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10 Oct

Why Can't I Connect to 888poker? In some cases, you will not be able to connect to 888poker if your computer is using a Firewall or Proxy Server. Consult your Network Administrator, NSP (Network Service Provider) or ISP (Internet Service Provider) support service or use another connection.

The Problem

  1. When you're connecting to 888 from a mobile device using 3G/4G and we're unable to verify your location via Wi-Fi, we'll use a combination of your Wi-Fi signal, GPS location and cellphone carrier data, to confirm that you're login in and playing from within New Jersey.
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Why Is 888 Poker Not Working

With the advent of Windows 10 a number of programs and applications we rely on have had to update to accommodate the new technology. Among these, a number of people are reporting an inability to run the iPoker Network. Google free casino games online. This short article is dedicated to helping correct problems caused by the new operating system.

The most common reported problem experienced while running iPoker software with Windows 10 is a black screen where your login details typically go. You will also see blank squares on the side of the screen where the banners and advertisements usually show up. If this is the case then your solution is simple and easily remediable.

The problem comes from a compatability issue with your internet browser. Microsoft has a new internet browser called Edge. Edge has so far been problematic, but in order to generate more revenue and expand the user base, Microsoft has been pushing it pretty hard. Among ways that they are pushing it, they are including it prepackaged with your new Windows 10 operating system, alongside classic Internet Explorer. This is where the problem originates.

The Fix

888 Poker Unable To Connect Wifi

Open up Internet Explorer. In the upper right corner you will find a cog symbol, click that. You are now in Settings. Click “Compatibility View Settings.” Among the things you see, you should find a box that says “Add This Website.” In order to make your iPoker Network app able to connect, you will need to add all of the websites that your particular app uses to connect and play. Usually there will be two main sites to add, one for the network itself, and one for the cashier.


Of course, you may not know what sites you need to add to make your connection work. If you are unsure, you can download a free program, Fiddler, here.

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Fiddler does a lot of things, but among them it lists all of the network connections being made by programs on your computer. Simply scroll down the list until you find the name of your iPoker Network and add the website (And the cashier site) to the list mentioned in the paragraph above. That should allow your iPoker program permission to do what it was built to do.

Can't Install 888 Poker

Hopefully that will fix any problems you have, if not, type your problem into your search engine of choice. The chances are, someone else has the same problem and is already working on it.