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October 28, 2020

The graphs below, which track the 2021 World Series odds for all 30 teams in Major League Baseball, are generated by averaging the odds from multiple sportsbooks. The averages are recalculated regularly over the course of the offseason, regular season, and postseason. What are the odds your MLB team wins the 2020 World Series? Major League Baseball players are expected to report for spring, er, summer training July 1 (that does sound weird, doesn't it? Updated World Series Odds, 3/8/21 Dodgers Remain Favorites at 7/2 Updated World Series Futures Odds The Dodgers remain the favorites to repeat as World Series champions at 7/2, but which teams do oddsmakers consider to be a threat to L.A. This season when looking.

The 2020 Covid shortened baseball season came to an end last night as the Dodgers dealt the Rays a death blow. The Dodgers won the series 4-2. A questionable decision by the Rays manager seemed to hasten the series and all but doomed the Rays. The Dodgers were able to take the lead late in the game and hold on to a 3-1 lead.


It is very common for the team that wins a championship to be immediately favored after said championship. It doesn’t always happen. The Nationals were not favored after winning the championship lasts season. They were +800 and the Astros were +500.

This year is like most others however in that the Dodgers won the WS and are now the overall favorites to win it again in 2021. There will be some roster challenges. For example. Julio Urias (pictured), who was key in this World Series, was on a one year contract.

Bet365 poker apk. One interesting observation is that the Marlins are tenth from the bottom in these odds proving that most people think this season was a fluke for the fish. They made it to the second round of the playoffs after beating the heavily favored Chicago Cubs in round 1.

2021 World Series Odds

Baseball World Series Odds 2020


odds by BetOnline

Los Angeles Dodgers+450
New York Yankees+650
San Diego Padres+800
Tampa Bay Rays+1000
Atlanta Braves+1200
Minnesota Twins+1400
Chicago White Sox+1600
Cincinnati Reds+1600
Oakland Athletics+1600
Cleveland Indians+2000
Houston Astros+2200
Chicago Cubs+2500
New York Mets+3300
St. Louis Cardinals+3300
Washington Nationals+3300
Los Angeles Angels+4000
Philadelphia Phillies+4000
Boston Red Sox+5000
Milwaukee Brewers+5000
Toronto Blue Jays+5000
Miami Marlins+6000
Arizona Diamondbacks+6600
Detroit Tigers+8000
San Francisco Giants+8000
Baltimore Orioles+10000
Colorado Rockies+12500
Texas Rangers+12500
Kansas City Royals+15000
Seattle Mariners+20000
Pittsburgh Pirates+30000

Ncaa Baseball World Series Odds

By Rick Suter of List Wire

Who's got the best chance?

The 2020 MLB season is quickly heading toward the playoffs, with three weeks left on the calendar to decide which teams will make the newly formatted postseason and have an eventual shot at World Series glory—albeit a circumstantial-heavy honor. With the Fall Classic so close, oddsmakers have started posting the 2020 World Series champ's money lines. As a few teams have a strong case for their collective pile-up after the Series-winning out being the sure-thing wager, we looked at what BetMGM thinks about all 30 MLB team's chances. In ascending order, here are the current lines for each. Related: For more MLB betting lines and info, check out USA TODAY's Sportsbook Wire.
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