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What’s the Project?Looking to throw a fun adult game night party that will have your guests loving every minute? Try these fun dice games for adults and throw a “cootie party!” Something different than what everyone is used to and guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.

Thirty or more years ago, my aunt and uncle started a fun tradition with their friends.

Once a year they invited couples to their house to play cootie…do you know the game? You roll the dice and when you roll certain numbers you get to add body parts to cute little cootie bugs until you’ve got a completed bug?

Sounds like an odd concept for an adult party, right? This isn’t your normal game of cootie though. Think more along the lines of fun dice games for adults.

Forget the actual bugs, this is all dice and speed to see who can roll the right sequence the fastest and win “cootie” for that round.

It’s a fast-paced, high energy party.

For 7 years now, we’ve been throwing a cootie party of their own each year and it’s one of the best nights of our year, so I want to show you how to throw a fun cootie party too so that you can throw one too and have the best adult game night ever!

This party is so much fun! You’ve got to try it!

Adult Game Night-How to Play Cootie:

Let’s start out by explaining how to play the dice game and then I will work through the other details of the rest of the party.

Adult Dice Games-How to Play Cootie:

You will need to seat your guests at card tables with four adults at each table. (So you will want to have multiples of 4 at your party. For example, 4 couples, 8 couples, 12 couples, etc.)

Each table will need 2 dice to use, 2 Cootie Score Sheets, and 2 pencils.

Have partners sit across from each other at the table.

The host will signal for all of the teams to start rolling the dice. The first person at each table grabs both dice and rolls, looking for a 1 (see the Cootie Score Sheet for the order of what you are looking for).


If the player rolls a 1 they roll again looking for the next number on the score sheet (in this case a 2). They continue rolling until they don’t get the next number on the score sheet. They then pass it to the next player who begins rolling for their team doing the same thing, trying to get a 1 and so on to get all of the numbers in order.

Play moves fast as you try to check off each of the numbers on the score sheet in order until you’ve got them all. If you get all the numbers, yell “cootie” and that team wins that round. They receive 5 points.

*Note-If you roll 2 of the numbers that you need, you can count them both. For example, on the first roll if you were to roll a 1 and a 2, both count. You can then try for your 3s.

How to Throw a Cootie Party:

Now that you know how to play the game, here’s how we typically throw our cootie party. You can of course tweak as needed to make this work for you.

Adult Casino Games

Pick a Party Theme:

Start by picking a party theme. You’ll then center everything else around your theme. This party theme can be anything you want it to be. We often choose a theme that relates to something trendy that year.

For example, one year we did a circus themed party (since The Greatest Showman was so popular at the time).

Other party themes we’ve used include:

  • Superhero
  • Star Wars
  • Pirates
  • Hunger Games
  • Frozen

It can be fun to get all decorated for this party but that’s optional of course:

Pick Party Games:

The cootie party isn’t just playing the dice games. You will also play goofy, minute to win it type games in between as a chance for guests to earn more points and to break up the party.

Adult Casino Games Downloads

With your party theme in mind, plan some games to play at the party. These can be very simple and fast moving. Things like pin the tail on the donkey can work (tweaked with your theme of course). Or throwing items into buckets or at targets. They can be races where the first team that wins gets the points. Anything that sounds fun will work.

Here are some game examples:

For our Frozen themed party we played:

  • Melt the frozen heart- Each guest was given a heart-shaped ice cube and had to melt it as fast as they could. First to melt it wins. (Points went to top three men and top three women.)
  • Want to Stuff Some Chocolate in My Face-Each guest had to eat a cupcake with no hands as fast as they could. Same as before, first to eat it wins with points to the top three men and top three women.)
  • In Summer-We played a form of beach volleyball inside. A string was across the room and we used a balloon to play volleyball while sitting on the floor. The winning team all got points.

Those are just to give you some ideas of the kinds of things that might work.

You will want 3-4 games. Make sure they are pretty fast-moving and ideally something that multiple players can be playing at once so that you don’t have people standing around waiting.

Create a Schedule:

Now that you’ve got your dice games for adults ready and your party games planned, create a schedule for the night.

You will also need a scoreboard with each couple’s name on it. Couples play as a team for the night.

Adult Casino Games Free

Coin master spin generator without verification. Here’s a peek at a schedule we used for the circus-themed party:

Here is the breakdown we usually use.

  • Cootie Couples-Play about 9 rounds of cootie, each player playing with their spouse. (We usually have people switch tables after about 3 rounds just to shake things up. And we give the winning couple 5 points for a win and keep a master scoreboard on the wall to track this.)
  • Party Games-Play a game or two from the games you came up with. Decide ahead of time how you will score these. You will want them to add to the total points fairly but without taking away from the points that teams win in cootie.
  • Cootie Gender-In this round have your players sit at a table across from someone of their own gender. They are partners for this round and each gains the points if they win. Again, play about 9 rounds here, switching tables periodically to shake things up.
  • Party Games- Another party game or two here along with time to get food or chat for a few minutes is nice.
  • Cootie Mixup-Anyone can play with anyone in this round. Just pick a table and sit down and play with whoever is across from you. Again, both players gain the points for their team (which is in couples) for this round.
  • Cootie Championships-Take a break before this to add up current totals and figure out your standings. This is 3 final rounds of cootie, each worth more points. We typically have the first round worth about 8 points, the second around 10 and the third around 12 or 15, so big points can be made here to determine the final winner. Play these 3 rounds and declare your victor!

By this point, you’ve probably had a blast and will be exhausted. This is a high energy party but a lot of fun!

I hope you enjoy throwing this fun adult game night party with great dice games for adults!

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