wages count as eligible wagers.

  • Tropicana Casino Barbecue Bonuses

Valid from 4 Sept until 7 Sept, payout is on 8 Sept.

Play your favourite games, each time you wager $50 or more you will earn 1 entry into the draw (up to a maximum of 5 entries per day) to win your share of $10,500 in bonus money prizes.

Casino Bonus Types Offered By USA Casinos

They say that the only thing which is constant is change. Well, that is certainly true. When talking about the subject of online gaming and gambling some 10 years back and beyond, American folks simply looked the other side. This necessitated by the fact that online gaming and gambling in the US at that time was heavily restricted. That however is no longer the case as some states in recent times have eased the restrictions on online gambling activities starting with the State of New Jersey in 2013.

The easing of the online gambling restrictions in the US means that now, American folks can partake in conversations centering on online gambling. On this front, today we just thought of sharing with all US players the top casino bonus types that they stand to benefit from when they register their accounts at US online casinos.

A bonus is one of the most important features of any online casino and it is because of this that we are going to highlight the most popular casino bonus types in the US. Bonuses are important as they play a dual role of attracting new players while at the same time helping in retaining the existing players. To satisfy the dual role played by casino bonuses, we are going to look at both the bonus types for new players as well as existing players.

  • No Deposit Signup Bonus

The very first bonus type that most US players get to benefit from at most US casinos is the no deposit signup bonus. This bonus is awarded to players as soon as they finish registering their casino accounts. It is awarded before players have made their first deposit. The only requirement that players have to satisfy therefore is to finish the account registration process in order to receive the no deposit signup bonus. The no deposit signup bonus may come in the form of free spins or free wagering cash. With the free spins, players can choose to play any slot game of their choice using the free spins. With the free wagering cash, players also have the freedom to choose any casino game to play. Some no deposit signup bonuses may come with wagering requirements while others may come with zero wagering requirements.

  • Welcome Match Bonus

Often coming as one welcome package with the no deposit signup bonus is the welcome match bonus. The welcome match bonus will see players receive a certain percentage added to the amount of money they deposit on their first deposit. Suppose a casino offers a 100 per cent match up bonus of up to $100 for all new players who make their first deposit. What this means in practice is that the players who make a deposit of $100 will receive an additional $100 (100 per cent added on top of the first deposit made). Players will therefore have a total of $200 in their casino account. Often, the welcome match bonus comes with wagering requirements that players have to satisfy first before withdrawing the funds. This is meant to guard against abuse as some players may simply proceed to withdraw the bonus funds once they are credited in their accounts.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Special Bonuses

For existing players, they generally benefit from daily, weekly, monthly and special bonuses. These bonuses may come in varied forms but generally, they allow players to opt in and stand a chance of winning some great prizes. The bonuses may come in the form of tournaments that is, players opt in to slots or table games tournaments and those who land the most wins accumulate the most points and grab the largest share of the prize pool. The bonuses may also come in the form of match bonuses in which players receive a certain percentage added on top of the amount they deposit. such bonuses are in general distinguished by their run time that is, are they running for a day (24 hours), running for one week, one month or they are just running for the course of a particular special day, occasion or event (e.g. Christmas bonus, Easter bonus, Thanksgiving bonus etc.). Most if not all of these do come with wagering requirements.

  • Cash back Bonus

Most US casinos also do offer the cash back bonus. This bonus is generally available to existing players. The cash back bonus comes in two forms. First, the house may award players a certain percentage of the total amount they deposited/wagered back depending on their net loss during a gaming session. Essentially, this is a way of allowing players to get back on their feet when they go on a losing streak and lose most of their bankroll. The cash back bonus may also be awarded immediately after the player makes a deposit – this meaning it will have nothing to do with the player losing funds during the gaming session. Casinos that offer this form of cash back bonus will simply return a certain percentage of whatever amount the player would have deposited. In practice, if a casino offers 10% cash back on all deposits made above $100. It means that the player gets $10 back when he makes a $100 deposit.

  • Deposit Method Bonus

There are a high number of US casinos that offer the deposit method bonus. This bonus entails that players will receive some deposit discounts when they make deposits using certain banking options. For instance, if there is a Neteller deposit method bonus. Players who proceed to use Neteller in making a deposit may see their total deposit amount receiving some extra funds on top as a token of appreciation for using that particular banking method.

  • Refer A Friend Bonus

US casinos do know that they are operating in a highly competitive industry. As such, attracting and retaining players is of paramount importance. On this front, most online casinos do offer the Refer a Friend Bonus as a way of encouraging their existing players to invite more of their friends to also join. There are two ways in which a player may invite a friend to an online casino. One, the player may generate a unique code on the casino website which he will share with his friends and if the friends proceed to join the casino using that link and make their first deposit, both the referrer and the referred will receive some free cash. Alternatively, players may ask their friends to input their email address in the referrer box when signing up so the casino knows the person who invited its latest member. Once the referred friend makes his first deposit, both he and the referrer will receive some free cash.

  • VIP Program/Loyalty Program/Rewards Program/Comp Points

To encourage loyalty, most US casinos do offer the VIP Program (also can be termed Loyalty Program/Rewards Program/Comp Points). Players may either become automatic VIP members as soon as they finish the account registration process or they may be asked to attain a certain number of points before they enter the VIP Program (this depends on the online casino one is playing at). Basically, when players place real money wagers, they receive comp points. The more they play, the more comp points they receive. The higher the comp points they receive, the higher they club up the tiers in the VIP Program. Depending on the tier one finds himself in the VIP Program, players stand to benefit from the following: higher withdrawal limits, faster withdrawals, cash back offers, invitations to exclusive events, tailor made bonus and promotional perks amongst many other great perks.

As has been highlighted in this article, it’s crystal clear that there are many casino bonus types that are offered at US casinos. It’s very important for players to read the bonus terms and conditions first before claiming any bonus so as to see if he is able to satisfy the wagering requirements stated. Be that as it may, players at the end of the day should take advantage of those bonuses and give themselves more chances of walking away with fat wallets!

Deposit Options Available to Players at US Casinos

Best American Casino Online

One of the main attracting factors to online casinos is the profitability aspect. For many players, that wonderful feeling they get knowing from just a single spin of the reels, they may receive a handsome payout (or even become an instant millionaire) is a great appealing factor and it is that one main reason which makes them to keep coming back to the casino. Well, it’s indeed true that casino games possess the potential to transform lives financially. However, before players start at looking at the profitability aspect, the very first thing that they need to take cognizance of is how they can start playing casino games.

To start playing casino games, players will need to make some deposits first. The great thing for players is that online casinos generally tend to support a wide variety of payment providers. This leaves the player spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the banking method to use in making the deposits. In this article, we are going to highlight all the major deposit options available to players at US casinos.

  • Credit/Debit Cards

For many day to day financial activities and transactions, many Americans us their credit/debit cards. This applies both to financial transactions they do online as well as those that they do physically. Well, recognizing the immense popularity of credit/debit cards as well as recognizing the simple fact that most Americans do possess one form of the other of credit/debit cards, most online casinos do support deposits made using credit/debit cards.

When making deposits using credit/debit cards, players most importantly need to use the card number (which in some instances may also be the account number), the CVV number as well as the card’s expiry date. When it comes to credit/debit cards, the most supported payment providers are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

  • E-Wallets

Most online gamers simply love anonymity. It’s just unfortunate that it’s not impossible to be completely anonymous when playing at online casinos as casinos will be concerned with guarding against money launders and the like. Though this is the case, the thing is, there are ways which players can employ to somehow give themselves a slight shield and when it comes to banking methods, it comes in the form of e-wallets.

e-wallets (electronic wallets) and payment providers which allow players to make deposits without exposing much of their banking details to the casino as is the case with credit/debit card payments. Most only require players to share their email address with the casino as it is the email address which replaces the role played by the account number. E-wallets come in different forms and some of the most supported include Skrill, Neteller and PayPal.

  • Gift/Prepaid Cards

Sometimes, players may simply not want to use the banking methods that they use for other financial transactions for gambling purposes. When this is the case, the best thing is to simply walk into a shop and purchase a gift/prepaid card. There are various payment providers that offer gift/prepaid cards such as Paysafe Card and Visa. The gift/prepaid cards are not linked to any bank account meaning that they guarantee complete anonymity to players at least when it comes to the banking details front.

In recent times, some online casinos have moved to design their own gift/prepaid cards. Instead of purchasing the cards in shops, players may simply apply for one online at the casino. One such casino that now offers this service is Betfair with its Betfair Prepaid Card. Whilst gift/prepaid cards do guarantee anonymity on the banking details front, the downside is that they allow players to load only a limited amount of money at any given time. For high rollers, this therefore becomes a challenge.

  • Bank Transfers

Players also do have the option of using Bank Transfers. Of course, when it comes to anonymity, this isn’t the best banking method to go for but for those who do not worry much about anonymity, and then bank transfers can be a good thing. With bank transfers, there is no need to transfer funds to another payment provider such as an e-wallet first before depositing funds at an online casino. When you use this banking method, you load funds into your casino account straight from your bank account. Great convenience for players who do not love spending time transferring funds from one place to another.

  • Checks

Well, this may come as a surprise to many but the truth is, there are actually a high number of US casinos that allow deposits to be made using checks. The thing is, the checks supported at the casinos aren’t really the traditional checks where one writes on a piece of paper, no. rather, they are electronic checks which sees the payer (casino player) move funds from his checking account via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network into the payee’s (casino) checking account. The most popular check at US casinos is the eCheck which others also refer to as ACH (though ACH is actually the name of the network which handles the whole transaction).

Checks are actually popular amongst US players. This necessitated by the fact that merchants often pay a small fee to process eCheck payments. As such, high rollers looking to move big amounts of money prefer to use checks owing to the low fees incurred.

  • Deposits in Person/Cash Booths

Highest Rated Online Casinos

When US states starting relaxing online gambling restrictions starting with New Jersey in 2013 and Pennsylvania in 2017, it was the land based casino operators who quickly began to establish online versions of their land based casinos. Simply put, this means the casino operators running the land based casinos were the same with those running online casinos. Effectively, this meant online casinos were more of an extension or expansion of the already existing land based casinos. Players therefore have the freedom to simply visit the land based casino, proceed to the cash booth, hand over the amount of money they want to deposit in their online account and ask the cashier to directly deposit the funds. In a matter of seconds, the funds will reflect in the casino account. While this is great, casinos realized that this method is only convenient for players who live within the vicinity of the land based casinos. To rectify this, they came up with another solution which entails partnering with Pay Near Me.

Pay Near Me is a payment solutions provider which allows people to settle bills, debts and of course make online casino deposits in cash. This is how Pay Near Me works. Players will need to approach a 7-Eleven outlet, hand over cash to the cashier and ask the cashier to deposit the funds into his casino account. The player will need to take with him his mobile device so as to show the cashier that indeed, he is the owner of the casino account. In a matter of minutes, the funds will reflect in the player’s account! As players do not use any of their banking details when making a deposit using Pay Near Me, it means that anonymity is completely guaranteed.

Best Us Online Casino Real Money

  • Cryptocurrency

All the above banking methods discussed above all support payments in conventional currencies. Well, apart from using conventional currencies, it’s also possible for players to make deposits using cryptocurrencies. On this front, players will first need to check for crypto casinos or casinos that accept cryptocurrencies. Once they locate these, they can use their digital money to make deposits. Bitcoin is the most supported crypto at many crypto casinos but some also do accept Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. Players are guaranteed of complete anonymity when using cryptocurrencies. The only challenge is that of volatility as cryptocurrencies are highly volatile.

From the above, players can note that they are spoiled for choice when it comes to deposit banking methods. However, each deposit banking method comes with its own pros and cons as highlighted above therefore players using these can make better informed decisions when choosing the banking method to use for making their deposits.

There are lots of reliable online Casinos for US players. Some of them are the same company that have been in business for so many years, but are now working under another brand or company. Others are a new business from the developers of your preferred online casinos. The US government has tried to choke off the supply of finance to offshore casinos. This has made it harder to make deposits and withdraw from online casinos.

Best American casinos

Still, there are best american casinos online that accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards from United States players. Debit cards work frequently than credit cards. The prepaid credit card is anonymous and is the most dependable way of making initial payments and withdrawals.

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Online casino for US players

Best Us Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

Online casino for US players provides introductory bonuses and other freebies that can’t be found in land based casinos. The common bonus you can get is the initial deposit bonus. Playticasino. Normally, this is a 100 percent match on the first deposit. Casinos provide this match so as to get players to try their luck. There is a big competition between online casinos. This is due to the limited amount of barriers to entry.

Some of the latest online casinos for US players have begun providing sign up bonuses on the first twenty deposits. They do this so as to keep the gamers coming back. It must be obvious that owning a gambling establishment online could be extremely lucrative and allowing US gamers can just increase profits.

Off line casino has massive overheads and this reduces their earnings. This is pushed down to the gamer. Not just do US gamblers need to travel to the casino, but they get the worse possibilities, no sign up bonus and need to pay tax when they win a significant amount. The best bet is an online casino for US players.

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American online casinos

While many of the popular brands of American online casinos have withdrawn from the US market, a lot of have remained and new casinos are being made. The latest competition for United States players has revived the structure of the bonus once reserved for another market. Most online casinos for US players are available for casino fanatics. American players have typically spent more than any other market and this makes it enticing for operators. So as to bring in more gamers, they provide higher bonuses as well as payout rates.

No deposit No. 1
Free Spins and bonus up to $2777

No deposit No. 2
with a no deposit Bonus of $4000

Sign up and get free spins
and up to $2777
Sign up and get a
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Best American online casino

Although a lot of the better known best american online casino have decided to withdraw from the United States market, but there are still places to play and bargains to be found. The size of the United States market as well as the possible income will keep on forcing competition and this is the meaning of the free market economy.
Online casinos for US players are everywhere. You can find them online and offline. All you have to do is to conduct your own research, but make sure that the casino is licensed and has a good reputation like on our site

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